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Michael Jackson's Wallet Finally Gets a Break

12/28/2009 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is ONE person on Earth who claims Michael Jackson doesn't owe her money -- even though she's in a prime position to cash in.

TMZ has learned a woman named Dr. Susan Etok claims she was wrongly added to the ridiculously long list of potential creditors who may have been stiffed by the King of Pop.

Etok -- a friend of Jackson's who lives in England -- claims she has no idea why she's on the list, which was submitted in L.A. County Superior Court last week.

We're told Etok has already contacted the executors of Jackson's estate, informing them that she has no claim on Jacko's dinero.

Team Jackson's response -- "Thank you."


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@428 give me an example then.....let me guess the pics she allegedly sold.Have you seen ANY proof.I haven't!

Some of the fans may not like her some do.At least she sees him,as a human being from what i understand.and that might be the issue here...

1702 days ago


The topic should really be Etok:the con artist.

1702 days ago


Les Liaisons Dangereuses-Pt. 2
Thing 1: regarding Neverland--Just say no. Michael said no. No to going back there after he had his pride stripped and his dignity taken away. Although they accused him of molestation, the only person who was actually molested was Michael, himself: He was raped in '93 by the Chandler allegations, raped when they took the pictures of his genitals, raped with the Neverland raid, then, the worst and final blow--he was raped throughout the 2005 trial. I'm crying right now just writing this because I know what Neverland was supposed to represent for him and all who loved wonder, childhood, purity and Michael Jackson. But it was all turned into something perverted and ugly. So please, let Neverland go back to the wild from whence it came. If Michael were still alive, there would be hope that it could be restored and come to represent what he intended, but with him gone, it only represents the very thing that was used to destroy him. I agree with many who think that if Michael had never purchased Neverland, he may still be with us. It was a beautiful dream, but as usual, the little foxes got in and spoiled the vines...
-BTW: Michael may get his "Graceland" after all. They are planning to create a park in Gary, Ind. that will be a mixture of the Hayvenhurst home, 2300 Jackson St., Neverland. It will have a museum, hotel and rides and amusements like Neverland Ranch and borrow from the city's former Riverview Park's layout. The even have plans to eventually build a Monorail to connect the different facets of the park. A foundation has already been established to raise funds for the Park
Thing 2: Thanx lily for bringing up his 4 yr. statement-look at Michael worrying about the economy and world affairs! In the midst of rehearsals for a tour of TII's calibre--Greatest show on earth--most artists would NEVER take time to even think about this, let alone discuss it with cast members. And the way he started overflowing with words on the subject, you could feel the passion he had for it.
Thing 3: Kudos Purelight for your words of wisdom. Michael was shrewd and knew what he wanted to present himself as. Saying he was weak is like saying Einstein or Mozart were weak. All geniuses have their ways, but they know exactly what they want the outcome to be. Some people have a problem when they realize how shrewd Michael was about his art, but he wouldn't have risen to the heights he did if he was the shy, carefree kid most people think he was. This makes them think they were deceived but they weren't--not really. No more than an actor deceives you when he makes you believe he's a character. It's only to take you on that journey of suspended disbelief. This is actually one of the things I really like about Michael; ho whe mastered the art of performing to a level where he created a persona for hinself as an Artist that was separate from the Michael, the person. Of course, he may have blurred the two now and again, but that just made him all the more intriguing. When Schmuley played his tapes on Larry King, there was one where Michael stated that he didn't think Britney would be able to last as an artist because she was too accessible and there was no sense of mystery about her. I agree. Although fans have a tendency to want to know everything about a celeb, the minute they actually do, they're turned off and no longer want to follow that person because after all, they KNOW them--there's no mystery as to what makes them tick anymore.
Thing 4: #422--I agree with Random Angel. Karen Faye was not a true friend of Michael's because if she was, she wouldn't have done the overblown makeup job she did on Michael for TII, I personally think she should've been fired for that, but I'm sure she won't get too much business going forward when people learn that she was behind that work. Also, I read the same thing about her pix of the grave which is so morbid and uncouth it baffles the mind. Not to mention the fact that she is also on the list of friend/moochers who have filed a claim against Michael's estate asking for thousands of dollars for her so-called Makeup jobs she did for Michael all over the world. What I want to ask her is: Do you need your eyes checked? Michael was a gorgeous man naturally--in spite of the vitiligo. He didn't need to have a ton of makeup slopped all over him! I hope the 2Johns stamp her request 'denied'.

1701 days ago


At the beginning siblings claim want to continues his legacy, mourning for his death, a tribute concert for him, continue his humanitarian work bla, bla, bla.... At the end all after his money. Sit back for half a year then crawl out one by one. I won't be surprise if one day someone review his so call siblings, family or close friends are the one behind all the tragics throughout his life. He don't have anyone to trust.

1701 days ago

AM Hood    

Finally, a honest person in the world, from England at that, who is not pilfering the dead for cash. Only in America!!!

1700 days ago


Where Ms Faye is concerned,I see a number of you listening to rumors.still no what if she filed a claim for the work she was contracted to do?Messereau did and nobody has a problem with that

What i dont get are the people who seem to think that etok is a real friend,are you guys blind or what!!!!

1700 days ago


You're right zooitje1, susan etok is no friend to michel jackson. she is a fraud.

1699 days ago


Holla back--
Thanks so much for your words of wisdom Kathy. I agree 100%! I used "Graceland" to symbolize the place an Icon of Michael's stature would have that fans could come and commemorate his life in. However, I agree that it's inappropriate in light of what Graceland represented to Elvis while he was alive--just the opposite of what Neverland represented for Michael.
As for Elvis and his life, I think most people realize he lead a dark life, they just chose to overlook it for some reason. Talk about deceptive, Elvis was painted as this wholesome young rebel--same as the characters he played in his films, but in reality he was only out for his own pleasure--about as unwholesome as they come. Maybe people chose not to see this because he did time in the service? Anyhoo, there has been so many celeb/stars down the years who have led shady lives but went untouched by the media and public...I think possibly they called themselves using Michael as an example to any star who might think they were so big that the laws didn't apply to them. Trouble is, MICHAEL WAS they made an example of the WRONG MAN!
BTW--Zootjie: Regarding Susan Etok; she probably is just another person who met Michael for a minute thn went on to claim him as friend.
Also, I admit I read reports on Karen Faye and those crypt pix, I didn't actually see them but there are others on here that have. They stated the pix were on her website. Unless you KNOW they don't exist, I would admonish you not to defend Karen Faye on this subject. One thing I still maintain: she's a lousy makeup artist and I have a problem with her for making my Michael look bad!

1697 days ago


@cher,i know the pics exist.however the claim that karen faye sold them....have you seen any evidence of that?? I havent seen any evidence. So unless you or somebody else have it and can produce it,then to me it sounds like another rumor.

1695 days ago
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