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Cops Check in At Brooke Mueller's House

12/26/2009 4:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller had a visit from Colorado police late Friday -- hours after her husband Charlie Sheen had been arrested for an alleged domestic violence incident.

Cops rolled over to the Aspen, Colorado house where Brooke is staying -- the same home from which Brooke called 911 early Christmas morning claiming Charlie had attacked her.


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Drunk chicks need to control themselves. Is that dreaming-or what

1765 days ago


maybe she will get a reality show now.....

1765 days ago


So it's 3am and that's all you can post, hey johw?


1765 days ago


I don't care how the frickin' much money you make, some people are just LOOOOOOOOSERS!!!!!!!!!

1765 days ago


I bet he has a good prenup and that is why she is claiming abuse. I don't think he's that stupid anymore to do something like that. I am surprised the marriage imploded this quickly though. Thought by going with a non-actress might mean greater longevity...oops. I don't buy that he hit her though.

1765 days ago


Sheen must have Narcissistic Personality Disorder-ticks all the boxes by the look of it.

1765 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I hope they arrest the drunken bitch.

1765 days ago


wow poster 4 just wasnt thinking when he called tmz a loser,dude ur a bigger loser for checking to see at 3 am at tmz for gossip AND posting a comment.....just stop being a douche or interesting and just read the f*cking posts like the rest of us do without making urself look as if u have better things to do

anyways,i like charlie sheen,he likes his hookers/women,i dont believe he would ever hit a woman(remains to be seen i guess)he has his demons but it looks like brooke was the aggressor,pushing her off u should not get a man arrested,its self defense but then again we are talking bout colorado law here

1765 days ago


"Everybody's making money out of the internet except me." - Homer Simpson, cartoon character,
"Play the chunk and pays to have a diverse short game." - Tiger Woods, pro golf player,
"You can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage." - Carrie Prejean, cartoon character.

1765 days ago


These two have beautiful healthy children, a beautiful home(s),
great employment and all the perks life offers and all they can think to do on Christmas is get liquored up and act like white trash???
(come on,the details DON'T matter)
Please, rather than clog the courts with this self absorbed melodrama let's establish a "stupid jackhole court". Anyone caught engaging in or calling attention to themselves for stupid or karmically ungrateful behavior should be brought into a TV studio and slapped until the stupid is out of them for all to see......
Now that's a reality show I would watch!!!

1765 days ago


Attention No. 4 & 8. It is 7:12 pm where I am posting from but the time of the entry is US time. So maybe No 3 is posting from somewhere out of the US.

1765 days ago


What do you mean you don't think he's that Stupid anymore???

When did he become UNSTUPID?
Did he suddenly stop being stupid in his 40's??
He has a history of Abuse and Addictions.

He was also suppose to be clean and sober.
.04 is Not Clean.

1765 days ago


This Brooke woman has no business getting sloppy drunk when she has 2 little kids, and they could need her at any moment. Not classy, right ? God Bless them all.

1765 days ago

Mark Avila    

Charlie Charlie Charlie , Ya Prove To Mankind That A Drunk Blonde Wife Or Girlfriend / Mistress Will Always Get Your Azz Locked Up Or Beat Up , Ya Gotta Get The Train Wrecks Out Of Your Life , And NO MORE DUCKS TO GET PREGNANT , Denise Was Enough Of A Costly Mistake & Now Another One Again Wants To Try To "Box While DRUNK" !!! lol A Merry Christmas Present Like This Is Like Asking For A Veneral Disease From Santa

1765 days ago


What kind of mother gets ,013 drunk? Maybe Brooke needs some PARENTING CLASSES. I would hate to read that one or both of her twins drowned in the bathtub because she got drunk again.. WHERE'S CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES TO MAKE A REPORT ON HER (AND CHARLIE, TOO). oR IS THIS ANOTHER CELEB THAT THAT GETS A FREE PASS!! Mayday! MAYDAY!! can't someone step in to help Brooke and Charlie?? How about her MOM< sister, Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Charlie's sister?? SOMEONE???? For the sake of these precious little boys!!!!!!

1765 days ago
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