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Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!

12/26/2009 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!Ivana Trump was forced to make an emergency exit from an airplane today in Florida -- as in, she was escorted off the flight by Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies.

According to cops, Trump -- who was sitting in first class -- became upset when a few innocent, screaming children started running up and down the aisle.

Trump allegedly started hurling curse words in front of the hyper tykes ... and when flight attendants tried to calm her down, she flipped out even more.

That's when Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies say they showed up and kindly asked her to get off the plane -- but Ivana refused, so they escorted her off.

Ivana wasn't arrested or charged for the incident.


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I don't blame her either. I live across the the way in my apartment complex with 3 little F**KS that would surely drive anyone crazy if those 3 were on a plane,so yeh,I don't blame her. The photo is really awful of her. By the way,did those little F**KS on first class ,did there ticket cost 10 grand each???

1700 days ago

native palm beach    

Ivana got preferential treatment.She refused to leave until the airline told her she would get a ticket for another flight.Anybody else would have been arrested!

1700 days ago


What a psycho!

1700 days ago


Git over it, Ivana. WHen you travel on Public Transportation, you have to just eat it.

1700 days ago


Ivana, you go gurl. I can't stand loud-mouthed hyper brats on planes either, and their equally idiotic parents who just beam proudly and say, "Oh, little Johnny is just expressing himself!" Ivana, I hope you're my seat-mate the next time I fly...

1700 days ago


@NiceGuy...I'm with you on that. I live directly beneath three out of control brats whose parents never let them outside to play, but let them run around their tiny two bedroom apartment at all hours of the day and night. Then, to top it off they are so damned tired from being oup all night that they wake up kicking and screaming and don't want to go school. Bottom line- I never get any peace. Their parants had kids because they thought it was CUTE not because they felt they would be good at caring for them. When I confronted the mother about the noise she said "I can't control these kids! Look at them, you try to tell them what to do!" My response, "B*** I didn't have three, you did, now handle your business!"

1700 days ago


Okay, you buy a first class ticket, and the attendants permit screaming brats to run rampant all over the airplane. I don't blame her in the least for getting irate on their lazy butts. And then to bring in the cops just because they were called on the carpet. Cheap shot, you bitchy (male or female) flying waiteresses.

1700 days ago


I neither like nor dislike Ivana Trump...but I DEFINITELY take her side in this fiasco. Why were these little brats allowed to run riot ?? Why weren't they disciplined?? Everybody, young or old, MUST learn how to behave in a public place. Sorry folks, but I'm with Ivana on this one.

1700 days ago

U. S. Taxpayer    

The parents of the children and those unruly children should have been removed. I don't doubt the Ivan paid for a first class ticket only to experience that.. I bet they are the same kids that run around a department stores, and grow up to be those teenagers with no manners. Parents are not doing their children a favor by letting them behave like this.

1700 days ago


Hey.... I'm with Ivana on this one! I am SO TIRED of out-of-control kids and their equally out-of-control parents. Though I probably wouldn't have continued to yell at everyone, I can totally understand her reaching a breaking point. I was there this week while finishing my Christmas shopping and literally got run over by 4 kids and a shopping cart. I was about ready to pick them up and throw them against a wall, but thought better of it and told off their inconsiderate mother. If you cannot control your children, LEAVE THEM HOME!!!!!

1700 days ago


Gees. Now I'm stuck with a picture of Ivana at a truck stop in West Palm trying to hitch a ride to NY.

They should have thrown them all off the plane. Ivana, kids, parents and maybe a flight attendant. Grow up people!

1700 days ago


No. 19, you're not even funny. It's people like you who stop autistic children and adults from being treated as they should. You're a jackass and I hope every flight you take is like this one. Go back to your rock and die.

1700 days ago


Who lets their kids run up and down the aisles of a plane? Where was the parents? And in first class no less? The airline owes her an apology & a free flight. The parent should have been told to get their kids. I would have been ticked off myself & spouted some f words & I am a parent. People have to teach their kids some manners and some common sense on how to act in public. If the parent didnt make their kid sit down & shut up, they should have been removed from the plane not Ivana.

1700 days ago


hmmm something is not logic here. No flight attendant at any aircraft with Ivana Trump in first class sees to having her escorted out of the plane without a serious reason.

I admire Ivana Trump. She always handled her faith with dignaty. Ok easy when you are rich you might think. She is one of those society ladies who I realy think is bright and fun. Therefore it is truely a surprise to me that some screaming and running kids in a plane freak her out.

I am shure the flight attendants would have calmed the children down and their parents would have respected that too. Ivana simply lost patients and flipped out way to fast.

I am sad for Ivana but I think it was right to put not just the children but the childrens competition Ivana into place. It was right to ask her to get off the plane. I just hope it was justified and the police did not just want to prove that they don´t treat celebrities different from others.

IVANA :-o) I understand you got angry. Just relax next time please and it all will work out. See it this way. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS, YOU ARE BLESSED!

1700 days ago


I am so sick of parents thinking that the world is responsible for their ill behaved children, that everyone else is responsible for teaching them manners, that it is OKAY to bring a small child into an expensive restaurant and let to scream (especially after 9:00 at night HELLO WHERE IS BED TIME?) That it is okay to book flights for the family and expect other people to tend to their children when they book their seats next to some unsuspecting person. Then, get this, everyone has to wait for them to board first. And the best trick, they get to fly free. So the rest of us get to subsidize them? Ever been charged extra for a couple of pounds off extra baggage? Especially when you weight less than 120 pounds and watch someone with all the paraphenalia of infants, strollers, car seat, etc. who is OBESE and takes up half of your seat space that you paid dearly for and their kids crawl all over you for the entire flight???? Really, how much entitlement do these parent want???

1700 days ago
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