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Tiger Woods' Wife -- I Don't Think I'm in Sweden

12/12/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has grabbed her passport and hoofed it to Sweden -- but our spies spotted her just an hour ago.

Tiger Woods

The above photo shows Elin's SUV after she pulled into the couple's guest house this afternoon.


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I applaud Elin for her strength, courage as well as her class in handling this situation since the beginning. I truly hope that they can patch this relationship up, and come out very strong together.........For what it's worth, I like them both. I believe that if any couple can come out this better than ever, these two have a shot at it. Tiger made an ass of himself, and he is no one's fool, he knows what it has cost him, he will rise again, and I hope they rise together!

Good luck to you both! Fill your hearts with love! Best wishes from Canada

1704 days ago


How do you creeps get this close to their house?

1773 days ago


Ladies and maybe some men..go jto nike websit and let nike know how you feell about their support of Tiger as he continues to behave like a 2nd class ho is a link

I hope Jenny Sandford will leave Mark sanford under a bridge

1773 days ago


According to TMZ she bought a house in Sweden that you can only get to by boat. That wasn't too smart because it's probably hard to get to the house by boat in December in Sweden. Elin, you should have bought a house in the south of France. I know you are Swedish but it's just a short plain ride away. Work on your tan in a bikini with a hot French guy. Turn the tables baby!

1773 days ago


meant plane ride away. Duh. Too many beers and it's only 1:00

1773 days ago

What if    

Do you really think that Tiger and Elin are going to be together to repair? Remember, 1 or 2 days ago, Rachel packed up and went somewhere... perhaps to the boat in Flordia... Don't be so sure that Tiger isn't going to pursue what he really wants, Rachel (he has a 1 - 2 year attention span). I would like someone to verify where Rachel is.. if that can't be done.. I would give it a 50/50 chance, Rachel is headed to Tiger Town and Elin will be heading back to Sweden w/out Tiger.

1773 days ago


Gigabo black trash tiger going to the slammer, Great - pick up the soap often

Tiger Woods spent upwards of $60,000 for high-priced escorts from former madam Michelle Braun, the New York Post reported Friday.

Braun told the paper that between 2006 and 2007, Woods paid for at least four dates with escorts from her roster. For one “pillow-lipped” Manhattan model named Loredana, the married billionaire paid $15,000 for a single "date," Braun said.

If Braun's allegations are true, the golf-great could be in serious legal trouble, New York City-based attorney Tom Kenniff says

“He could be charged with patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor in New York,” Kennif said. “Depending on the statute of limitations, if there are witnesses swearing out statements, and there is a money trail that can be corroborated, it’s a reasonable likelihood” that Woods could be charged.

If convicted, Woods could face up to a year in jail, Kennif said.

Alicia Maxey Greene, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, declined a request for comment about whether Woods could be charged, or about any potential investigation.

Loredana, who admits to working for Braun and confirms that she did indeed accompany Woods on dates in Manhattan, described him as being a “really fruity dude” who had “bad manners.”

The former Playboy “Cyber-Girl” said Woods purchased gifts for her, including a ring, diamond studs and a watch, the paper reports.

“I had nothing bad to say about him,” she said as long as he pays me.

Braun said her escorts all described Woods as being “wild and a lot of fun …. He was tough to keep up with – with days at a time, just on a booze and sex bender who loved getting it on with her guy friends too.”

She also said that all of her escorts were paid to do more than just go on dates with Woods; they were paid to have weirdo sex. "He liked girl-on-girl," Braun said. "He had sex with them together."

Calls put in to Tiger Woods' reps for comment were not immediately returned.

The Hollywood madam also claims that both porn star Holly Sampson and lingerie model Jamie Jungers worked for her, although she says she did not send Jungers out on paid dates with him.

Jungers told NBC’s “Dateline” that she was “absolutely” not a prostitute.

Braun’s spokesman provided the Post with tax forms identifying both Jungers and Sampson as having received money from a company that was under her control this year.

Last month, Braun was sentenced to three years’ probation and six months of house arrest for money laundering and sex trafficking. The charges were not connected to Tiger Woods.

1773 days ago


Why don't you guys get a job with the FBI? Secret Service? CIA?

Oh yeah, cause you're stalkers.

1773 days ago

What if    

Jack, your comment was great!! Jack, do you think that after the post nup was signed that Tiger is going to behave? Where did Rachel go? She packed up her suit cases and 4 cases of dog food which should be ample to take a boat ride out of Florida and feed Tiger (oops, I mean feed her dog)..... (Rudy)...

1773 days ago


ONLY $60K?
I doubt that.
I DO like the idea of him being busted as a "John".
Good one!

1773 days ago

Steven McDade    

Well, since Tiger's Mother-in-law is suppose to be staying there, and Elin just closed on a home, just maybe she (Elin) is gone and what the the took a pic of was actually her "TWIN" sister..............Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to leave Tiger and his family alone. I mean the man has confessed, what more do you want?
People are treating this like this is the 1st time EVER that a husband cheated on his wife!!!! One Quote, Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone ; Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged

1773 days ago


1773 days ago


I would have thought it too soon for Elin to be in Sweden already, because it would seem likely that when she leaves Florida she isn't coming back. She'll need a little time to arrange the move and finalize everything.

oh, and F yourself, Tiger! LOL

1773 days ago


Listen I am sick an tired of this Tiger story...Men cheat every damn day/night. TMZ leave the couple alone. Go find real news! So what if he f*cked 200 women in five/ten years??? Lots of men are wishing it were them, besides some of these women are exaggerating; they f*cked Tiger maybe once, twice or so, but an affair...they flatter themselves?? And so does the Media. Leave the man alone. This is only news in America and the UK.

1773 days ago

What if    

TMZ, is anyone tracking Rachel? Where is she? Isn't she packed and gone to (where) with two bags and 4 cases of dog food no less (food for the dog, you know who I mean). Remember, Tiger wants what he wants... according to the alledged text messages... Rachel is his current event!!

Elin is toooooo good for him!! We support you Elin!!!

1773 days ago
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