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Elin Nordegren -- Strong and Silent

12/15/2009 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren withstood a barrage of harsh questions by a paparazzo (not ours) on her way out of a Thai restaurant near her home in Windermere today.

Elin Nordegren: Click to watch
Elin was holding her baby as the photog unrelentingly questioned her about Tiger Woods' affairs, mistresses, divorce options ... before someone finally said, "How about something nice like, 'how are you holding up?"


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Ewww, ick    

OMG she's so pretty. 1,000 nip-tucks couldn't get me close to this gorgeous.

1744 days ago


how hard can it be to say: Eeeee-Lynn?

1744 days ago

Zach Swan    

None of this would be happening to her if she hadn't whipped the cell phone at Tiger, busting out his front teeth, then smashed him in the head with a golf club in a fit of rage (allegedly.) The golfing god could have lost his life in the ensuing accident thanks to her (he was unconscious and intubated), and now we've all lost him from the game. This means big money losses to many ordinary people, not just Tiger and his family. Lest ye think that it was really Tiger that caused this with his affairs, Elin knew the deal going in. When you make $100,000,000+ per year, sex outside of marriage is not cheating. It's a perk. If Elin deluded herself into thinking something otherwise, there is treatment available for that, which she can receive behind bars as she is serving her sentence for domestic violence (or assault with a deadly weapon, or attempted murder or whatever the appropriate charge is.)

1744 days ago


This is the first time I've felt compelled to comment on this site, but after watching that recent footage of the female pap asking Elin questions, I felt like I had to say something.
Not only were the questions completely inappropriate in front of the kids, this joke of a pap can't even pronounce Elin's name correctly. It's only been everywhere in the news for the last 17 days. You moron. Before you troll around with that poor accent and even worse questions, get your facts straight. Complete moron.

1744 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

My God what is this world coming to...
She has a BABY in her arms, she did nothing wrong and yet she is being pursued and harrassed.
I feel very badly for those children becuase they will probably never remember their parents being together and happy. But I think the best thing for Elin would be to take those kids and go to Sweden.
Tiger really let us down...he needs some serious help.

I hope all the cheaters out there learn something from this - if you are not happy in your marriage, get out before you cheat.

1744 days ago



Wake up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. I notice that you didn't mention Obama is president.

1744 days ago


Elin is too good for the likes of Tiger Woods. She is obviously everything he is not. Starting with being a decent human being. Contrary to what so many idiots post every day she was not a poor nanny, her parents are well known and respected in Sweden. She did not marry the loser for his money. She deserves so much better than the life she has lived with the King of Golf. I hope she has bodyguards. Tiger acts too much like OJ to me. He thinks he has no rules and that he is a god. I will love to see him end up just like OJ.

1744 days ago


#17- yes it all did nappen, but how about living in the now and not the past. You get nowhere by backing up, or haven't you realized that yet. Get off the race card. This is about a cheating husband. It has nothing to do with race unless you lower yourself to put it there!!! Oh, I'm sorry, is Rev Sharpton calling in yet? I bet he will any time now.

1744 days ago

oh yeah    

i'm just sying black women we have got to learn from these white women. love with your head not your heart. so wht if you can't peform certain sexual act on somone you do not love. he'll simply go find other women to please him. then we act like the victim. POOR TIGER. bet she never please you in bed. i feel your pain. now all of white america is feeling sorry for her.

1744 days ago

London not England    


OH THAT'S we have a Black President....that's Right!?!?!?!?!?!?

With the Most DEATH THREATS ever received by a living President....!!!!

Yeah, you're SO Right...racial Hatred and Bias is SO over now isn't IT!?!?!?!

1744 days ago


Hey Zack- Why are you attacking the victim?
None of this would have happened if Tiger (Your God)
would have kept his zipper up and honor his responsibilities.
Put the blame on him hi's a child, arrogant socialy inept
idiot. He should have appreciated the wonderful Family that
Elin has provided. Clasless, aggressive, stupid,child look
what have you caused Tiger.Good luck Elin whatever you choose to do.
You are one beautiful, strong, classy LADY and your children
lucky to have you as a Mother.

1744 days ago

Mike Tyson    

What is an african-american anyway ? Oh...and how are those black africa-african's doing over there in africa ? Any NBA boys making 30 mil a year over there?

1744 days ago

London not England    


Again You prove this is HOW Little the African American experience is regarded..even in your own F#@KED UP History...
YOU WOULDN'T DARE tell the Jews to "GET OVER IT"....about the Holocaust ....

Oh but but when something as significant as JIM CROW which ended in my lifetime is mentioned, it's "RACE CARD PLAYING"?

LOL.....Hypocrites.....I know it hurts....
but like you all continually tell us: "Get Over it"....

1744 days ago


Any REAL man would not be letting his wife and children go through this...but I guess we all know that the coward is incapable of thinking about anyone but himself.

1744 days ago

Mike Tyson're about as connected to Africa and slavery as I am the Royal Family in London. STFU dude !!!

1744 days ago
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