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Tiger Woods Mistress #1 -- Bagged in Florida

12/14/2009 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- Tiger Woods alleged mistress #1 -- is back in Florida today, shopping for groceries just miles from where Tiger's private yacht is docked up.



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Now... i am by no means an advocate for adultery from anyone, especially from these men/women that live their lives in the public eye. but... what is really starting to get on my nerves is these women coming out of the woods, that have been on the other end of these affairs, openly discussing the details of the affair that they have participated in with someone else's husband. I can't help but to see "whores" to the tenth power. These women are gettting on tv, discussing the intimate details about the affairs with married men... as if it's ok. To be frankly honest... these "loose back", facetious women should just remain silent, and stop involving the public in their sluttish behavior. As a matter of fact... how about they just stop sleeping with someone's husband... and think that it's ok. Hopefully, someday they are not on the receiving end of the same type of activity from some other women. But karma always seems to come back on individuals. "The earth is not flat.. it's round. What goes around.. comes back around".

1775 days ago

Christina G.    

That phone number and address belongs to Susan Bishop. Who's she?

1775 days ago

Christina G.    

Oh, Susan Bishop is Rachel's mother. That phone number and address is the real deal.

1775 days ago


Rach, next time try a white athlete.

1775 days ago


"...Is this double life worth losing around $40M in easy endorsement income a year? I say no. But, man, Tiger's life is crazy. To me, no amount of rear is worth $40M..."

Ken, "no", no one with the right mind would want to lose $40M. But people have different values and lead different lifestyles in this world. Not everyone believes in marriages or the King James bible. If Tiger was not famous, people would leave him alone because it would not be in the news. He would be just one of many rich playboys and there are tons of them out there. Whoever talked him or whatever influenced him into marrying is the cause of his miseries now. He should have stayed single or marry another swinger like himself...But society would not allow a prestigious Stanford graduate & world number one golfer to tie knot with a hoe or a swinger. So Tiger was faced with a real dilemna. It's ethnically wrong of him to mislead her thinking she's the only one when they took the vow. But again, he was in a real dilemna and had to put up an image of being a loyal and devoted husband by marrying. The more famous you are, the bigger the dilemna because all eyes are on you. Anyways, what I don't understand, though, is with all his wealth and riches, all his hoe's are ugly. Shows poor taste...none of them look anything like Platinum or VIP girls.

1775 days ago


oh noesss DAMN what about Elin and how sorry Tig is!

1775 days ago


Elin, sweet beautiful Elin.

Please just run away from this sex-addicted, narcististic egomaniac.

1775 days ago


Why is she buying so much groceries if she is staying with family down there? The home-wrecking hooker has probably been disowned by any relatives and she is really there hoping that Tiger will hire her again. She would be at his door faster than a 911 response.

1775 days ago


Where is his own Mother, the me so horny one who ho chasing daddy woods catted around with while on R n R in Thailand while a Green Beret in about some confusing wonder Tiger (named after the south vietnamese soldier who saved daddy woods butt in nam) is confused...he dont know who he is. Never mind what color he is, he doesnt know how to treat a woman, human being, wife or own child. The dude is sick...was denied a childhood by daddy woods for selfish robotic golf reasons.

But where is Mama San woods in all this? Was she really the "me so horny" call girl in Thailand to service Daddy Woods, and thus the slut in her came out in Tiger? Or was it Ho chasing daddy san he got it from.

Either way, word is he's been a houndog since his Stanford days, and the interesting thing is, the mainstream Sports writers and Golf Pros all have know this of him for going on the second decade now.

Hope they all learned a lesson in this too...never again will america be duped by a single sports star being a spokesperson for any company at those prices.

its over and the bros and white boys of pro sports can thank the Tiger for it will never be the same after this...too big of a duping.

Rachel is stocking up to see her Mommy, she lives there. But wouldnt surprise me if the Tiger is still trying to whore her out too..he cant stop until he's in some kind of sexual celebrity rehab program. Cant help himself. His daddy did that to him, and his mommy aint helped much either.

1775 days ago


She is totally ab "hor" rent and despicable. Tiger is just as bad - couldn't he have just waited a few months instead of smashing/rubbing this in his wife's (Elin - remember Tiger?) face?

Why don't you both just drop off the earth?

1775 days ago


Is Tiger Woods the only man in America who has ever cheated on his wife? Isn't this something that would concern his wife only?

1775 days ago

Deep Digger    

rachel is a ho. her job is to sell herself. since she is staying in the media, she is looking for a buyer. she dressed very causal for someone receiving death threats.

but, tabloids need to pay more than what tiger is offering which is probably more than $2M. that's a lot of money for tabloids. there are 13 other hos talking for much less money. i think the highest pay is $250K so far. so, rachel is just a mystery. what else can top all these? we know he is using drugs. we know he told every one of his hos, he will dump elin for them. i am not sure how he was thinking how to take care of his kids. the only thing can top all this is a baby. i am not sure if it will shock people after so many unprotected sex. i will be shocked actually if there is no baby.

andre agassi said in his autobiography he hated tennis. as hard as he played, you would never guessed. but, i always thought something was missing. he also used drugs and lost brooke shields.

michael jordan did not acknowledge anyone from his professional career in his hall of fame speech. i suspect he despised people making money out of him.

if you look at tiger's actions, it is simply disrespect to people around him. he knows people talk to him, have sex with him, smile at him, clean his behind just for money. this is not about sex addiction. any man with money will buy woman and there are plenty of women selling themselves.

if tiger loved his wife, kids, golf, fans, race, he would not do this. he simply did not care.

1775 days ago


Her complexion looks awful and bumpy in that pic and her hair looks greasy. I can't wait to see Tiger hook up with her and treat her like the garbage she is. She knows he's going to be screwing around on her all the time. She must just be in it for the money but he's too cheap and no way he'd never marry her. Can't wait to see her finally get everything she deserves.

1775 days ago

rambling Johnny    

Wow going grocery shopping how scandalous!

1775 days ago


i guess she is not an eco-whore, just look at all that plastic! and i agree with the comment that says that is a lot of groceries for one person...

1775 days ago
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