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Jersey Shore

Hates 'Jersey Shore'

12/28/2009 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The real Jersey Shore wants nothing to do with the real trashy "Jersey Shore" -- and now, an entire NJ beach community is banding together to deflect blame for the MTV reality show.


The Borough of Seaside Heights -- yes, the entire borough -- has issued a statement informing people they did not "solicit, promote or participate" in the making of "Jersey Shore" .. even though that's where the majority of the show was taped.

Translation: Don't blame us!

As TMZ first and often reported ... anyone with a connection to New Jersey, Italian heritage or a moral compass has lashed out at the show for being offensive.

Some sponsors have bailed, but just like Pauly D's hair -- MTV is standing firm behind the show.


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Ok if you guys hate it so much, then why watch it? Honestly what did these people do to you? Go on t.v? Is that why all of you hate them so much? If one of you were on the jersey shore you guys would be doing exactly what they are doing, Living life to the fullest. And true none of them did say they were from jersey, they all said they were from NY and came to the shore house because they got picked out of thousands who tried to get on! If you hate it so much then why even blog about it or even watch it? It came on every thursday at 10 so change the channel instead of complain. There are hundreds of other shows you can watch. And common Heidi and Spencer are famous and worse then they are.If it wasnt for Lauren Conrad they woulden't have gone anywhere either. Heidi and Spencer think they are a star. So you guys should be pist at L.A too for making them so famous. LEAVE THE JERSEY SHORE ALONE!

1726 days ago



1762 days ago


I can't stand them! No wonder Jersey has a bad rep!

1762 days ago

wheat thin    


1762 days ago


yes! we all realize this now. everyone hates jersey show...honestly, what is so bad about this show? they seem like fun people. i like loud outgoing people who like to party...ha!!

Lori from NJ

((also, NJ is really not like this...its called ENTERTAINMENT FOLKS!)

1762 days ago


In no way, shape or form do these morons represent Jersey - not even the worst parts of Jersey. And being from Philly and that I'm standing up for Jersey doesn't say anything at all about the show. Not to mention they don't even know what Pat's and Geno's are!!!! How can they claim to really be from Jersey (which most of them aren't) and not know what they are????? May 'reality' crap die a quick and very painful death!

1762 days ago


I like tha show actually..and im italian i dont get offended by what thay say...they should leave the show alone.Go mtv

1762 days ago


Oh PUH-LEEEZE. Has anyone ever been to Jersey? This show portrays it to a T! Maybe they overdo it a bit, but it is TV. And if half the idiots that come outta NJ could read, or even just LISTEN, they'd know the kids on the show are NOT from Jersey. GET OVER IT.

1762 days ago


This in NO WAY represents the Jersey Shore. These are people(for the most part) from NY. All of my Italian friends agree...who the hell acts like that? The show is total BS.

1762 days ago


Most unattractive, seriously. How Gross? All of them, the women are cows and the men ...well the pictures say a lot. What is up with all that. I have always found Italians sexy however this just put a new spin on my thoughts. MTV is really searching low for this, seriously.

1762 days ago


It's funny how Italians will ban together to get their worst examples off the air, but blacks let stuff like Flavor of Love, Ray J, etc. stay on the air.

1762 days ago


About time Viacom found another group to unabashedly stereotype. I say all's fair in ethnics and ratings.

1762 days ago


The thing about it is, it wasn't even suppose to represent New Jersey. The show was originally called Guido Beach but was renamed Jersey Shore cuz the original name was offensive to the Italian American group. Thats why most of the castmates were not from New Jersey.

1762 days ago

:)': [laugh now cry later]    

None of them EVER said they are from Jersey, they are on vacation at the shore, which is what people do every summer at the shore. It is a TV show, it is fun to watch, it gets a lot of ratings, no one complains about the real world, so why complain about this?

1762 days ago


You gotta be kidding me half the ppl in jersey act like
this ppl i dnt know why there complainning and i know all those ppl in those clubs are actors plz!!!!!
jersey show is great i love watching!!!!

1762 days ago
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