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Children Services Confirms Visit to Tiger Woods

12/14/2009 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsAn official from the Florida Department of Children and Families tells TMZ a representative from the Department went to Tiger Woods' home Friday for a "well-being check."

The official says the Department received a complaint -- though we do not know who it was from or the nature of the complaint. The Department then got in touch with the Orange County Sheriff to help get through security at Tiger's gated community.

We're told the visit was not part of an investigation, but rather a routine procedure when a complaint is lodged. The Department not only evaluates the safety of the children but the adults in the house as well.

We do not know who was at the home when the visit took place.

A formal investigation has not been opened -- the case is being evaluated.


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wonder if he was into internet porn?

1773 days ago


Hmmm, a guy doing drugs and a woman doing damage with a golf club ... not a safe environment for two very young children.

1773 days ago


Poor Elin. First her husband turns out to be unreliable, then she has to start planning a divorce, and now the well-being of her children is being questioned.

1773 days ago

What if    

It wouldn't surprise me if Rachel's attorney "Gloria" just to add fuel to the fire.

1773 days ago


Tiger Woods has now become the "Mike Tyson" of the PGA. How sad is that!!

Tiger goes to sleep and probably takes an ambien and vicodin on top of the alcohol he drank during the day. While sleeping, Elin checks his cellphone and comes across the text message she saw him making during the day. She finds alot more and wakes Tiger up and blasts him verbally.

Tiger runs out of the house to get away, jumps in his car turns left out of the driveway, loses control of the vehicle because he is totally DUI and crashes, cuts his lips and bangs his throat on the steering wheel.

Elin comes out breaks the window of the vehicle and gets Tiger out as much as she would have liked to strangle the son of bitch right there. That is before she knew of the other affairs and particularly the one when the whore said that she went to Elin's homes and screwed in her bed! Even on the night his father died, Tiger chose to go home and bone the broad.

Best for Elin to take the kids to Sweden and let them grow up there. Tiger Woods can visit them there. It would not be a hardship for him and it would be in the best interest of his children. This marriage cannot be reconciled.

The "Mike Tyson" of the PGA............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1773 days ago


Elin, thank goodness that you have come to your senses and realize that no amount of money is worth this garbage of a life.

He has brought scandal, shame, and embarrassment to your home.

Just know that the world supports you, the world is behind you, and we feel your pain, and heard your suffering.

Stay strong. You have a great mother, sister, and family who WILL support you through this crisis.

You'll grow stronger, and learn to trust again...

1773 days ago


#3......You remind me of that one turd that just wont flush!!!

1773 days ago


Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Tiger's infidelity would never be a reason for CPS to look into the children's safety.

The allegations of violence in the home definitely would.

1773 days ago

who dat    

Most likely Alred complained.

1773 days ago


the complaint was prob from tmz.trying to make a we dont see enough of tiger already on here.

1773 days ago


A month afer the incident (pffft). They needed to be out there that weekend to SEE both the parents and to examine the house damages. Back when Tiger refused to allow the police to see his face. If he refused to go face to face with CPS, take the kids away until he did so.

1773 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Every man that has any experience in marriage knows that at the first sign of a woman going crazy YOU PACK YOUR SH*T UP AND LEAVE.

Sure the dude was medicated and boozed up in his own home. WHY NOT? IT'S HIS PLACE.

But when SHE chose to go crazy, he made the best decision he could and RAN. When women beat on men, the damn women get bruised up by bangin on the man - all flailing around and such.

1773 days ago


WOW!I am just waiting for people to start calling Tiger,Fish Face,Greasy hair,douche bag,pimple face just like jon Gosselin was called.Whoever called CS needs a butt kicking sounds like the Sheeple on radar....

1773 days ago


Who said they were there because of Tiger? The reports are that ELIN hit Tiger; not the other way around. I bet it was Tigers "people" who called SS on Elin to get some of the bad publicity ON her and OFF him. Either way, I'm glad that a neutral party is checking on ALL of the people in that house. While I'm disgusted with Tiger, I don't wish physical harm on ANYONE.

1773 days ago


I'm seriously starting to wonder about TMZ's agenda. I have NEVER seen them attack something with so hard and ruthless as this Tiger Woods story. (gay rights is about the only other thing that gets coverage as significant as this). Don't get me wrong, they lost all credibility as an impartial news outlet long ago. I'm just wondering what their endgame is. Seems it is to destroy Tiger Woods and anyone who associates with him. I'm also extremely curious to see if they ever attack a white celebrity with this much zeal and energy. What Tiger did was not the worst act to ever be committed by a celebrity. I wish everyone would quit acting like he murdered and chopped up a dozen babies. MANY celebrities have committed the exact same sins. Do you want to know a few celebs have done the same or worse as Tiger? Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Douglas, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan, Charlie Sheen, Tom Sizemore, and Bill Murray,to name a few. They were just fortunate not to be persecuted by a website run by a bipolar homosexual with a huge following filled with miserable people looking for company in their misery, holier-than-thou types, and racists. Are all of these self-righteous TMZ'ers also going to boycott everything associated with these other celebs who did THE EXACT SAME THING? As self-righteous as some of you come off, I would certainly hope so. I'd hate to think the world was filled with so many hypocritical a**-holes.

1773 days ago
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