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Jackson Executors -- Beyond the Call of Duty

12/17/2009 4:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson The executors of Michael Jackson's estate have filed documents, explaining why they should be entitled to more than the statutory fee most executors get -- a big reason ... Joe Jackson.

According to legal docs filed with the court, co-executors John Branca and John McClain had to defend the estate from a steady barrage of attacks by Joe Jackson and, until recently, by Katherine Jackson.

They also claim they've been working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week since they were appointed. And, they claim, their "business reputations and the character and reputation of Michael Jackson were repeatedly assaulted by personal and unfounded attacks" which they were forced to correct publicly in order to protect the Michael Jackson brand.

Branca and McClain say at the time Michael Jackson died ... Michael and his businesses were defendants in 11 separate lawsuits and it only got worse after his death.

Branca and McClain want more than the statutory fee -- which is a percentage of the value of the estate. They're asking for "extraordinary compensation" for the work most executors never have to do.


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so wrong    

This is BS, here's the court filing and it's 2 weeks old. Also, for anyone who has a brain and wants to know what is really happening with this case, you can look it up on line. It's extradorinary because they're broking deals with AEG, book deals, publications, branding, etc...above and beyond what a 'normal' estate would deal with. It's also regarding compensation for guardian ad litem.

Also, if you look the case up, there are very FEW claimants or creditors listed against jackson's estate, very few. TMZ just makes a big deal about anything. Jackson is what makes them money!

01/04/2010 at 08:30 am in department 5 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

1739 days ago

the peoples court    

Posted at 3:38PM on Dec 17th 2009 by Deb

Look who is here the biggest stupid motherf66kin b8tch around. The liar deb. So deb who is dennis? I don't know a denns but you must since he's your brother b*tch azz c*nt.

1739 days ago


The people's court can go to HE double hockey sticks!!! You're the liar.


1739 days ago

so wrong    

by the peoples court

OH, you've got a new log in name. We know who you are! Same sick pervert, different day, different log in name. No life, no job, no friends, blah, blah, blah.

You ain't a clue about Michael Jackson, not one CLUE!

1739 days ago


Help I am being held hostage under the trailer by a crazy lunatic called Deb

1739 days ago

the peoples court    

Oh Brother

Whenever Michael gets into some kind of trouble, one of his brothers seems go on every TV news show to say that people should not judge Michael for what he does, they should only judge him by his music. That makes no sense. If a famous, beloved singer/songwriter decides to go on a killing spree, are we supposed to ignore his crimes because he produced a few good albums?

Another repeated request is for people and the press to leave Michael alone, as if he's the only celebrity that gets a lot of attention. All celebrities get way too much attention and celebrities that tend to act a little more out of the ordinary get even more attention. That shouldn't be a shock to anyone. The fact that the press likes to build people up and then knock them down again shouldn't be a surprise either. You just have to live your life the best way you can and try to avoid dangling babies, molesting children, and having your nose fall off.

Another claim is that so much of the negative stuff about Michael is because he's black. There are probably hate groups out there that would like to hurt him, but most of it is because he is one of the most famous people of the last four decades of the twentieth century. That's combined with the fact that he doesn't act in a traditional way. Most people who are unusual tend to get negative feedback. A few years in an American public school can make that painfully obvious.

Doesn't anyone remember the first half of the 1990s? Negative stories about Roseanne Barr, or whatever her name is this week, seemed to be everywhere. Roseanne is not black as far as I know and she's not the only non-black celebrity who has had press problems over the years. All of this whining about people picking on Michael Jackson just because he's black is silly. They pick on him because he's famous, he does strange things, and the stories sell.

1739 days ago


This should answer alot of questions we have about Branca, who MJ fired...

He is a shady man.....does not have MJ's best interest at heart....

Justice for MJ

1739 days ago

the peoples court    

37. Help I am being held hostage under the trailer by a crazy lunatic called Deb

Posted at 3:55PM on Dec 17th 2009 by Henry


1739 days ago

the peoples court    

Baby Dangling

The Michael Jackson camp claimed for a while that he understands it was a mistake to do what he did, but later, they changed their story and tried to claim that it wasn't a big deal since it happened so fast and he had a tight grip.

Michael's friends and relatives repeated in various interviews that he had a tight grip on the baby. It doesn't matter how tight Michael thought he was holding the baby, mistakes can happen. That was unnecessary endangerment and blaming it on the fact that he is impulsive and was caught up in the moment is a poor excuse. They also claim that some people throw babies up in the air, so he should be excused. How stupid do they think we are? The deplorable act of another does not excuse your own. Some people do all kinds of terrible things to children, does that make it OK for everyone else to do the same?

Michael Jackson actually said, in the famous Bashir interview that he has seen people flip their kids up in the air (doing somersaults) and then catch them. I've never seen anyone do that to a baby, and if he has, he should have contacted the authorities. Whether or not it's true, the fact that ignorant people may throw their babies in the air does not excuse Michael Jackson's actions.

I'm sure if anyone gets caught on tape flipping a small baby in the air (doing somersaults), the news media will be all over it. It was a stupid thing to do and Michael's camp should stop comparing his stupid act with those committed by others as if that somehow pardons him. The more famous you are, the more people make a big deal about things, but even regular people get thrust into the national spotlight when they get caught on tape doing something really stupid or illegal. Remember the woman who beat the crap out of her kid in a parking lot? That story was in the news for at least a month, and that's just one example.

Not only did Michael Jackson make a mistake, but he also banged the baby's legs on the railing on the way down and at least one of them on the way back up. He should do like anyone who gets caught on tape doing something stupid and just apologize and stop making lame excuses.

Michael claims that the news media made it sound like he was just dangling his baby for no reason, but every news channel I watched showed the crowd below. Does he not understand that dangling a baby over a railing is wrong, with or without a crowd?

On his rebuttal show on FOX, Michael says that he did the same thing with his other children, but that's a lie because he did not dangle his other children over the railing. They showed a clip of him carrying one of the children to the balcony and then back in again. He did not dangle his other children and if he did, that would have made even bigger news since they are heavier than a baby. I have no idea why he would think that saying he did the same thing with his other children would make things OK. It would make things worse if he did that.

As he did with his other children, he could have shown the baby to the crowd by just walking out on the balcony with the baby in his arms and there would have been no problems

1739 days ago

the peoples court    

Pajama Time

On March 10, 2005 Michael showed up late to court in pajama bottoms claiming to have a hurt back. Anyone who has had a hurt back knows from experience that you can't repeatedly shake your head 'yes' and twist left and right and quickly jerk around to wave at people like Michael did on the way into court. He then put on his stiff 'in pain' act as he entered the building. He is so fake and transparent that it is not even funny, it's sickening. People who cannot see through his B.S. by now do not deserve the oxygen they are breathing. From spider bites to back pain, it seems there's always a health problem whenever it's advantageous.

1739 days ago


Now she claims she is being manipulated when she is behind all of this. hahahahhahaha

1739 days ago

the peoples court    

Surgery and Skin Color

Michael Jackson denied that he had any plastic surgery for many years when it was as plain as the nose on his face (well, when he used to have a nose anyway). It kind of makes you wonder about other things he is denying. When he finally did admit to a few things, it was clear that he was still lying about the amount of surgery he has had over the years. He's either in denial or he thinks we're all stupid. Some of his fans might have the brains of a bowl of noodles, but the rest of us are smarter than that.

He has also been complaining again about people acting like he is some kind of freak, but he admitted in his own book that he started some of the old rumors on purpose for publicity. He didn't and still doesn't want to be left alone. He wanted people to think that he was strange because he craves attention, positive or negative. For him to whine years later that people are still bringing up those rumors as if he had nothing to do with them is pathetic. Maybe he should read his own book. If you see a small fire then you throw gas on it to make it larger, don't you think you might be at least partially responsible for what happens next?

You can tell a book by its cover, that's what covers are for. You can try your best to hide it, but how you are on the inside tends to leak out. It's hard to hide all of your 'tells.' If you are emotionally immature or if you have a certain mental problem, it's going to show up in your appearance and actions in some way.

If Michael has had something such as Depigmentation Therapy for his Vitiligo which has turned him completely white and pushed his skin past the point where he can no longer use makeup, it's too bad he doesn't just make what he has done public. Just as Michael J. Fox has brought attention to Parkinson's, Michael Jackson could do the same for Vitiligo. He could be the Vitiligo poster boy and help find a cure for it and help children deal with the condition until a cure is discovered. I know that he doesn't have to, but since he is always wanting us to believe that he is one of the greatest and most loving people on the planet who only wants to help others, especially children, why not do it?

1739 days ago

the peoples court    

Maybe He's a Chicken Hawk?

If Michael Jackson is guilty of child molestation (no matter what the jury said), but isn't an actual pedophile, maybe he's just gay and likes young men. Just as many straight men like really young teen girls, some gay men also "like 'em young."

If Michael is gay, he might sprinkle the few young men he likes sexually among thousands of other children that he has no sexual interest in. That way, he has many witnesses who will say that he never did a thing to them. The fact that one of his best friends has directed and produced gay porn videos might be a clue.

Being gay might also explain why he hasn't molested more young men. If he's not a child molester of the usual kind police are used to, he might be able to wait many years between sexual encounters since he supposedly keeps pictures and possibly videos of his evil acts to keep him satisfied for many years until the next young man comes along who tickles his fancy. I don't know what the truth is, but whatever it is, it's sure to be strange.

Chicken Hawk

"A gay man who prefers adolescent sexual partners."

1739 days ago


how weird that people would show up here to dislike someone..totally bizarre..i would think you would get more satisfaction ringing doorballs and running least if your hiding behind a bush instead of a computer you could see what effect you were having..i am so thankful that we had the pleasure of mj talent and generous heart..he really made a diffrence .as opposed to some of the negative people on this site...your lifes work probably amounts to the impact of a fart in the wind

1739 days ago


people's court... wow... get a life or finish your dissertaion... whatevs

1739 days ago
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