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Children Services Confirms Visit to Tiger Woods

12/14/2009 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsAn official from the Florida Department of Children and Families tells TMZ a representative from the Department went to Tiger Woods' home Friday for a "well-being check."

The official says the Department received a complaint -- though we do not know who it was from or the nature of the complaint. The Department then got in touch with the Orange County Sheriff to help get through security at Tiger's gated community.

We're told the visit was not part of an investigation, but rather a routine procedure when a complaint is lodged. The Department not only evaluates the safety of the children but the adults in the house as well.

We do not know who was at the home when the visit took place.

A formal investigation has not been opened -- the case is being evaluated.


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The case is being evaluated. Omgosh People, When is it Okay to say enough. You all got to much time on your hands. And reporting something like this is not a game. Man Cheated and who cares how many woman. It's NOT our business>>Period... We are not Judges. God is. And what ever happens,happens. There is more to this story and you are all closing your eyes to it.This man and his wifes life is being torn apart by the News people and your comments.
Everyone is making a joke about it, how many were there. Lets look at it this way, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU AND YOUR PARTNER.Not so cool now is it. It's like they have a cut and they are trying as a couple to heal it. And every minute of the day one of you is stoping and pouring salt into the wound. Soon the cut is unfixable.How did it get like this. LOOK IN THE MIRROR!You will find your answer with in.Now I know this man did something unspeakable to his wife. But this is a Private matter so back off and give them some room to heal their wounds.

1671 days ago


I wonder how sympathetic we would be toward Tiger if he found out Elin was cheating and went upside her head (allegedly).

1671 days ago


And I will bet my bottom dollar Gloria All red is on a witch hunt again. She couldn't get no where with Octomom . Someone has to call for them to go to a house. They just don't decided to do a routine check. its against the law. Gloria loves controversy.Mark my words.Shes a bitch

1671 days ago


Sounds like a Gloria Allred move to me. She's the one always making complaints to Children's Services in high profile cases. I think she likes to start trouble where there's been none, and watch how it spins into something new.

1671 days ago


How dare Child welfare officals go to these rich peoples home, when there are so many other children in the state of Florida that need their help. I believe they need to be investigated for wasting people's money by going to the Woods home. Why are they not helping the very poor and why are they not doing the job of taking care of those in need. This is disgusting.

1671 days ago


You no, its a shame that someone called CPS.Her sis,mom and friends r there 4 her.Just someone being hateful or nosey.CPS needs to get more info on the people that call n, cuz readers on this page could be subject to the same ordeal, just cuz their neighbor,mistress,boss, old girl/boyfriend is mad at them.

1671 days ago


Tiger's Mom probably made the call. She does not like Elin. I heard she went to LA. Probably Tiger told her to step off ! He has enough probs !

1671 days ago


I don't see anyone of Children Services visiting Angelina and Brad when he admitted on National Press that 'he smoked something (weed) in what appears to be a smoking apparatus'-his own words. And his partner in crime, director Tarantino 'ratted' on his also claiming in National TV that Brad smoked Hashi with him at Brad's house. Now Brad has children in his house and you and me know that here in the US if you smoke weed or do any other drug while your children live on the same house is a cause for a visit of Children Services and or a call to the police?????Only to tiger because........I want to know why..???

1671 days ago
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