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Michael Jackson's Music May Get Second Chance

12/21/2009 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Music May Get Second ChanceMichael Jackson's estate executors want to breathe new life into an incredibly valuable asset -- the heavily-collateralized MIJAC Music Catalog.

The Catalog -- valued this year at around $100 million -- was used by Michael Jackson to secure at least two big loans.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, co-executors John Branca and John McClain have entered into negotiations with a bank to restructure the two loans with more favorable terms. The new terms could save the estate a fortune.


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Peek a boo=where are you ?

1769 days ago


I like John Branca and John McClain and I trust them both. Whatever they decide to do is ok with me. They have always, and will always, put Michael and his estate first. They are both very loyal to Michael Jackson.

1769 days ago

Pink Daisy    

Has anyone forgotten the information that was brought
out during the 2005 trial about Baranca having any offshore
account account and that account being connected to Sony??

Aren't MiJac and Sony/ATV two separate catalogs, even though Michael
has ownership in both?

1768 days ago


-Another great pic, though Michael looks ticked off at someone...maybe Harvey??
Or could it be #52/MJJ who thinks if they repeat something enough times, it will come true?
Or the poster who decided that Michael never wrote any of his music, even though he has reams of songs copyrighted. Guess ASCAP has nothing on you, right? FYI--Michael is one of the most briliant songwriters in modern music. I have to admit while I was singing along with "Thriller" and "Off the Wall", just enjoying myself, I never saw the genius of the songs on these albums till years later. If he had only written the masterpiece "Billie Jean" and then stopped, it would still be far better than anything other artists of his time have produced. And let's not even get into how mind-blowing "Dangerous" and "Invincible" are.
Just a few things:
-#3/Saddened: Kudos for the heads up on reminding us of this! I had forgotten about good ol' MIJAC. Once all of the dust clears, it's gonna be great to see music released out of that catalogue--generating money that will NOT go to SONY. I still have a little problem with them getting so paid since Michael's death because he had serious issues with them back in the Tommy Mottola days. Of course, I understand he's no longer with them but back when he was, they strongly defended him AGAINST Michael's accusations. Poor Michael. He couldn't get any support no matter what the topic. And because he was so adamant about Sony's underhandedness with "Invincible", I have to think there must have been something to it.

-#17/AB: This is a great idea but there already is something close to a DVD box out there. My sister's husband bought her a box set from a guy made up of concerts, home movies, short films, videos, behind the scenes, etc. We've watched some of it but there's so much (and many of the concerts are duplicates in another country and some of the quality is not good.) The things I would really like to have a copy of is his full Superbowl show (a quality version, not the Youtube one,)I have the Dangerous Videos that include part 2 of the Superbowl show with "Heal the World", but I want the 1st part. Also, I wish they would release a good version of "Ghosts"--my fave Michael video after "Thriller and Remember the Time"--he was sooo gorgeous and the dancing was wicked! Another clip I want to see is the home video with Paris and Prince on Paris' Birthday--too adorable! Michael plays with them and they sing to him and everything. I saw it back when everything on TV was Michael 24/7; I think it was on Nancy Grace (of all people!) Can you imagine how much a legit box set like this would cost? And you thought the Opus was expensive...

-#30/JusticeforMJ: BRAVO!! I agree 100%! What in the world is TMZ doing with no Michael in the top spot? They've also had the nerve to deemphasize his name on the celeb board--it should be the biggest and boldest one there. I have to admit whenever I come to this website, I look to see Michael's name in these 2 places first and lately I've been sorely disappointed. I understand the whole thing with Brittany Murphy, but Elin And Tiger Woods? Ch'mon! That's the oldest story in the book--especially for a Sports Celeb! Even good ol' Magic, the nicest guy in Sports history was "caught with his pants down", so to speak and there was no big Brew over that. The only interesting element in the Tiger story is how he handled it. Who knows maybe he had grown bored with golf, having mastered it several times over. You know what they say, "any news is good news" in entertainment. Anyhoo, I'm tired of that story and can't wait to see it go away so we can concentrate on Michael, Michael, MICHAEL!!

1766 days ago


Another gift for you :-)

Love Hug too ,-)

1762 days ago
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