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Tiger's Alleged Mistress #3 -- Back on the Job

12/22/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress #3 has finally returned to the Vegas club scene -- and this weekend she was already kickin' it with another big star.

Kalika Moquin: Click to launch
Kalika Moquin -- who has vehemently denied an affair with the philandering golf pro -- texted away at The Bank nightclub during a birthday party for "Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone Saturday night. We're told Kalika -- who's now working as a VIP host at the club -- was all business that night.

But Sunday, she let it all hang out -- literally -- donning a breastacular Mrs. Claus costume for "The Annual Vegas Socialite Christmas Party."

Wonder what she's getting in her stocking this year?


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She has crazy eyes and bad implants. Are we certain this isn't Jill Nicolini's younger sister?

1732 days ago


Ewww. Her teeth are all jacked up. She ugly for real!

1732 days ago


I wonder how much she was paid for this photo shoot.

1732 days ago


All of These women are skanks..Skanks..Low class hookers..I know tiger was wrong and should take responsiblity.. but they are just nasty.. hookers..they should have been ashamed.. they Mess up lives because they wanted sad is this? they should have kept quite and they would have got what they wanted.. none of these hookers a pretty..Not a big fan of the wife but they have noithing on her..Why is america giving these tramps any face time? I would rather see more Tila..she better than them omg.. did i just say that..yea.. she is.. these girls knew who he was and it's all just sad..Tiger hope u learned ur lesson..get classier women next time.. how about some with some dignity.. and a degree.. if u know what I mean...they want people to apologize for calling them what they are? well I will stop with the word Slut bag hore when they aplogize to Ellin..then and only then will I stop...

1732 days ago

who dat    

You have to remember these hos have a shelf life of maybe 16 months when they look hot. They are being used and abused nightly. The looks fade faster than milk left unrefrigerated.

Why does a guy screw women less attractive than his wife. It's simple, the hos are willing to open every port 24 hours a day. Once a woman has two young babies, she walks around in sweat pants and the guy is lucky to get token head. Think not? just go to any sports bar and listen to the men.

1732 days ago


#6 thefamous mr.ed is right. ALL of Tiger's woman are ugly. The wife looks the best. Tiger has no taste in women, all he want's to do is stick it in a hole as long as the hole is not Black. Tiger is a gross loser who trolls for skanks in the sleezest place. Now don't none of Tiger's women try to sick their attorneys on me, I didn't call you sleezy or a skank cause I never used names.

1732 days ago


She's really cheesing it up for the cameras enjoying her 15 minutes of skank fame. She has a few years of whoring left in her before it's time to call it quits.

1732 days ago


All of his mistresses are quite homely with THE most unnarural, cheap boob jobs. You'd think he'd be able to do better than scaping the bottom of the silicone barrel like that

1732 days ago


Is that a cheap ho's santa costume she's wearing?
For Tiger, the skankier the better. He likes trashy women.
He could have paid for high class whores without giving them a monthly payoff to keep their shut + millions in extortion money.

1732 days ago


She looks like the Kristen Wiig character on SNL's "2 A-holes" skits.

1732 days ago


Paul Newman was once asked about whether he cheated on Joanne Woodward during their long marriage...he asked rhetorically, "Why eat hamburger when I have steak at home?" (incidentally, there have been reports that Paul ate some hamburgers in his lifetime). Anyway, the answer to his question is simple: Men eat hamburgers because they get hungry. Tiger seems to like quick and easy sloppy joes. The fact that Mr. Woods allegedly slept with this woman is proof positive that straight men will sleep with anything that comes down the pike.

1732 days ago


I am a straight female and cannot for the life of me figure out why a man would be turned on by someone who looks like she has two watermelons in her chest. It would really turn me off, I would think. I wonder if lesbians are turned on by this or only straight men. Can someone explain?

1732 days ago


12. Again I feel Bad for tiger I think half of these women are liars and where does his bitc& of a wife get off thinking she can take the kids and go to Sweden and then take half of his money she is a greedy bitch. I think tiger should fight. There is a PreNup and it does not give her Half of everything. And don't you ahv eto be a resedent of a stae to file divorce papers in it well bitch lady isn't a Cal resident she is just another greedy Woman to hell with ehr and her greedness

Posted at 1:25AM on Dec 22nd 2009 by Robyn

You feel bad for tiger? Elin is a greedy bitch???

You have some major mental troubles Robyn! Or maybe you're just a heartless racist puke? Tiger doesn't deserve sympathy from you or anyone else. He choose to sleep around on his pregnant beautiful wife. Tigers behavior is flat out mean and gross! Also all those Whores he bedded need to lose their jobs and be cast out of the social scene. Elin has every right to take the children to where ever she wants. The children must be protected from this and i am sure she wants a breather from it too. I can't imagine the heartbreak she must be feeling. She also must be living in fear for her health and her knowing that her horrible husband cheated on her! That said Robyn you go on thinking poor tiger and secretly drooling over his poster on your bedroom wall. You're just another woman who would wreck a marriage for your little fantasy F&CK! Women like you make me sick!

1732 days ago


can we say hore pig greg moore from the jersy shore wildwood nj hore

1732 days ago


Presumably Tiger's wife had the two babies because he claimed he WANTED them. Give her a break.

So out of their 5 years of marriage she was pregnant two years and two years recovering. When kids are little, they need their mother and Tiger should have known this.

What did he think marriage is, you go through ups and downs together in life.
Eventually things stabilze and the husband and kids get equal attention.

Tiger never gave his marriage a chance. All he had to do was be a loving and supportive husband. He is an idiot.

1732 days ago
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