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Blackstreet Singer: I Would Never Beat My Kids

12/30/2009 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Teddy Riley, a singer from the group "Blackstreet," claims he never carried out any sort of attack against his daughters -- but admits the only thing he's guilty of ... is over-spoiling his kids.

As TMZ first reported, one of Riley's adult daughters obtained a restraining order against him, claiming the singer beat her and her sister and threatened to hurt them with a guitar from the video game Rock Band earlier this month.

But in a statement to TMZ, Teddy flat-out denies the allegations -- and insists the entire situation arose because his parenting techniques allowed his kids to have "an inflated sense of entitlement and expectation."

Here's the statement in its entirety:

Due to recent events, I am compelled to respond in detail to accusations made against me, by my daughters.

I love my Daughters, but I will not allow my children to disrespect me in my home. Contrary to what I have been accused of, I would never beat my children.

Perhaps, I should have been a stronger disciplinarian as they were growing up. I worked very hard so that my children would want for nothing.

In hindsight, I see that it was a mistake to give them everything they wanted so that they could have the childhood I never had. Unfortunately, they have taken me, and the privileged life I have given them, completely for granted.

Instead of being appreciative and realizing how fortunate they are, my children have an inflated sense of entitlement and expectation without having to work or earn their way.

However, my 'children' are no longer children, they are adults and I am trying to instill in them values and a work ethic of their own. My mother always told me "too many grown people can't live in one house" so I encourage them to have their own homes if they cannot abide by the rules of mine. I am not an uptight Dad, I am as hip as they come but I will not tolerate being taken advantage of or disrespected, especially in my home.

I've been working since the age of 14, I bought my first car by myself. Nobody gave me a car. My kids don't even remember their first car. I grew up with 6 of us in an apartment fighting over one bathroom. My kids have never had to share a bathroom, let alone a bedroom.

I'm asking everyone to let this one go... I'm only being a good parent. I'm a great father and everyone who knows me, knows this is true.

Thank you so much,

With all my love,
Teddy Riley


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WOW, that is crazy if it's true. Thank you TRUTH

1725 days ago


I am always leary of parents that declare themselves "great". Didn't Jon Gosselin recently claim that he was a "great dad", too? I don't think it's a parent's right to pronounce themselves as good, great or the best....I think that right belongs to the child. Spoiling your kids rotten and then beating them w/ a toy guitar because you realize how ugly they are is not an example of good parenting.

1725 days ago


Did u see the twitter posts from these spoiled 'kids', they really did deserve to be bitchslapped!!LOL I would give them an ultimatum, either quickly acquire some manners or GTFO of my house!!

1725 days ago

papa bear27    

I believe him!! Bottom line, they are ADULTS now.... CUT THEIR ASSES OFF FINANCIALLY!!!

1725 days ago


I have known Teddy since his children were young and what he is saying is accurate. His daughters were/are spoiled and were given everything without having to work to earn it. He is not an abuser, just an over-worked father with ungrateful daughters who need to learn what it means to earn their own keep.

1725 days ago


TAJA is one of Janet Jackson's dancers (she is in the Make Me Move video! She is making he own money.

1725 days ago


okay lets start that those girls are not KIDS!!! And if you have ever had a disrespectful grown daughter disrespect you..the u havent lived...I didnt see the pics but i do know that u dont bite the hand that feeds you...Those girls were big enough to be on their own but instead they wanted to be gravy train just like evry body else...and being mad or judgin their dad about the chicken head...just mad cause shes gonna get to suck up more money than they became disrespectful...sometimes your children grow up and only want a parent when they can get what they want from them...even if those girlsdid get the tar smacked outta them...they have made a huge are the biggest backstabbers hat ever lived....and 18 year old daughters..well they are the queens...the absolute queens of backstabbing....good luck teddy....u are gonna so need it with these two cold pieces....

1725 days ago



Exactly how much money do you think Taja is making as a dancer? Do you think being in a Janet Jackson video pays the rent for the rest of ones life? Janet is not even touring so what you're saying is she had one good gig. Who is paying her bills the rest of the time?

1725 days ago


These new millennium kids are no joke. WE think giving them the world is the right thing to do not realizing it makes them lazy and irresponsible. Then when we resort to what our parents did in terms of discipline they are so taken aback that they are libel to call the police or child protective service. It sounds like these girls live with him. He needs to kick their grown butts out post haste.

As for the pic of his daughter, it looks like he may has slapped fire from her and I believe him when he says she deserved it.

1725 days ago


There is ABUSE and there is DISCIPLINE!!!!

This is AbUSE!!!! He should be in jail... then he goes on TWITTER bragging about what he did!?!??! Telling his girlfriend, that's as old as his daughter to delete her Twitter and he was deleting his.... Like c'mon son! REALLY!??!?

1725 days ago


He was wrong to try to discipline them at this age. That being said why in the world are he and his daughters having a conversation about this on TWITTER?

They are all losers. If you don't like your daddy's girlfriend, don't come around there. And if they live with him, they need to get their grown behind's out. No parent owes a child anything after they reach 18.

If he gave them everything, let them see how it is to make it on their own now that they put their daddy on blast.

1725 days ago


I don't condone violence, but nobody on this site actually knows what really happen. It may be time for his daughters to take care of themselves. I see it all the time with parents spoil their children and then all of a sudden, the child grows up to become an adult that feels a sense of entitlement. He probably told her we wasn't going to get her something and she disrespected him . For all of you who are condemning him, if your child disrepected you in your home, how would you handle it. I am 33 years old and I don't care how much I may disagree with my mother about an issue, I will not disrespect her. A lot of these children today have been so coddled and pampered, not realizing that someone had to work hard to keep them that way. We need to go back to where your parents made you work for a car.

1725 days ago


You can't discipline an adult. If you failed as a father and they don't respect you now, then that's your fault. The correct answer IS to kick them out of your house. It's not to beat them up and threaten them with objects.

1725 days ago

J Lady    

Beat that Butt Teddy! ...You will save your girls! You know your Mamma did.

1725 days ago



1725 days ago
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