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Watch Company Does About-Face on Tiger

12/22/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer now has Tiger Woods' back -- just days after turning its back on the golfer.

Tiger Woods
The company -- which had previously said it was dropping Tiger Woods -- posted this photo on its website, tagging it with the message: "the partnership with Tiger Woods will continue ... but we will downscale the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf."

In other words ... it's all a matter of time.


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It's time for me to write a note to Tag Heuer suggesting their new slogan:

Tag Heuer, the timepiece of liars and cheats.

1705 days ago


I think Jet Setter (see psychotic post at 9:37am) is a golfer.

1705 days ago


Excellent. Like a wedding ring, we now have an identifier for liars & cheaters.

1705 days ago


At first, I too joined in the condemning of Tiger Woods. However, this has gotten to the point of being beyond ridiculous. With all the sex offenders, pedophiles, swindlers, muggers, robbers, serial killers, terrorists, and other more menacing bad guys out there, suddenly, who Tiger is diddling seems pretty low on my radar. My wishes for the upcoming New Year:

1. An end to all the stupid "team Tiger, team Elin" talk. None of you know them personally, so stop acting like it's your sister he cheated on. Besides, I pray there aren't people out there delusional enough to think that Elin would come to TMZ, of all places, for marriage advice. Also, is America now the home of stupid little catchphrases to describe pop-culture? "Brangelina, Tomcat, team Elin" Man, we have gotten so corny.

2. An end to all the empty threats to boycott his sponsors. If you don't agree with an advertiser sticking by him, that's your prerogative. Just do us all a favor and speak with your wallet, not your mouth. Usually, when a person spends exorbitant amounts of energy threatening to do something, it's just that, an empty threat. Once again, does anyone think Nike gives a rat's butt what TMZ posters think? Go buy your Reeboks or Adidas and spare us all the "boycott Nike" talk. If we want to boycott, we will.

3. I hope miserable people who spend large amounts of time wishing bad on others get a life. Like I said, I too condemned Tiger for what he did. However, I kept it in perspective. There are a lot of folks out there living their very lives on every twist and turn of this tale. They are hoping and praying so bad for divorce or a nasty split involving millions, or anything else other than forgiveness or reconciliation. It's HER choice, not yours. You didn't marry him, have two children with him, or love him like her, so please stop trying to put yourself in her shoes. You can't.

4. Lastly, I wish for the disappearance of the people who will bash this post because in their warped opinion, if you have any desire other than seeing Elin take millions and run, then you support serial cheaters etc, blah blah... So sorry. I made the mistake of thinking beyond the knee-jerk reaction. Silly me.

1705 days ago


Now I have no desire to ever own one.... I suppose Tigar was TAGging a lot of a$$. The v.d. invested cad.

1705 days ago


This watch company is chicken s@#4t!! Like the other comment, they should changed their Tag Heuer to "TAG-HER" just like NIKE'S "Just do it". Even though they are cutting back on his image, he is still a cheater just like Kobe and Michael Jordan Nike's brand of cheaters. If I was very wealthy, I would purchase only ROLEX WATCHES INSTEAD TAG HEUER BULLS!$#T!!.

1705 days ago

Pat G    

I would not want to buy anything tiger pitches...

1705 days ago


TAG Sucks & so does Tiger...the brand is representative of the individual....Tigers wife is a class act.....Watch brands are probrably going to approach her shortly...Movado, Omega, TIMEX (she takes a licking & still keeps ticking (Hmm...mayby this would be a good Tiger Brand...)..Halla fron Nova Scotia, Canada

1705 days ago


Tell her to take her ary*n a*s back to Sweden. The swindlers ride the fantasy wave of the blonde and use it to swindle rich men out of their money. Why does she always wear sunglasses? She allergic to the sun due to a lack of pigmentation? Go
Tiger! His parents raised a disciplined successful child. People need to stop and look at their own children. Are they producing as much and can they make as much money? Give credit where credit is due. Sorry he did not quietly get a divorce and avoid all this scandal. Talking about "he is lucky to have her." Bu** s**t.

1705 days ago


Translation....we lowered the payout but if you manage to survive we want you to still pimp our watches. TERRIBLE pr move.

1705 days ago


In other words: Tiger has an ironclad contract, with no morals clause -- oops! they forgot the morals clause.

1705 days ago


Ebel is a better brand than Tag Heuer anyway.

Just like another poster said, I'm going to assume that any man wearing a Tag Heuer watch is an *sshole.

1705 days ago


I will not buy any item from any sponsor that stands by Tiger. What is this world coming to?

1705 days ago

Rose Bandura    

Well that's one watch I will NEVER buy now!!!! or any other company that backs Tiger Woods!!

1705 days ago


This is the thing with Tiger - women are pissed at how he used all these women, trampled on his marriage, damaged his childrens family, broke his mother heart. But the men think he is not only the best golfer ever and has the best sex life ever. And who does Tag market to - - MEN.

1705 days ago
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