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Children Services Confirms Visit to Tiger Woods

12/14/2009 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsAn official from the Florida Department of Children and Families tells TMZ a representative from the Department went to Tiger Woods' home Friday for a "well-being check."

The official says the Department received a complaint -- though we do not know who it was from or the nature of the complaint. The Department then got in touch with the Orange County Sheriff to help get through security at Tiger's gated community.

We're told the visit was not part of an investigation, but rather a routine procedure when a complaint is lodged. The Department not only evaluates the safety of the children but the adults in the house as well.

We do not know who was at the home when the visit took place.

A formal investigation has not been opened -- the case is being evaluated.


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Elin was probably out of it with grief & disbelief. People can do crazy things at a very stressful time in life. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if Tiger could have snapped with everything that happened. I think Elin is probably a wonderful Mother, but she has been put through hell. That is why child welfare checked on everyone involved. I pray for Elin & her babies. She didn't deserve this.

1774 days ago

Mike Tyson    

TMZ is..what it is...and we all know...what it is.They do...what they do...better than anyone. So if that don't butter your bread...why come here? If you want to read pro-tiger woods...wishing him well stories...go to You'll be much happier.
Me...I'm stayin' right here !

1774 days ago


Dear What is up to,,
Does paronoia run in your family?? ALL media report on the latest about Woods. The people you wrote about did'nt act like angels, while behaving like sex fiends in REAL life. Also, none of them were in the public spotlight like Woods is......Do YOU have a problem?? Answer: YES..

1774 days ago


Maybe Tiger's lawyers called CPS on Elin to try to get the kids taken away from her so that he can get full custody.

1774 days ago


Child services was ensuring his wife was not beating his behind. Cute!

1774 days ago


TMZ is no longer the leader on breaking stories, at least regarding Tiger Woods. Radaronline ALWAYS breaks the latest Tigers news, I've noticed. (Yes, I realize that the National Enquirer broke the original story.) Then hours later, TMZ will follow. Of course, Perez Hilton rarely EVER has an exclusive story. He just posts stories that have already run widely in the press. His coverage is always dated. Rarely anything original, other than scriblings on photos. Perez will never be a leader in the market. Surprised though that TMZ has fallen behind on this story. Harvey, get with it!

1774 days ago


I just got a alert from Norton saying this site is'nt safe to visit????!! That has never happened before when I check out this site...................

1774 days ago


Yes, this does sound like a bottom-feeding Allred activity. If she was truly concerned and passionate about children as a woman, she wouldn't represent swines (Ughitel and Fry) who each knowingly slept with married men.

Out of all the starving and truly abused children in the State of Florida, CPS selected the home of this billionaire and his lovely wife (with grandmothers involved in the lives of these children) and (then) violated their privacy by exploiting their activities with the tabloids.

Sadly, America and its legal profession are *ucked-up, and many of the postings here are coming from Americans who are quite despicable themselves with keeping this destructive gossip going. You think Levin and his people truly care you (they laugh at you all the way to the bank). The karma of the athlete and the karma of the swines have now become all of your karma whether you experience it in this or another lifetime.

1774 days ago


Most likely a Paparazzo. Tiger may have his issues... but I don't think that either he or Elin would harm their children. It's getting a little ridiculous. Time for everybody to back off and let this family heal.

53...RadarOnline is owned by the National Enquirer.

1774 days ago


Kom hem nu. Ta med dig dina vackra barn och dra ett fett streck över allt annat! Du har livet framför dig. Låt ingen säga till dig att du har någon skuld i allt detta hemska som har drabbat din familj.Din man behöver professionell hjälp, men att vara så totalt likgiltig inför sina barns och sin frus hälsa och säkerhet är oförlåtligt oavsett vilka ursäkter han kommer med.
Låt någon hjälpa dig med barnen, läs böcker , meditera ,träna och du kommer kunna bli lycklig igen!

1774 days ago


The Sharpton press conference story is phoney

1774 days ago


Mary, tell us all why you READ this story, AND THEN clicked on the "comments" to read them...........Hypocrite much Mary????

1774 days ago

Mike Tyson    

Harvey ALWAYS gets the "best" pics of tiger. Way better than radar.The pics alone are worth coming here for.They just get things started off on the right foot.

1774 days ago


Tiger not only cheated his wife and family, but also cheated the public out of their hard earned money by portraying a fraudulent image of a family man while getting his freak on. His true colors are coming to light now. Stories of his "cheap-ass" behavior stiffing waiters on tips, having unprotected sex with porn stars endangering his wife and unborn kids' health are disgusting. Now he's hiding from everyone using trying to mend his marriage as a cover. I hope he rots like a piece of trash that he is.

1774 days ago

John Poole    

WHO REALLY CARES???????????????

Top 5 stories on TMZ are all Tiger and the bottom line is it is about a Sports figure who is a womanizer... BIG SUPRISE!!!

TMZ = Tiger Macromania Zone

1774 days ago
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