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Britney Spears Will Stay Put for Now

12/22/2009 11:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will remain under the watchful eye of her father --

The judge didn't specify how long the conservatorship will remain in place, but lawyers involved in the matter tell TMZ they expect it to last somewhere between six months to a year.

TMZ has learned action may be taken next month to begin the process of bringing the conservatorship to an end -- at least part of it.

Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, will continue to receive a $16,000-a-month payment for his duties. Andrew Wallet -- the co-conservator -- was also granted a $174,569.10 payment for services rendered between July 2009 and November 2009.

The judge also authorized Britney's conservatorship to kick out close to $300,000 in attorney's fees.

The next hearing is set for January 14th.


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i agree they are just wanting her money. they should just let her do her things. plus everyone has their bad days. just because she is a star doesn't make everything in life perfect. good luck brit

1703 days ago

Team Jon    

I was hoping it would be extended good

1734 days ago


she needs it for the rest of her life.

1734 days ago


@ Good, I disagree. They are milking her dry for cash. It's pathetic. It's time for her to be independent and do new projects.

1734 days ago


Google's "news" search (click on NEWS at gets you up-to-the-minute news in fine detail. Tiger Woods updates also available for the Orlando Sentinel and News Of The World. Britney Spears news available by contemplating your toe nails while asleep.

1734 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?
A From a catalogue.

1734 days ago


Regardless of how you feel about HER......THIS is the PERFECT example of the legal profession at its worst.
They protect each other from top to bottom.
I don't give a damn WHAT they did.....almost $35,000 a MONTH to the CO-CONSERVATOR? And $300,000 to ANOTHER pack of thieves?
I hope they all rot.

1734 days ago

who dat    

"she needs it for the rest of her life"

I agree. Now lets talk about her crazy fans that paid to watch her lip sync. They should also be medicated.

1734 days ago


Her dad will never let this conservatorship go.
Before this was put in effect, Britney had cut off BOTH her parents and they werent getting a dime from her.

Now that they managed to get this on her, they will NEVER let go.

1734 days ago


This woman should the thanking her dad, but I'm sure once he' out of the picture the crazy will start again.

1734 days ago


I really don't understand this. Britney appears to be doing so well. I mean come on, she has been touring/promoting pretty much non-stop since her album "Circus" came out last year, not to mention the constant media attention she gets everyday. That's alot of stress for someone to be under but yet the courts still think she is not mentally capable of having full legal control over her life. I'm sure her father and family has been a great help over the past year and a half, but come on this has to end. Now it's all about the money.

1734 days ago


You're wrong about the law. They have to have a pretty good reason for starting the conservatorship and an equally damn good reason for ending it. She is a brainless, danger to herself and her children, person who will need someone to watch over her forever! There will be no marriage to her 'phoney' boyfriend who is nothing more than a paid attendant, she is a pathetic human being who will be babysat forever. If it weren't for her money (as unfair as it seems) she would be in a home right now.
An awful way to live to be sure, but at least she's alive.

1734 days ago


This goat face woman should be thanking her dad for stepping in and saving her life. Once her dad is not in control of her life I'm sure the crazy will kick back in and the blogs are going to love the crap this woman will due.

1734 days ago


I think its stupid. Its her money why cant she do what she wants with it. Not like her dad was out there shaking his ass for the money! And his duty is to be a dad not a thief! 16000 a month! Seriously? And all the lawyers just gettng money for each other not even trying to straighten things up with her. No wonder the girl went crazy you have a bunch of money hungry people around you and see how crazy you get. Even her own parents dont love her for "HER" just her money!

1734 days ago


I agree with 6, 7, 8 and especially the comment 9 made. Well done to you all, not that you need me to say it.

1734 days ago
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