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Elin Nordegren -- Strong and Silent

12/15/2009 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren withstood a barrage of harsh questions by a paparazzo (not ours) on her way out of a Thai restaurant near her home in Windermere today.

Elin Nordegren: Click to watch
Elin was holding her baby as the photog unrelentingly questioned her about Tiger Woods' affairs, mistresses, divorce options ... before someone finally said, "How about something nice like, 'how are you holding up?"


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dirty diana    

hey idiots saying get away from america and the american paps.... that fool questioning her don't even sound like an american, and she can't even get the name straight, what a loser! i agree they could ease up when the kids are there.

1737 days ago



Get over it.

A lot of things happened in 1965. What have YOU done with YOUR life? We could all go back and see how a certain group was traumatized in 1965 to make excuses for poor behavior.

When Bernie Madoff stole 50 Billion in the ponzi scheme, did anyone bring up the concentration camps?

Please start making some sense. Better yet, get an education, and help yourself. Losers whine about the past. Winners take action and leap forward.

Oh, and Tiger wasn't too worried about associated himself with you, sorry. So don't waste your time on him. Do you think it was an accident that he picked the most aryan woman he could find to bear his progeny? I don't think so. He really wanted them to be CABLINASIAN, not Blasian, so take a hint, and don't worry about Tiger, 'coz he's not worried about u.

1737 days ago

London not England    

#56-Frank Sweet

I'd have to agree with KCB....

Somebody has some REAL ISSUES with Puerto Ricans.....

But remember folks: "MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN"...

So you can screw each other royally...

Keep your marriage! you deserve each other!

1737 days ago


Elin classy. These freaks are not! These morons asking stupid questions should be arrested. Besides being dummies and ignorant, some paps are wanted by the law and have committed crimes when this mother has not. TMZ HERE IS A TIP FOR YOU WHEN YOU WANT TO SHARE THE DIRT at least be professional to leave a mom with a baby alone and recognize when you're just farting words or making a decent query. We are all pissed Tiger cheated so it's no secret she's humiliated and angry. Get a grip on your 'paps' who are disgusting and if representative of TMZ, should not be allowed within 500 feet of any subject they intend to defile. This was just one among all your aggressions but the most egregious of all when your questions were furry and freaky and proved how useless they were and how dumb you are! Leave this mom alone and let she and her husband, Tiger, work them out. In fact, gay or straight, or mixed subject, work on your lives cause you're all a mess who would allow this video to escape to your site. You're more invasive than the law allows and I'd like to see their past and current crimes and if there were any child molesters in your group of pretend camera carriers. Bet there are!

1737 days ago


OMG, why can't they leave Elin and her children alone!! Aren't they going through enough already? Disgusting!

1737 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

One thing about Elin that Rachel or none of Tiger's skanks have is class and beauty. Rachel is an old looking hag with bad skin, what is up with her bumpy face skin and Rachel looks way older than her age. Rachel looks like the kind of girl you use, the kind of girl you hide, the kind of girl men have listed as Easiest Booty call. Men know Rachel won't turn down a booty call from a rich man. Hooker she is.

1737 days ago


This is the media at its finest. Elin Nordegren has her children with her, she's just now started to come out of the house, she's done nothing wrong, the person who is really to blame is nowhere around, and she's under immense stress from family affairs. And this is how the media deals with her? Yes, there is a certain redemptive act at the end which is somewhat helpful but it's not enough. I just about cried when I watched this. We need laws or a constitutional interpretation about which prevails..freedom of the press or right to privacy. This is unconscienable.

1737 days ago

Lizzie Ann    

#20, extra marital sex as a perk of being a good golfer and making alot of money is as stupid as Tiger doing it. I believe most marriages begin with the idea of monogamy. Expecting your husband to cheat is not part of the agreement most women sign on for. Cheating husbands in my opinion are as low as Shamu do-do.

1737 days ago

cindy lou    

These paps are really gutless unhuman lung sacks!

1737 days ago


papz from tmz confronting Elain with YOUR kids and you are hidding, you should be there facing the newsmedia and facing the world like she is having to do....she is been humiliated to say the least while you remain hidding under the bed with who knows whom...i am appauled...ladies, never married a millionair because like someone wrote here, to them been unfaithful its a perk and comes with the territory of the rich and famous lifestyle!

1737 days ago


The moving trucks arrived...I wonder if it is Tiger or Elin who is moving out. I hope Elin gets all of Tiger's assets and lives happily ever after...with him.

1737 days ago


It is interesting that he had affairs with nasty old skanky women.

1737 days ago


66. #62-lilli

Oh lilli,

you're so cute in your trailer park, sitting there smoking your Virginia slims, and typing in your WalMart nighty....

If I needed any SH!T from you, I'd Squeeze your little Soup can curler infested Head.
but nice try....

You're obviously in and X*****X, and FRANK-I-GOTTA-AN-ISSUE-WITH-PUERTO-RICANS-SWEET, and all the rest...

Stay on Gilligan's Island where you belong..
but you're cute though...

Posted at 2:31PM on Dec 15th 2009 by KCB***************


If only you really knew! Your caricature of me is so off, particularly the trailer part! Haha, though, what an original comeback!!!!! Haven't seen that one before.

Oh, I know I'm cute!

You people are SOOOO JEALOUS! And your envy shows, and it's ridiculous, and you waste so much of your energy pointing the finger, instead of bettering yourselves it's pathetic.

Do you honestly think Tiger wanted his future progeny around the likes of you? NOT. So, again, worry about improving your own lot.

Tiger is NOT hanging out in your clubs, he's enjoying life in the pearly gates which have NADA to do with you. So don't worry about protecting him, he ain't interested.

1737 days ago


Disreard my previous post...I meant to say. I hope Elin lives happily ever after without Tiger

1737 days ago


Tiger, look at what you have brought upon your "loved ones" by you self-centered careless and reckless behavior.

You shall forever be known as the "Mike Tyson" of the PGA.

1737 days ago
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