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Boxing Day at Tiger Woods' House

12/11/2009 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A truck pulled up to Tiger Woods' home an hour ago in Windermere, Florida and removed 5 big boxes from the house.

The truck driver went inside and removed 5 or 6 moving boxes from the house, put them in the back of the truck and left. We got a pic of the truck as it sat in the driveway.

A security team watched as the boxes were removed, and then flanked the truck as it left the property.

No word on who's stuff is being moved, but Elin Nordegren and the kids have been living there since the incident two weeks ago. Tiger has been nowhere in sight.

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Jay Adler    

As a freelance writer, I started to follow the story of Tiger Woods and his unacceptable behavior from the first line written in the media. This is the first day that I am starting to relax and become more confident that subsequent to proper treatment he may become well. For me that is the first thing Tiger should concentrate on, getting his head together. At this juncture why are we so worried about his income, his endorsements and a cavern in the cachet of the PGA. I doubt if he can resurrect his marriage. He should check into a clinic and be screened and if possible treated for STDs which today, sadly include Aids. Immediately, he should be brought into the mental health system because of his compulsions and impulse disorders whiich if not cured by modern methods he will go off the deep end.
the deep end. If he can get himself together, that in and of itself might create a massive comeback.

1744 days ago


This marriage is OVER.. Elin will not put up with his cheating ways.

1743 days ago


What do you think was in those boxes removed from the house? Tiger, the children and the wife. Sounds like the perfect was to leave unseen. Smart people, I bet no one followed the truck.

1743 days ago


Some of these comments make me think Tiger cheated on the people posting.....Dang, get a life people!!!

1743 days ago

Paul Lesh    

Might Tiger be in one of those boxes?? or maybe all of them......ugh! pal

1743 days ago


Somebody knows how to film -

1743 days ago


Bust first, then she finds the porn stash! Man that sucks, good luck tiger

1743 days ago


Why dont the public mind there own business. Im sure all you hypocrites are perfect and mabye had 3 people criticize you in your entire lives--try the media (aka world). Try to grow a sense of class and let this man- who has given so much to not only the golf world, but the US- get his life together in peace. Im Tiger's family appreciates all the attention--being reminded day in and day out of their problems. The Tiger Woods incident is over, let him recover and repent for his wrong doings.

1742 days ago


It's one thing to be "a cheater" but a "serial cheater" is a different sort of beast that no respectable women should ever knowingly associate themselves with. Elin is a beautiful women with two equally beautiful children...she is smart enough to know that staying with the "serial cheater" would only deem her foolish.

1741 days ago


Maybe Tiger snuck out in one of the boxes; how could he have gotten to Palm Beach without getting noticed otherwise?

1741 days ago

Sharon Tave    

I think that everyone should leave Tiger alone. He could not have committed adultery without willing women. If the women had any morals they would have told him to kiss off. How do we know for sure that what they say is true? He will pay his dues without bashing from the public. What you do in the dark will always come to the light.

1741 days ago


Phil Knight from Nike, thinks this is just a small blip on Tigers career. A family torn apart and he thinks it's nothing more than a blip. He must have a happy marriage too...Hope they both crash and burn. What about the children?

1741 days ago


Look everyone that talk bad words about Tiger, look at yourself and ask if you are perfect???thats right I didn't think so...we are all human and human make mistake! So leave the man alone and worry about your own (sh#@t) He is human like all of us...he just so happen to be famous. So worry about your own problem....

1741 days ago

Mike Licht    

1740 days ago


Hey just leave Tiger alone...its none of our biz what his personal life is...like our closet is clean from sin. I just hated when peeps wanna seem rightous when picking on someone else...so all yall negative comments...can lick my boots and the tiger. I'm a fan of his golf career and NOT his personal life.
Oh, by the way Tiger, you wanna get on the DL of getting away from the media..just holla bro...I got your back.

1738 days ago
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