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Little Couple -- Still Trying for Little One

12/18/2009 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They're both under 4ft tall, but Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, aka TLC's "The Little Couple," are ready to bring someone smaller than them into the world -- a baby.

Bill & Jen: Click to watch
Yesterday, as the couple left Jimmy Au's -- a store for men 5'8" and under -- Bill revealed they're "still working on" having a kid, but due to health concerns they "just don't know how yet."

May we suggest a nice hotel, some champagne ... and let Marvin Gaye take it from there.


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I love them and wish then both the best.

1695 days ago


Aw, this couple seems to be so happy and so real ... my hope for them is that the media do not sink their claws into them and destroy their marriage in the way they have destroyed so many others!

1769 days ago

Chris Brown is so last Year    

She is Waaayyyy too small to carry a baby, what if it is 10lbs?? No way, that is too much of a risk...she is a doctor, she should know better.
Adopt if they really want the patter of little feet, and the crying of little lungs, and the pooping of little bums etc etc etc.

1769 days ago

Wanda W.    

They are soooooooo cute and cuddly !Seems like their a good couple. But then again I thought the Gosselins were too,and look what happened there.........

1769 days ago


They seem to be a really sweet couple who lets nothing stand in their way. I wish them the best of luck with having a baby.

1769 days ago


To No Way - Jen has been seen by one of the top high-risk OB in the nation and they deemed her capable of carrying a baby. Whether they make it to term, who knows, that's a chance every pregnant mother faces. I do hope it works out for them, though. I absolutely love their quirky chemistry. Good luck to them!

1769 days ago


Giving birth is not the only way you can become a mother. This couple should explore the option of adoption. So many wonderful children in need of a good home, would be lucky to become part of their family. While it is possible for her to become pregnant, there are many additional risk factors because of her size. Since she works with children, she should consider both herself and the child when making this decision. Good luck !!

1769 days ago

me in ny    

She should hire a surrogate and not put her health at risk.

1769 days ago


TO- NO WAY, you are an idiot, the woman is a doctor! Don't you think she would know the risks? Duhhhhh stupid, she knows what she is doing, and is obviously seeing a doctor. God some people on here are so stupid!

1769 days ago


My love for them grows each and everyday!

1769 days ago


Calm down peoples.....Yes, she is a doctor and has been seen by a wonderful OB-GYN. They HAVE been talking about other options, adoption, surrogate as well as Jen carrying the baby herself. They are very educated people and am sure they are not going to jump into something without discussing it with their doctor and family first. This is a wonderful show and if you havent seen it, you should watch it. They both crack me up and I too hope that the media does not ruin them, and I hope thier show is on for a very long time, I look forward to it each week. Just love them both.

1769 days ago


these seem like real, down to earth people...i hope they canbecome parents, but hopefully its thru many unwanted kids in this world....humans are the only animals that dont care about passing on bad genetic health issues....that is not a good thing for the human race...

1769 days ago


What's up with these midgets? Seriously, WTF. Back in the day midgets were great for things like wrestling, circus side shows, elf's at Christmas time. Now TLC is trying to mainstream them. Come on folks, they have the "Little Couple," "The Little Choclatiers," and "Little People, Big World." They are trying to convey a message that little people are no different then big people and I say, who really cares. They need to have a new show, "Little People Hunter" where somebody like Dog the Moron tracks down these little clowns and kicks them in the duff.

1769 days ago


Oh no tmz. Leae the Little Couple ALONE!!!!!!

I HEART them. Such a sweet couple. Don't paparazzi them!!!

To Bill, I luv ya, but don't chop it way with the paps! Wave, smile and keep it stepping!

To "NoWay" there have been smaller women who have successfully carried babies.

And to "No Way" an "NTV Land" and "Lawrence". Go get a life and spew your hate on yourself! Lawrence: little people are not circus character. But idiots like yourself are.

1769 days ago

maria tortilla    

Lol, Lawrence is probably a little person. Why else would he be so mad. Sorry you werent picked to be on TV dude.

lol, get a grip. Why are u so angry anyway. haha, u sound crazy

but thanks for the laughs

1769 days ago
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