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Watch Company Does About-Face on Tiger

12/22/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer now has Tiger Woods' back -- just days after turning its back on the golfer.

Tiger Woods
The company -- which had previously said it was dropping Tiger Woods -- posted this photo on its website, tagging it with the message: "the partnership with Tiger Woods will continue ... but we will downscale the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf."

In other words ... it's all a matter of time.


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All Tiger Woods will be doing is paying money to Elin.Tiger has plenty of that to give to her. I doubt if she will get full costody of the kids. Tiger only visitation rights with supervision. They will end up sharing full costody. Tiger is not going to give up his kids at all.He may be not a good husband but that doesn't mean he is not a good father to his kids. I hope Elin doesn't use the kids because Tiger hurt her. When a women goes for full costody that means she is using the kids to get back at him.

1766 days ago


The only responsible option available is to give Elin 100% custody and give Tiger conditional visitation rights. The major problem is not the kids, it's the divorce. It must happen, the prenup must be declared invalid because it was created in bad faith and Elin needs a hefty settlement to make the damage done and future for her and the kids as secure as possible. It's simply fair play. If Tiger has any option for returning to the golf tour and his sponsors feel keen to remain with him, then the divorce settlement can give Elin 50% without a second thought, for what possible harm or reserve would Tiger have to that, if he's off making mega-millions again? Give Elin the $450 million and get on with it. The unknown factor in all of this is the outrageous potential for damage to Tiger that waits out there under the control of the mistresses. All of that would go in Elin's favor as well. We'll see!

1766 days ago

Chris Robbins    

I just happened to be reading this article on Tiger Woods when this new Maino song called "Get ‘Em Tiger" came on my playlist of new music. The hook says "I got women in the burbs, women in the hood, yeah my wifey mad cause she know I'm no good, Man I'm just a dog, I'd be faithful if I could, BUT I'm Tiger Woods yep I'm Tiger Woods~~ Get'em Tiger Get'em Tiger" LMAO I know I'm not the only one that heard it.

1766 days ago


Dislike all the speculation about this relationship and marriage. Neither TW nor his beautiful wife and mother of their precious children have spoken to the tabloid and mainstream media. Everyone including the Nancy Grace Show, et al., are looking pathetically ridiculous as supposed legal eagles.

Personally, I hope he is in deep psychotherapy and isn't having anything to do with the swine Uglytel. He needs to experience two or three different forms of therapy, get immediately tested for AIDS, HIV, and other sexually-transmitted diseases, create a new (healthy) inner circle which does not include partiers and the despicable black athletic (whores) and actors like nasty Barkley, et al., who have been speaking out with regard to his isolation (as they want to "stir the pot" and have him and other blacks perceive TW's predicament as whites against blacks).

If TW has a conscience, he is now aware of the great harm, betrayal, violation, and dishonor he has brought upon his innocent wife and family. Personally, I have never seen TW as a black man but a universal man of multi-DNA. When I look at his face, I see the features of the Buddha so it is time for him to get back to his original Buddhist roots that helped him succeed in golf along with his natural athletic ability. Hopefully, he is going the distance by now doing what is morally correct and right at this juncture and will work to save his (originall) marriage, the family structure, and learn about true love and tantric sex instead of the raw animal lust with the swines he may have misperceived as "love".

If they do divorce, I shudder to think of him having joint custody (without having gone through all the necessary steps of psychotherapy required) and exposing their children to any of the swine-types which he attracted into his secret life, including the swine Uglytel.

G-d bless and protect Elin Woods and her precious babies during the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

1765 days ago

AM Hood    

Who with a little bit of intelligence believes all this mess. Some of those girls should have been put in a pig pen, a beg over their face . All now coming out of the wood work for their 15 minutes of fame and fortune-that the stupid media paid them to tell their lies, oh I mean their stories. No shame,"I slept with Tiger" HO-HO-Ho, tear the man down. No one believes all of this? I don't, all of this is just to keep this stuff in the media, it's not news.
These Black men marry these white women and think all is well. They are just waiting for the moment to tear you down and, you guys fall into the trap every time!! I say Oh, well. I have nothing against who you choose to love but, some others in high placed do!

1765 days ago


Two gutless morons who deserve each other.

1765 days ago

MY EYES!!!    

In other words, TAG Heuer already paid him the money and have a few hundred thousand watches lying around with Tiger's name stamped on them.

I'm an Omega fan anyhoo...

1765 days ago

I banged Tiger Woods    

It's so crazy how out of hand this whole thing has gotten. Now sites like are popping up all over the place.

1765 days ago


Well, they're entitled I guess. Another good reason to choose an Omega SpeedMaster Professional..

1765 days ago

Disco Duck    

Yup never will purchase a Tag Heuer now. Omega watches you've gained a customer.


1764 days ago


Wow ~ how appropriate ~ I will NEVER buy Tag Whore again ... bad decision fools,,, this brand is toast.


1764 days ago


Good for you! Tiger is the best golfer in the world! Leave him alone.

1764 days ago

Earl King    

Tag Heuer should stand by their man. There are a lot of accusations flying and a lot of women coming out from under the other men they are screwing over. Maybe Tiger went there, but so have countless others and people survive. Don't hold him up to a higher standard than you would yourself.

Take a look at for a fun look at how the life of a player should be.

1763 days ago


You act like St. Barths is some faraway land that no one knows about. It really isn't all that unknown, and overall, isn't difficult to get to. Just sayin'

1763 days ago


Anyway, so what he cheated on his wife. She wasn't treating him correctly for years. So who cares?? Why do people only see one side of the story?? How do you all know what he felt in his marriage. I'm glad he cheated on her. She deserved it because why the hell is she not giving him sex?? Oh yes, it's because she ONLY married him for the money.
Nancy Grace will have a hey day helping Elin get her millions.

1761 days ago
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