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'Rage' to Radio Show: Eff Your 'No Eff' Rule

12/17/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rage Against the Machine incited mass panic at a British radio show this morning -- when the lead singer unleashed a string of f-bombs during a live on-air performance.

Rage Against the machine -- click to hear

It all went down on UK's Radio Five Live's Breakfast Show during a performance of "Killing in the Name" -- after the band was asked to cut the curse words from the song. According to the DJ, the band obliged before the performance -- but apparently had a change of heart once they went on the air.

After a series of f-bombs, a female DJ can be heard scrambling to cut the audio -- saying, "Get rid of it!" Obviously, Rage was not allowed back on the air.


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Did they actually think that Zach de La Rocha & CO were going to say "okay we won't use the f-word on the air" LOL! These people are stu-pid and they deserve what they got!

Classic glad they are back together...Audioslavewhat?

1738 days ago


Remember when music had b@lls. Thank you Rage.

Damn, for all the angry retarded rigthies in here, go back to Miley Cyrus losers. Jesus, get a grip on life you zeros.

TMZ is probably your only social life, but you probably get Fox News in mom's basement too.

1738 days ago


tugger to me: "You are the poster child for liberal hypocrisy. Their whole supposed "beef" was with greedy wealthy people. You know, just like how your dumbass President wants to punish the rich now and give their money to the lazy and undeserving. Share the wealth man, it's the liberal way!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


I'm a poster child for liberal hypocrisy because I think it's OK for RATM and other artists to be paid for their work?

BTW, he's your President just as much as he's mine. I didn't vote for him even though I'm a proud liberal. I have no idea why you ASSumed I did. Perhaps you've had a bit too much tea?

1738 days ago


Another low life group from bezerkeley that have outlived their 15 minutes of fame! Time to return to being a bar band, playing at weddings, and in front of the sagging pants wearing high school crowds that appreciate your "lack" of being professionals.

1738 days ago


They will stop raging against the machine after they are done making their millions, what a bunch of hypocrites.

1738 days ago


How old are they????? Could they be more immature. So ride to a station that invites you to be there. Egomaniacs

1738 days ago


How old are they????? Could they be more immature. So rude to a station that invites you to be there. They need to GROW UP.

1738 days ago


Rage - so down with the man riding in their limos to their concerts backstage in their priavte rooms then back in the limo and back to their big houses. Plleeaaasseee! Once you become rich and famous you are no longer a homeboy and down w the man. Rage IS the man =(

Their actions on the show are a perfect example of their entitlement issues.

1738 days ago



Tea Baggers may have a lot of Libertarians, but they are also made up of many right wingers. I'd respect them a lot more if it was truly a grass roots organization, but as it was created by Fox News (that is fact, not opinion) I seriously question the real goals of the group.

Anyway, I am one of those socialists that the right hates so much. Although I have a strong libertarian streak as well (e.g. I support the 2nd amendment). Despite what most Americans think, Socialism is very different than Communism. Unfortunately too many Americans have their head in the sand and think we are still the unequivocal "greatest" country in the world. If you look at any of the major indicies you will see we rank well below first on many of the important issues like standard of living, life span, income, infant mortality, crime rate, poverty, and access to medical quality medical care (we have great doctors but people can't afford it, and thanks to scare mongers it looks like nothing is going to improve for a long time), etc. But you know what countries rank very highly on those lists... you guessed it, Socialist and Socalist leaning countries!

I'm a proud American and it pains me to see us going downhill in so many ways. People may say if you don't like it here leave. But that isn't the American way. Fighting for what you believe in is.

1738 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Profane commies aren't cool.

1738 days ago


Who is rage against the machine?

1738 days ago


These guys are LOSERS the burned the American flag at woodstock. I have read quotes from these idiots and still dont know what they stand for. They are traders and should not be allowed back into the country they hate but made them rich. I hope their plane crashes.

1738 days ago


@Carl- well said. It's obvious you're well more thought out and putting shame to the idiot that was saying that nonsense to you.

It's becoming obvious the same loser is reposting their dislike for the band over and over. Nice life genius.

@b- It's a "traitor" not a "trader" but reality and intelligence probably doesn't fit into your paradigm, does it?

1738 days ago


Are you F*cking Kidding? Its Rage Against the Machine! If there is any one band out there that keeps their principles it would be this band. Again they just proved they are the same band that formed 20 years ago to tell the "The Man" or "Big Brother" whatever you want to call it to go get bent!

Rage Rules!

1738 days ago


b...."traders".... as in traitors?

Obviously you weren't home schooled.

Your school teachers must have passed you through the grades...

to get you off their hands (how loyal to their professions)...

and not look like they were the ones who didn't do their jobs.

Ahhh, dumbed down America.

America's next generation are, no different, than the ignorant peasants of 1000 years ago...but with an attittude of...smarts?


If you want to control the masses....keep the masses ignorant.

1737 days ago
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