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James Cameron -- True Lies

12/26/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just five days before James Cameron called a fan a "f**king a**hole" after refusing to sign an autograph, the "Avatar" director proclaimed that he'd "sign as many autographs as people will line up for."

James Cameron -- True Lies
During an interview with "Good Day L.A." -- which airs on the FOX station in L.A. -- on December 18, Cameron told Dorothy Lucy, "The only worse thing than to have to sign a lot of autographs is to have them not show up."

Apparently, Cameron forgot that logic Wednesday afternoon, when he rejected a fan request at LAX -- and then blasted the guy for invading his "personal space."


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...are you kidding? james cameron's autograph? it's worth nothing now, and it'll be worth nothing tomorrow. this is about getting the last signature from cameron on that poster, and stalking him at the airport on christmas to do it. he was told no, and he continued. cameron has, no doubt, had dealings with this guy before. they set him up, aggravated him and filmed it, and tmz has some finger in that pie, or they wouldn't omit half the story...

1765 days ago


Nice hat, I think he lied about the $15 an hour.

1765 days ago


Exactly why I don't spend money on ANYONE'S films!! I wait til they're on TV. I just saw Titanic, for the first time, on TV, a few months ago, and that's fine with me.

1765 days ago


James.....Resistance is futile, THEY'LL BE BACH!!

1765 days ago

Amber Berglund    

Malvolio, it may be true that this was a set up, but, James Cameron should know the power of an image. If he's had dealings with these guys before, if he knew they were associated with TMZ, Cameron should have been *ON* for what he knew would end up on TMZ. PR doesn't stop at the Film Festival, or the Press Junket. PR is a 24/7 job. I don't care if it was Christmas, and he just got off an 11 hour flight. If you're outside, and you're famous, you're bound to be filmed by someone, and that will end up on TMZ.

1765 days ago


The a-hole was the so called fan that shows up with a camera man. Obviously a paparazzi trying to make a scene while trying to create a video to sell TMZ. When will you let celebrities live their life instead of trying to create a so called news story with your BS tactics? You back celebrities into a corner, I for one would love to see a celebrity beat the sh*t out of one of your cameramen and get away with it after the judge set a precedent against malicious and antangonistic paparazzi.

1765 days ago


James, are you the one who slipped gunpowder in the chili at our church social?

1765 days ago


...i didn't say cameron reacted well...why can't anyone see it's not the freaking point! i would have reacted pretty much the same way, but again, not the means no, he doesn't owe you anything but a movie that's worth your $13...get over it...

1765 days ago

Frau Detmolders    

James Cameron is angry because the Botox wore off and the hair color didn't take.

1765 days ago

dr cyclops    

this man was looking to get an autograph for his kid named mongo who is retarded and a midget and bowlegged to boot..his son is only going to live a few more years and wanted a avatar poster for him to look at as he dies a terriable death from mongolitis..a non cureable sickness midgets get..shame on spielburg for not signing his poster shame shame...

1765 days ago


I will not be going to see Avatar and I planned to. If James Cameron apologizes to the man he isulted and to everyone else
then someday I might see one of his movies again. He should
just get in his car without comment if he is not in the mood
to deal with fans. What a jerk.

1765 days ago


The man is an autograph hound and he is not providing any service, just lining his own pocket. The video was obviously a setup. If the story TMZ is presenting is true, how about showing the unedited video and not presenting the story in an obviously biased way. No? Didn't think so.

1765 days ago


James is a pig who ran out on his last wife to be with a young girl. Anyone with class does not engage the paps, much less swear like a prison guard in public.
Every time he opens his surly mouth, he proves that the pap is right to call him out.

1765 days ago


even IF this guy is a ebay merchant...why didnt James say something about that...
and how hard is it REALLY to sign your name on a little peice of paper...
UPS guys have to ask for them all the time.

1765 days ago


It's funny when the guy tells James Cameron to make a real movie at the end of the clip. You are telling JAMES CAMERON, to make a real movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1765 days ago
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