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Octomom Double Fists While Hitting the Bottle

12/17/2009 2:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demonstrating exactly how not to carry two young babies around, a distracted Octomom, Nadya Suleman, toted two of her spawn down a flight of brick stairs yesterday ... and decided to do it wearing footwear commonly known as "slippers."


The mother-of-many really needs to get a grip.


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how can she afford eye lash extensions with all those mouths to feed?

1774 days ago

Sean P.    

How can she afford eyelash extensions with all of those mouths to feed?

She is a narcissist -- she doesn't think about how she is going to afford to raise 14 children until they are all 18 years old. Oh well, if she runs out of money there is always the people of the State of California -- they can just pay a few more tax dollars. And maybe the Federal Government -- it can cough up a few more of our tax dollars for Fraudya Nadya.

1774 days ago

ex lax    

I guess her so called(on the job)back injury is doing better.That green stuff is from when she face first in her kids diapers

1774 days ago


Who puts their make up on and then puts a mask on? Read the directions dummy it says to apply to a clean face.

Wait that explains it, she can't read.

1774 days ago


How is she going to wash it off? She is going to wash her eyebrows off with it.

1774 days ago


It's obvious that their dad is black. They're adorable.

1774 days ago

Sean P.    

Why is she carrying a baby bottle in her mouth outside -- why not put it down inside before going out? Hope she washes that dang thing before she puts it into the baby's mouth.

Obvious staged photo-op. There are other pictures on the web done at the same time, holding different babies.

1774 days ago


From the neck up she looks just like Michael Jackson in that photo. If it wasn't for the timeline problem, it would be better to say Michael Jackson looked like her in that photo, but we all know Michael zombified on facial surgery. Did anyone tell Michael that surgery doesn't wash off like green mineral scrub?

1774 days ago

D Ander    

Why do you insist on feeding the ego of this sick and evil woman. This is not a joke, there are 14 small childrens lifes at stake, children that are being pimped out by a woman for money. Concieved to make their mother rich. Eyeworks showed the damage Suleman has done to her older children. Laugh all you want, she deserves it, but think about the children living every day with this pimp. Remove the children and place this scammer in jail where she belongs. Is there a reporter out there with the guts to show Nayda for what she really is???

1774 days ago


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this photo,so what she is walking in her slippers, almost every mother has carried a child this way in her slippers, i think you are looking for a story where there is none, leave this woman alone.

1774 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Somebody call this idiot and tell her Halloween is OVER....

Sure, I always carried my children like they were a sack of potatos. Every mother of 14 should dress like that...hehe. Can't tell whos the child here...
And NO..I won't give her a break, she doesn't deserve one. Theres not one redeeming quality in this pariah.

1774 days ago


What on earth - or any other planet - is this woman doing out in public looking the way she is???? I got ill just looking at this pix!!! No more pix of this woman who became a mother only for the fame and $$$

1774 days ago


For having all those kids at one time, her body looks great. She is very lucky that her body bounced back into shape. I also feel that we should lay off of this woman, she will pay for her actions for the rest of her life. CAN YOU IMAGINE RAISING 14 KIDS AS A SINGLE MOM?..8 OF THEM ARE OCTUPLETS. Gee Whiz.

1774 days ago


She must be wearing Spanx under those jammies!!! No way her tummy is that flat w/out surgery!

1774 days ago


she is just being a normal busy mom.

1774 days ago
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