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RiRi's Holiday Beach Bod -- The Total Package

12/27/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Your grandma's Yule log wasn't the only thing that was smoking hot during the holidays.

Rihanna and her tiny two-piece kicked it on the beach in Barbados yesterday.

All hail.


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Everyone talking trash about her body, etc. are just a bunch of fat ass couch potatoes. Unless you're gay, that body is one to be had and have.

1731 days ago


This is why a lot of Black people can't stand white people. Rhianna is probably about a size 6 at the most. She has a woman's body. She doesn't have the 13 year old boys body like Paris Hilton the way you white men like it. White basically like women who look like men. Black men are no better, but mostly it's white men who seem to get turned on by tranny looking type tricks with too much make up on and no curves. If a white man sees a good looking woman who is over a size 3 he automatically says she looks "Fat. Don't you dumb ass white "MEN" realize that it's the gay males in the fashion industry who pick what is in and what is out when it comes to a woman's body type in the beauty and fashion world? WHy do you thinnk Models and actresses look so emaciated almost like 13 year old boys instead of keeping the womanly figure they naturally have? They look the way gay males WANT them to look. And you white men just think it's SOOOO beautiful to have silicone breasts and no ass to speak of. SHe has CURVES. THose are CURVES. I know you don't know what Curves are, but women tend to have them unless they are starving themselves to fit the image of what gay males find attractive in the beauty industry. THey basically look like 13 year old boys and that's what you DUMB ass white men are TOLD you are supposed to put up on a pedastle. Go figure how you people fall for anything the media sells you. Rhianna has a gorgeous BODY absolutely womanly curvy and gorgeous. And she IS gorgeous!! White people have no imagination and no taste. White men have lost touch with what real women look like. WOmANLY small waist round bottom and full boobs. Not the emaciated messes with silicone that you see trampen it down the runway.

1731 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Why is WWP's eyes red after sex? The mace.

1731 days ago


and not only that white men hate it, when women other than WHITE women are being admired... Lol. it's funny. Whenever there is a black woman being worshipped for her beauty. White men just lose their mind they can't stand to see anything other than their own kind being worshipped.

1731 days ago

wheat thin    

sorry, but i think she is weird lookin. something about her face...and its not pretty!

1731 days ago

me so horny    

53. I agree with a number of these comments. She is pretty, but way too thick in the thighs and ass. She needs a good personal trainer and hit the gym!

Posted at 4:59PM on Dec 27th 2009 by Stan

Stan, your not use to real women,and you probably have a really small, tiny penis. So why don't you go and have sex with something you can handle like a cat!

1731 days ago


White men can't stand to see anything other than their OWN KIND being worshipped for their beauty. DId anyone ever notice that? If there is a beautiful Black woman who actually LOOKS black being worshipped, white men can't stand it!! They cannot stand to see a gorgeous Black woman being worshipped for their beauty. They just start picking her apart. But yet they never see any flaws in Paris Hilton who is the ugliest bitch out there. OR Meghen Fox who is fake as hell with a trailer trash look to her. Poor white men. WHite men still allow the gays in the fashion and beauty industry to tell them what is beautiful.

1731 days ago


It's not racist to say she has fat upper thighs. Everyone here ripped on that fat, white cheerleader and fatty Jennifer Love Hewitt, too. Cottage cheese thighs: an equal opportunity affliction.

1731 days ago


Her ass is so flat and ugly, pugly! No shape to her butt!!! I'm in my 50"s with a much shaplier ass.

1731 days ago


What exactly are we "hailing?" She's disgusting! It's not like we're looking at Jesse Jane or anything.

1731 days ago


65. If there is a beautiful Black woman who actually LOOKS black being worshipped, white men can't stand it!! Poor white men. WHite men still allow the gays in the fashion and beauty industry to tell them what is beautiful.
Posted at 5:25PM on Dec 27th 2009 by MOUSYgirl

MOUSYgirl: Newsflash! Riri doesn't look black. She looks at least 3/4 white. In fact, if not for her hair she'd just be a tan white girl.

1731 days ago

Not Really    

Lots of haters on here it is sooo funny.

But let's be objective, here are the things that RiRi has NATURALLY that people are paying their hard earned money for:

1) lips
2) tan
3) green eyes
4) butt
5) hips
6) breasts

So yes, say what you will it is sooo funny that the haters are hating but the above list is keeping many plastic surgeons in business. Rihanna has them NATURALLY.

So ummmmm, haters, don't choke on the haterade.

1731 days ago


The only thing I would change is the color of her hair. She looks waaaaay better with it Black. It really looks rich and healthy when it's colored BLACK with a bit of the blue streak she had in it. She's stunning. Better Skin than any white woman any day of the week. White women only last till about 30 anyway. Then white women's skin wrinkle up really bad by 30. White people have HORRIBLE skin. You people have the WORST SKIN on earth and everyone knows that.

1731 days ago


When I grew up in the 70s, a lot of women had bodies like that. People didn't gorge themselves on junk food, and people were in much better shape.

She isn't "smoking hot"; she's just normal.

1731 days ago

Not Really    

#68 melia

NEWSFLASH: Black people come in all shades from very light to blue black. Black people also have different color hair (blond to black) and eyes (blue to the darkest black) naturally.

So yes, Rihanna does in fact look black.

PS Please perform some research before you post. Thank you.

1731 days ago
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