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James Cameron Has Mayer in Pocket

12/28/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer is lashing out in defense of "Avatar" director James Cameron -- claiming the director's F-bomb laced interaction with an autograph-seeking man at LAX last week was a "smear" -- because the "fan" was really an "Obnoxious E-bay Poster Guy."

It's all in Mayer's blog, in which he claims Cameron was completely justified in denying the autograph and calling the man a "f**king a**hole" in the process. In the blog, Mayer also spins a conspiracy involving the autograph seeker, TMZ and American Airlines.

But there's another side to the story : Even if the man is a professional autograph seeker -- is it wrong for him to become a middleman for people outside of L.A. who want an autograph from James Cameron? After all, James did announce that he has no problem signing for people.

So the new question...


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This problem only occurs because in entertainment customers are referred to as fans.

To treat your customers rudely is in the long run very bad business.

The autograph guy is simply providing autographs, something Cameron should have taken care of a long time ago. If JC provided signatures to those who send him a self addressed envelope, or showed up at a signing, his autograph would be worth nothing on ebay.

Unfortunately some entertainment professionals still view themselves as "stars" not service employees.

1769 days ago

TBone In Pinehurst, TX    

RE> Posted at 2:55PM on Dec 28th 2009 by shuffler....
"You seem to think that TMZ are the "bad guy" for taking photos"..... Did I say TMZ or Mayer were bad for what they do or did I just say that James Cameron was a stuck-up jerk! Only I know what I'm thinking..Do NOT put words in my mouth shuffler! It would seem to me that your in show business too hiding under an assumed name defending your own???
TMZ Is very entertaining and I bet Harvey gives autographs!!!

1769 days ago

James Cameron and Timothy B. Schmit should go do lunch together. They are two peas in a pod.

1769 days ago


James Cameron has the right to be an a hole, everyone does & it's called free will.He does not have to sign anything. If you saw your gyno @ the mall would you ask him/her to sign your vagina because he/she is such a great DR?

1769 days ago


Posted at 2:56PM on Dec 28th 2009 by Dani

41. Let me see if I have this right....
Let me see if I have this right....

Some of you are saying a celebrity doesn't OWE fans anything, including an autograph? No matter what the autograph seeker is going to do with it, after the fact?
Right. They owe you nothing (it's up to them whether they want to or not). Regardless of what is going to happen after the autograph.

The word "autograph" exist for a reason. Once used to describe what celebrities did for free, to give back to their fans. At least at one time. I guess, not anymore?
Autograph, (if we are talking about the word itself), has nothing to do with FREE or not. The star here is not asking for payment, he is refusing an autograph. Big difference.

People want an autograph because they admire the person they are getting it from.
Have you actually SEEN the video? Do you regard this person as an admirer of the star? Really, even if he were, the Star has EVERY RIGHT to refuse.

No, I guess you can say they don't OWE us anything but, we poor people sure do spend a lot of money over the years seeing their films at theaters, renting them or even buying them.
Listen, if you were really poor, you wouldn't be doing that.

We (the fans) are what makes these celebrities famous, we make or break them depending on how we, the fans, like a movie or show and yet, we aren't entitled to anything if we run across these celebrities?
Your sense of entitlement baffles me. The transaction stops at the MOVIE or SHOW you see. That's it. It doesn't extend beyond that. You sought entertainment and you got it (or didn't), there is no implied extension of entitlement (or otherwise) beyond this simple transaction.

They don't owe us anything? I beg to differ, they owe us anything they give us due to us paying them their incomes and making them rich and famous.
They work their butts off for the entertainment of the masses, and you like to say they still owe you something? There's a market out there willing to pay a percentage of their weekly income for entertainment, and they fill it. End of story. What you're saying is similar to saying you go to a store to buy a camera and you expect EXTENDED WARRANTY for free, because the camera guys would be nothing without you. It doesn't make sense in any other profession, yet for Hollywood it's somehow different to you?

You paid for a product or service and you got that. END OF TRANSACTION. Sense of entitlement ends here.

They would be nothing if it weren't for us little people.
Yeah right! They were "little people" too, once. And worked their way up without an overpowering sense of entitlement.

The least, they can do is sign an autograph. It wasn't like James had 50 people there wanting autographs. Only one man.
This is your opinion. Regardless of how many people you saw there in one snippet of his day, how do you know what came before? How do you know he is not exhausted out of his body and mind? How can you say he MUST do this when it's his right not to?

Yet, James had to berate the little guy.
The "Little Guy" here was the perfect angel, yes?

Sorry, but not all of us make a lot of money and hardly ever meet celebrities but, when we do, isn't it nice if they would take time out for their FANS?!?!?
Let me put it straight:
1) stop putting your income in this equation. It's irrelevant whether you make a lot or a little bit of money as to whether you get an autograph. It's up to the star's discretion whether or not to sign for you and your income / success in life / non-success in life DOESN'T FACTOR into it - AT ALL. Stop using this as a crutch to get what you want from the "rich".
2) Taking time out for his fans. How do you know how much time he has or hasn't spent for his fans in this little snippet of video in this little snippet of your day? How do you know he hasn't seen this guy 1,000 times before? Even if he hasn't, why wouldn't it be well within his rights to refuse an autograph?

How can I be wrong in this thinking and logic? Celebrities know, when you become famous, there are things that go with it like, FANS and autographs.
Does this imply to you that he has never and will never sign an autograph? And again, this GUY IS NOT A FAN. Even if he were, you are not entitled to an autograph. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Will you berate Seinfeld for doing the same? Setting his limits. Go see the TMZ video here for that.

What happened to celebrities with CLASS and appreciation?
What happened to auto

1769 days ago

Rose Bandura    

I think everyone was out of line....and John Mayer seems to always be complaining about something!

1769 days ago


It's pretty lame for a grown man to seek another grown man's autograph & it's more lame to be the facilitator for others who want to do so.

Cameron still looked like a jerk, though & has to understand his position in the entertainment industry means he is held to a higher standard in public - like it or not.

Guess this is a lose-lose situation for those involved. Still looking forward to seeing Avatar (hopefully in imax)

1769 days ago


I have three autographs from my life, all seventies stars. They sit somewhere in the basement. I didn't pay for those, I doubt I would pay for any in the future. I can die a happy man if I never got another autograph, so don't think the douche was doing me any favors by hounding Cameron. Wasn't that the same douche, trailing Obama before the election? I'm sure he is doing fine in the economic dept, he doesn't need my sympathy.

1769 days ago

Why the heck is John Mayer commenting on James Cameron calling an autograph seeker a f*ing a-hole? Maybe it's because he is backpaddling after tweeting that he walked out of Avatar and he may try watching again on peyote (psychedelic drug). What a douchebag! If I were John Mayer I would be way too busy banging chicks to have time to tweeting/blogging about anything, let alone this. GET A LIFE JOHN MAYER!

1769 days ago


Cameron lost his composure. It is NEVER okay to berate someone with profanity- especially if you are a "gazillionaire". The autograph seeker was a jerk and most likely a plant to cajole James into making such a vicious remark.

Cameron should have said "I am sorry no autographs right now. Please respect my privacy." and walked away. End of story.

1769 days ago


You said:
"The man is a professional autograph seeker, Unlike taking his photo without his permission like the Tabloids! "
Did you not say this? Yes, you did, because I am copying and pasting what you said EXACTLY.

And all I am saying is this "professional autograph seeker" - as you call him (I still call him unprofessional fool), DID and DOES take photos of his signings! Did you see his ebay listing? Pics of the stars signing his stuff.

Words in your mouth? A member of the entertainment industry? You make me laugh!

So you think James Cameron is rude. Great. Your prerogative. I am simply stating that this so-called 'professional' - as you put it - TAKES PHOTOS WITHOUT PERMISSION JUST LIKE TMZ do, which you were comparing him to!

Please refute this logic and without your laughable false accusations.

1769 days ago


The only confusion here is you may consider TMZ not a tabloid, but I think you'd be very mistaken in thinking that way :)

1769 days ago


Who cares if the guy sells autographs on ebay. The fact that he is waiting for people who are only famous because the fans made them, should be enough for Cameron to sign autographs everywhere he goes. So its a big deal for the "fan" to make a little money off Cameron's signature when Cameron is making millions because people go watch his movies???

1769 days ago


I'm sorry did I call James an idiot? I meant to call "Shuffler" an idiot.

Ok, you are right about one thing, I'm not exactly poor, more like middle class and I completely disagree with you.

I also, agree with the person who said, "I bet Harvey would give an autograph". I bet that too and would rather have his than an ass like James.

Harvey, you listening? People would rather have your autograph than James. How do you feel about signing autographs?

I bet he would in a heartbeat as he appreciates his fame. Even if it is tabloid news. Then again, if you don't agree with this stuff, than why, of all sites, you are on TMZ blogging? Seems as if you, Shuffler, are on the wrong site. Go away. Maybe, you can find yourself an island? I wish!! HAHHAHAHHAHAHA

Shuffler, you have too much hate in you. Wouldn't it be nice to imagine a world where people appreciated where they came from and didn't forget what it was like for them growing up, watching movies, wanting autographs, wanting to become a director some day....only to make it and treat YOUR fans like crap. I don't care if this was someone known for selling autographs to make a buck or for someone like me to add to my personal collection. I have meet enough, very thankful celebrities who LOVE signing autographs so, forgive me for thinking it comes with their price of fame.

And yes, FAME has a price.

1769 days ago


your rebuttal was priceless. Name-calling when faced with logic. Similar to the incident with the non-fan. Lovely.

I'll consider your reply and your sense of self-entitlement while wallowing in my 'hate' and 'being on the wrong site'...I'll consider it all deeply. Allow me some time to digest all of your reasoned advice.

What you're essentially saying is "go away, I'm entitled to my autograph". Have I got this right? Anyone who disagrees is full of hate and I'll call them names. Is this correct?

Please correct me if I've got this all wrong :)

1769 days ago
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