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Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!

12/26/2009 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!Ivana Trump was forced to make an emergency exit from an airplane today in Florida -- as in, she was escorted off the flight by Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies.

According to cops, Trump -- who was sitting in first class -- became upset when a few innocent, screaming children started running up and down the aisle.

Trump allegedly started hurling curse words in front of the hyper tykes ... and when flight attendants tried to calm her down, she flipped out even more.

That's when Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies say they showed up and kindly asked her to get off the plane -- but Ivana refused, so they escorted her off.

Ivana wasn't arrested or charged for the incident.


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I don't condone swearing in front of children, however, parents should have their "brats" under control. They seems to turn a deaf ear and could care less how kids act this day and age. A swift swat on the butt needs to be done. When the law changed and ruled against parents that is when the kids started going wild and doing what they want, when they want and say what they want.
Let's go back to the GOOD OLD SPANKING!!!!!!

1725 days ago


I hate people letting their "innocent" children scream and run on planes or in stores like they are at the park. People control your brats or leave them home. Boycott Delta for not putting the kids and parents off plane instead of Ivana. Team Ivana!

1725 days ago


Noooooo way, first class? costs enough to fly coach and be uncomfortable but to pay extra and deal with that kinda crap? I think 1st class should not allow children under 12

1725 days ago

Randy Pazik    

Let's see...hhmmmm....Ivana has failed at FOUR marriages....keeping in mind that the ONLY common denominator between all four is....HER.....and she's worried about a couple little kids that don't know any better?

1725 days ago


is it only me who thinks the airlines are getting out of control? why is it fine for children to behave horribly (running, yelling, kicking), but when an adult complains about it, it's the adult who's seen as being at fault? personally, i'd be willing to pay a premium to fly on child-free flights.
go, ivana! shame on lousy parents and their bratty offspring!

1724 days ago


Well, maybe Ivana exagerated a tiny bit but Innocent Screaming Children reminds me of the movie Snakes on a Plane....

1724 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

'when a few innocent, screaming children started running up and down the aisle.'

Those kids and their parents should have been escorted right off the plane for disturbing the peace AND the airline should have been required by law to refund everyone's ticket price for contributing to disturbing everyone else's peace and quiet.

1500 days ago


Ivana Trump happens to live on the same island we do and it is disgusting behavior on her part, as a passenger, to have called innocent children "little f&&*&%$%kas" and then proceed to tell the flight crew in first class to "F&&*&% Themselves". She was insanely out of control and disrupted the passengers and crew so feverishly that the Captain ordered her off the plane.

She is lucky the Palm Beach Police were civil with her because they know she is a massive pain who is not really with it.

Most anyone else would have been arrested and placed into custody and further actions would have been taken. However, she bought out the entire first row of First Class so she felt entitled to be a horrible person. What a jackass.

1500 days ago

D J H    

The days of adults viewing unruly children and calling them negative names should be over. MANY austistic children are amoungst us everywhere. You'll see them in the super market, in church, on the bus or train, walking on the sidewalk in front of your house and on airplanes. You may have seen me with my autistic granddaughter in a store while she was having a public emotional melt-down. We, who are adults, should give every parent and child the benefit of the doubt when we see a child misbehaving in public. Definitely, some will not be autistic. Also feel sorry for that child because the parent did not love it enough to teach it proper public behavior and/or bring along some distractions to entertain the child on the plane. FYI, babies cry when the cabin pressure change affects their ears. Children reason as children. There isn't a magical time after they are potty trained that they start reasoning as adults. Could we adults all lighten up a little? Respectfully, Registered Nurse

1500 days ago

Sandra Hasty    

And Ivanna was NOT arrested BECAUSE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a former Flight Attendant I am soooooooo fed up with the abuse the FA CREW is expected to put up with!!!
Arrest the FROG! What is good for Steve is good for IVANNA.

1500 days ago


She's got all the money in the world why can't she get that


for God's sake that loose skin swings

1500 days ago
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