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Watch Company Does About-Face on Tiger

12/22/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer now has Tiger Woods' back -- just days after turning its back on the golfer.

Tiger Woods
The company -- which had previously said it was dropping Tiger Woods -- posted this photo on its website, tagging it with the message: "the partnership with Tiger Woods will continue ... but we will downscale the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf."

In other words ... it's all a matter of time.


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Hey all the people that keep saying I am not buying Tag or Nike anymore, did you stop buying Sprite or Adidas when Kobe was involved w/rape charges?! Or what about stop buying Hanes when Michael Jordan was caught in a cheating scandal and had other alleged mistresses?! So ridiculous?!? My bad I I thought people bought these brands because they liked them and thought Tiger was the greatest golfer of all time. So you really bought them because you thought he was a great husband and family man, I get it now... since he got these endorsements for being the ultimate golfer!!!!!!!!

1744 days ago

London not England    


Ahhh...the middle cute.

IF you are batting for a different team, then YOU don't have a DOG in this race, therefore, why does it matter to YOU if he dips his wick in a dozen skanks...??? You're as BAD as these women, who wish to use "transference" on Tiger for ALL the men who've ever cheated on them. And I'm NOT braggin....just sayin.....

1744 days ago

r henry    

And I will not be standing with Tag.

1744 days ago



I was raised not to discuss other peoples money, it's a class thing you wouldn't know anything about.
Did MOMMY not teach you manners?
My GOD, your metaphors are so LAME.

Jetsetter....hahahaha. Again, if you have to brag you're obviously
If you were a jetsetter it would show in your writing. FAIL.
As I recall YOU started slinging insults. It's just a forum silly
boy. Let it go.
Go buy a Tag so you can cuddle with it at night as you dream of

I'm not responding to you anymore, hope it drives you crazy

1744 days ago


I love you the Tiger apologists barf out their excuses for Tiger's atrocious behavior, especially those who cry "racism!". How pathetic. Then Tag Heuer is your brand, losers!

1744 days ago


LVMH, Nike, and the other companies who continue to use Tiger are the ultimate gold diggers. The only reason they're keeping this lying cheating sociopath on the payroll is because he makes money for them. How low does he need to go before they'll dump him? Murder?

1744 days ago


LAG, Kobe Bryant DID lose some endorsement deals thanks to consumers with conscience. So stop whining that Tiger is being treated unfairly.

Consumers have every right to reject products for whatever reasons they choose, including atrocious behavior of the paid endorsers.

1744 days ago


Tiger did not get contracts because he was the best golfer in the world! The reason he got the contracts was his ability to sell products. A businesses only concern is selling their products and making a profit. Every time someone buys a product from one of Tigers sponsors he get a percentage of the sale. He uses that money for hookers. Your money is paying for Tigers hookers.

If people quit buying the products his sponsors sell they would drop him like a rock. It does not matter if he is the best golfer in the world. If a company does not make money from him, they will drop him.

1744 days ago


What's the difference between Santa Clause and Tiger Woods? **********************
Santa Clause knows to stop at three "Ho, Ho, Ho's"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1744 days ago



1744 days ago


WOMEN: Just say 'no' to the guys who think Tiger Woods' behavior is "natural". Starve out these liars and cheats, punish them for their bad behavior and prevent them from reproducing. YOU have the power, not them.

1744 days ago

Jen O.    

Love you, Tiger. I hope you get the alone time you need. I really hope you decide to return to professional golf. You're a great athlete and still inspire a lot on a professional and even in a good personal way.

1744 days ago


No sweat! Sponsors are almost irrelevant at this point. However, they'll likely drop away quickly as the divorce reveals more and more information about Tiger's character and persistent transgressions. Some sponsors will be reacting to threats by Tiger's lawyers. His lawyers and sponsors will be raking the "Tiger Woods" "angle" 15 ways to Wednesday trying to minimize damage and protect any possibility for more business residuals from a return to his previous pretty pansy wonder child golfer. What a stupid idea. It's impossible. But there's a lot of money flowing and the lawyers will find their usual ways to establish their "percentage" and fees. Tiger is toast in the toilet and the water is starting to spin.

1744 days ago


I have a TAG watch and I love it. My watch has nothing to do with Tiger Woods. I don't buy products based on celebrities...I make purchases based on the quality of the products. TAG is a great brand.

1744 days ago

Chester the CPA    


STOP listening to TMZ and Levin's minions...

1744 days ago
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