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Gov. Mark Sanford Divorce Papers

12/11/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's what divorce papers look like from a wife whose Governor husband cheated on her.

Jenny Sanford filed the docs today in South Carolina against Governor Mark Sanford.


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barry Gordy is genius    

Jennifer Sanford is quietly nestling in her new cottage in the Fresno foothills. She is so over him.

1774 days ago

Mr. DNA    

Sanford is doing cartwheels over this divorce. He will soon be rid of this self-righteous shrew. Now it's off to Argentina.

1774 days ago

Sexual Mac    

Another politician being a complete douche bag.
What else is new?

1774 days ago


I am proud of Mrs. Sanford for having self respect. Clearly, he had none for her so she had to claim it for herself.

I wish her every happiness and a life without this drama and deceit.

1774 days ago


Mark Sanford, what a wimp and poor excuse of a man!

1774 days ago


I realize all men of all political parties can be cheaters.

That said, it just makes it all the better when a Republicanknucklehead gets caught.

Heres why: ya'll want to preach to the rest of us about HOW we need to run our lives. How we all should act, who we should marry, what God we should pray to, of course yours, oh and certainly one could never be gay.

But.....then.....its uuuuzzz guys who get burned cheating on wives, spanking your mistresses and bragin' up about it on a open mike, preaching on the pulpit about how horrible the gays are and then we find out the whole time your dreaming about banging Bob.

Can one say Ted haggard?

Then the hookers, how many Holy men, big name holy men none the less, have been busted with hookers? Countless.
Come on alreay. Admit it will ya, your just like the rest of us.

Drop the party of "family values" theme, so many of you are in one kind of closet or another.

This is why when Dems/Liberals get caught being foolish they don't get all flack that uuuuzz guys get, because we are not having the nerve to preach to the planet about how to live.

Can you say H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E? So stop, you have made fools of yourself!

Oh, and by the way, half of the problem is religion for you guys.
Jesus is losing the battle with science, so please get off that horse already.

Religion is for retards.

1774 days ago


No.1. Just when did you get to this planet? I don't ever recall Sanford's wife heading to another country to meet up and have sex with a man while being married to the Governor. Nor have I read anything about her having other affairs while being married. It seems that you just want to say nasty things without any knowledge. The governor is a complete jerk who didn't have the guts to tell his wife he wanted out of the marriage. Like every other low life douche bag, he took the cowardly way out by sneaking around behind his wife's back. He has no respect for his wife, children, or anyone else in his family. People who respect and love someone dosen't intentionally do anything to harm them. It's all about Him, his family be dammed.

1774 days ago


Yes, self-respect but (also) the fact her sons are now ages 11, 13, and 16 so they are full-steam-ahead at this stage in life unlike a young woman and mother who remains saddled with 24/7 nurturance and devotion of two children under the ages of two with family living in a foreign country and, hopefully, Elin Woods is under the protective guidance of a fabulous psychotherapist to assist her to the other side of her own decision-making process.

Jenny Sandford has taken the time to make the right decision on behalf of herself, children, and their father.

1774 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

good for her.

Hopefully, Elin will folllow and look out for Elin.
He situation Elin is in is not sane, healthy, nothing..

1774 days ago

mrs. jones    

Yay for Jenny, it's about time women don't put up with infidelity--it's a form of abuse but yet a lot of women on this site have "sided" with Tiger and think somehow Elin is responsible for HIS behavior.

If women didn't feel they had to stay in a marriage and wonder if they're getting HIV or STD's or AIDS and accept the hurt that occurs to ALL family members when a partner cheats, there would be less infidelity, wouldn't there? But a few have blamed her for not giving him what "he wants" or knowing he was cheating before they were hitched--ridiculous.

Women aren't psychics and if someone lies and has a team of people supporting his lies, how are you supposed to know?

Sounded like it almost drove her crazy because she apologized to Rachel for being suspicious and then learned it was true--hey, that's emotional abuse to be in a situation where you're fed lies, you start to question yourself.

And marriage isn't always 50-50. He cheated. He lied. He set Elin up. Many men want the wife and kids, but not really. I'm sure it's more fun to be with a single woman who hasn't been up all night nursing HIS baby or doesn't have to work to get back in shape from having HIS baby. It's Tiger's fault. Even is she's a bitch, he mistreated all involved.

1774 days ago


So basically you're saying you're proud to be in the party of no morals or values? Why not oppose all laws as well? Heck, let's all be free to rape and pillage til our heart's content!!! You're an f'n idiot!!!

When you MARRY, regardless of political party, you take VOWS and make a promise to God. So whenever anybody that is married cheats, it's HYPOCRITICAL!!! Dems are the trashiest most perverted people on the planet.

Every braindead Nazi you blindly support like a sheep claims to be religious. Bill Clinton or John Edwards ring a bell? He fathered a bastard kid out of wedlock with a whore he paid as a staffer. He's just one of MANY examples on the left. So please, spare us.

BTW, how's that HOPE AND CHANGE working out for ya? LOL!!! Record levels of unemployment and spending, gotta love it!!! I can't wait to kick your God out of office in 2012!!!

1774 days ago


No. 12, Right on! 2012 can't get here too soon for me.

1774 days ago


No. 2, Let me get this straight. He was a complete jerk & cheated & SHE IS A SELF-RIGHTEOUS SHREW? With some people thinking like this is it any wonder this country is in such bad shape. They should give IQ tests to be a citizen of the U.S. The morons have ruined a great nation.

1774 days ago

mrs. jones    

Politics for Dummies

The big difference between Republicans and Dems is who they blame.
Republicans blame the lowest people on the financial totem poll and assume people are lazy and for some reason don't like money so they're happy to live on $800 a month.

Dems blame the 2% of the US population that controls 98% of the wealth and assumes people are greedy.

Dems admire people for what they contribute (i.e teachers, even though they make little money).

Republicans admire people with money (i.e even if you earned it as a drug dealer to start your business).

Dems--most are personally against abortion but don't think the government should control a woman's body.

Republicans--most are personally against abortion but think the government should control what a woman chooses and don't care if a 16 year-old was pregnant because she got raped--and if she kept the baby and couldn't support it, she'd be a bottom feeder and therefore responsible for draining the economy.

Dems and Republicans both value families, both like peace.

In conclusion, best to be an Independent because both parties have something to offer but both are totally screwed up.

1774 days ago


GOOD FOR YOU, JENNY SANFORD! Any husband who, declares publicly, that he needs to, "fall in love with his wife, again" is beyond cruelty and pain for her. My God, talk about deliberate humiliation and embarrassment for her and his children. This is what So Carolina voted for? A "man?" who treated his wife like dog dirt under his shoe? Good riddance MR. GOVERNOR. Your sons will grow up to be like their mother, NOT LIKE YOU!!!

1774 days ago
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