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Charlie Sheen


for Domestic Violence

12/26/2009 2:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Domestic ViolenceUPDATE:
Sources tell TMZ the alleged victim is Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller. Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, says, "Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion."

Charlie Sheen
was arrested yesterday in Aspen, Colorado for an alleged domestic violence incident and is being held in jail without bond.

Police responded after a 911 call was made at 8:34 AM on Friday. When cops arrived, they arrested the 44-year-old "Two and a Half Men" star for felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. Cops say all three charges are "coupled with a domestic violence component."

The name of the victim was not disclosed.

An ambulance arrived on scene, but the alleged victim was not transported.

Sheen will stay in the Pitkin County Jail until he appears before a judge -- his court date has not been set.

Also, Colorado law mandates a protective order between someone arrested of domestic violence and the alleged victim.

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No Avatar


Brooke's getting old, can you blame him? Time for to take the trade in down to the dealer for a fresh 18. :)

1760 days ago


Sheen gotta stop slapping around his wife's

Bubba having a merry Christmas. :-)

1760 days ago


Either he's a real douche bag, or he just has a propensity for women who are lying trollops.

1760 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

This dude is too old for this sh--! Why is it that a man keeps needlessly dragging himself through the muck & mire? At this late stage he may never grow up...too bad, he's been so successful in show busines, popularity & material wealth...unfortunatley he seems to be lacking in brains..or at least common sense & good judgement.

1760 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I agree with Woody above.

Charlieneeds tojust eat a bullet andbe done with it.

Leave 1/3 of his fortune to Brooke for their 2 kids.Leave 1/3 to Denise. Leave 1/3 to his eldest child, a daughteraged 20 something.

Charlie should eat a bullet.

Give us real drama. Be done with. End it as soon as he gets out on Monday.themeida,Denise Richards out this week telling her story and getting spare money and mileage as she is gloating , glowing over this Christmas gift. man ,just eat a bullet.
Why go through Denise Richards gloating and Brooke divorcing him and the media loving every min. and making lawyers 100's of thousands by paying for his lawyer, Brooke's and Denise 's too. She might ask for more money now to make sure Brooke stays getting less than she does.

1760 days ago


I am particulatly giddy just as Denise Richards will be at this momnet. Brooke Mueller deserves this and more of what Charlie can dish out. She stood by him to trash Denise, now its her turn ahahhaha..she is also unattractive, so I am not suprised it ended that quick...At lease Denise is still smoking ! ahhaha


Dug up this bit of old news today… Back in the late 80s, Kelly Preston, now married to actor John Travolta, was hot and heavy with -- and engaged to -- Charlie Sheen. One night Charlie shot her in the arm. With a gun. And a bullet. Shot her. He claimed it was an accident. Shortly thereafter, Sheen left Preston for porn star Ginger Lynn. "Accident"? Judging from ex-wife Denise Richard
s scathing statement on Sheen
s abuse and threatening words and behavior, maybe this wasn
t as much of an accident as he wanted the public to believe. Could he really be a psychopath? It is certainly within the realm of possibilities -- judging from the voicemails made public by Richards earlier this week. In them, Sheen calls her all sorts of dirty, filthy names that I most certainly cannot repeat here, and again threatens her life. The plot thickens, kids!

1760 days ago


Another white man beats his wife again. The other white people do not call him a monkey, and boycott his music. Nothing new here, give him another emmy and praise him for being a good role model. I guess as long as he looks like you what ever he does is ok. Ciao

1760 days ago

Tu Tu    

"Charlie Sheen is a good if not great actor" that is what is so pathetic in all of this - Like Robert Downey Jr and others that walked before him his personal demons (drugs and anger) ruin his career and any glimmer of personal happiness is dim if not impossible - pathetic!!! Why does he have demons, wasn't he born in the lucky sperm club????

1760 days ago


when they refuse to give you bail--esp. a celebrity--he must have whopped his wife's ass...

Agree---where is all the monkey name calling--boycott, banned, thrown off tv, immoral . where are all the people that get angry in flash if a black guy does something---

i say this alot, some people are racist and they don't even know it--

Sorry,am just missing all the name calling and outrage that usually follows any african american that is involved in this type of situation.

all i here is sympathy--this is unbelievable---maybe tmz can post another tiger woods story---maybe this peopple will come out of hiding..

1760 days ago

Just me    

Sooooooo! Is America going to follow his every move, twist every word
he says, try to completely ruin his life and take away his LIVELIHOOD
and income? Are stores going to REMOVE the movies he's in and the 2
1/2 men DVD and make customers feel evil if they want to buy them? I
mean, he's a GROWN AZZ MAN and has been in TROUBLE BEFORE!

That's what you all did to a kid who messed up at 19yrs old who had
never been in trouble before (Chris Brown).

If you don't treat Charlie Sheen the same or worse? WHY NOT? Remember you all said there was NO EXCUSE FOR VIOLENCE,he should be SHOT and tortured and all that other vile stuff, right?

Where is all the OUTRAGE?! Why does he get the benefit of excuses and pity?

1760 days ago

Tu Tu    

Mary and others -- why turn this into a white versus black or ethnic issue? The guy is a train wreck and I think he is also mostly Hispanic so let's just call it what it is --- a guy who beats women is messed up probably an addict of some sort they are all same in their addictions and he beats women who love him , he is a sick man and needs help from himself not rebah all the money in the world will not fix Charlie only Charlie can fix Charlie-- nonetheless he was/could be a good actor so stop beating women and do your job!!!!!

1760 days ago


He's a disgusting POS.

1760 days ago


I agree with an earlier poster "what could have caused an argument at 8am? It sounds like drugs were involved..Was her gift not expensive enough for a guy with his money? Did he bitch about another pair of socks from her? I think it was over something trivial, and enhanced because of drugs.. He doesn't have a scratch on him, and for the charges placed upon him, she must look like one of Ali's The sad part in all of this are the two children..I hope they were shielded from the violence, but they more than likely heard it all...Mueller knew about the bad boy before she married him..Did she marry him for love or money? Probably both, thinking she could change him. If she's smart she will leave before she, or he, mysteriously ends up dead..


1760 days ago


you hear charlie--you have been disowned, You are now mostly folks will come up will all kinds of excuses but i lied, am not's pretty much expected..

tutu--do me a favor and be on a look out to see if extra, accesshollywood and the rest conduct a poll to see if he's wife should leave him or not--lets see, cause they sure did conduct alot of polls on tiger including TMZ(lets go tmz stop slacking..)

wow..tutu---how i wish a black person could recieve such a understandin , the way you are showing charlie now---Just act and stop beating women---wow--so nice of you...

1760 days ago


What an effing dip-$hit...F-you Charlie Sheen. You suck and your so does your lame ass show.

1760 days ago
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