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Lawyer: Jon Gosselin's Apartment Cut to Pieces

12/27/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyer: Jon Gosselin's Apartment Cut to PiecesThe damage to Jon Gosselin's apartment is far worse than we thought -- according to his attorney, a "butcher knife" wielding maniac sliced and diced the entire place into a million pieces.

Jon's attorney tells TMZ ... when Jon entered his Manhattan apartment this afternoon, he found his "shoes, shirts, luggage, bed, curtain, rugs and other furnishings" had been slashed by a "sick perpetrator" -- and it doesn't stop there.

We're told Jon's television, CD player, coffee maker, a Nintendo Wii game, dishes, pots and pans were taken from his apartment. Jon's attorney also says a Ming vase, believed to be over 100 years old ... was "smashed to pieces."

As for the note that was left behind ... it was "speared" to Jon's bedroom dresser with a butcher knife.

As we first reported, law enforcement sources say Hailey Glassman's name was signed at the bottom of the note -- but that doesn't mean she had anything to do with it.

Jon's attorney says the NYPD fingerprinted and photographed the scene today ... and Jon wants felony charges brought against whoever is responsible.


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The cynic in me says it is obvious that he did this or had it done himself, for both the publicity and the insurance fraud. And now his publicist is loading the blogs with comments like 'He didn't deserve this' or even blaming a strange new woman for it, either way, he hits paydirt. EVERYTHING slashed, Jon? Insured? Hmmmmm, I smell a Heene!

1760 days ago


Jon's attorney also says a Ming vase, believed to be over 100 years old ... was "smashed to pieces."
How's that? Ming Dinasty lasted from 1368 to 1644.
100 years old? Nah, that's a copy cat.

1760 days ago


Sounds to me like little Jonny is going thru the DT's from the TV spotlight that has defined his exsistance for so long. If he did do this to himself then I can only hope he is exposed for the fraud he is and is procecuted for his deceptions. Maybe he and baloonboy's dad can share a cell and exchange "reality" stories and dreams, swap spit and jeans! Like a little lost boy slumber party. Ho, Ho, Ho..., Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

1760 days ago


Doesn't he live in a secure building?

1760 days ago


HA,HA,HA, Bout time we saw someone with some Real Balls in all of this..Next time take out all the tiers on his car. I got one word for you John... KARMA...

1760 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Ya right - somebody with common "cents"(i.e. HARVEY) needs to check the pawn shops, next we will hear it was (sic) Mikey Low-hand's idea , for a new reality show. Wasn't this douchebag , 8 is enough,dead beat drama of 10-trying to shed his BMW at a profit-not too long ago ? NOW look at this fool - i thought his Apt./Penthouse had security (for his famewhore ass)Hmmmm is he trying to say now - he's living in the ghetto? $100,000.00 worth of crap gone-YA RIGHT- and who does he blame-wouldv'e been better to blame the infamous Harvey , as we all know the only ones on Christmas , who have nothing better to do than plan Christian breakins-would be Jew or Not "A" Jew--(little TMZ humor for your online conversations) Love You all at TMZ Merry Hannakah & Happy Christmas to you ALL

1760 days ago


Yep, he probably did it himself. What a moron. Publicity pig.

1760 days ago


Sounds like it could of been that fling he had with the former news reporter, I forgot her name. Whoever did it kudos to them :) I wouldn't be surprised if Jon did it himself to stay in the tabloids.

1760 days ago


There's no such thing as a 100 year old Ming vase. The vase maybe Chinese and 100 years old, but the Ming dynasty ended in 1644, so whatever it is, it ain't no Ming.

1760 days ago

Freedom Blue    

This IS FRAUD 100% - I worked in Insurance and this is a sure Dead Beat Claim... He has to have his name in the news - who else would want to speak of him???

1760 days ago


It was Charlie Sheen hahaha.. man hes been busy this week!

1760 days ago

**its me**    

Karma is a B*tch!

1760 days ago


Ming Dynasty (1368–1644)

1760 days ago


Did he buy the 100 year old ming dynasty vase while drinking gen-u-ine California champagne?? bwaahahahaha!

Somewhere there is an insurance investigator that is laughing too hard to finish his report yet. When he does, and Jonboy goes to jail, I bet ya a $50 ming vase (who knew they sold those at Sears?) that he has the nerve to look surprised!

1760 days ago

Dr Talk    

Is it just me or does Jon's face look like a male blow up doll?

1760 days ago
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