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Charlie, Brooke -- Crazy Little Thing Called Love

12/30/2009 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has now formally asked the judge in the domestic violence case to dismiss the order keeping Charlie and wife Brooke Mueller from having contact with each other.

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

We broke the story that Brooke wants back with Charlie and would like the protective order 86'd. Brooke, along with her lawyer, Yale Galanter, joined in Charlie's motion.

The prosecutor will have to weigh in before the judge makes his decision. Prosecutor Arnold Mordkin tells TMZ he will be guided by what will best protect Brooke -- i.e., he was noncommittal.


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Tiger Woods needs to send a check to Charlie Sheen for knocking him off the top of the tab heap

1728 days ago

Lilith Work    

Run, Brooke, Run. See Brooke run. If Brooke doesn't run, watch Brooke die. Charlie Sheen is a piece of crap, always was, always will be.

1728 days ago

Mary Worth    

Hey, Denise! Wipe that smile off yer face!

1728 days ago


She is stupid. I don't believe it for a minute.

1728 days ago

Paula Duvall    

Interesting...there's a woman, who enjoys being straddled on her bed, and having a knife to her throat! I've heard of "cheap thrills", but this is EXTREME! Charlie Sheen will never see the day that he will be 1/10 the man that his father is...

1728 days ago


I knew it, she knows which side her bread is buttered

1728 days ago


Give it a rest folks, Brooke is no angel herself...
Prior arrests for DUI and FELONY cocaine possession...
Drunk off her a$$ at 8:30 A.M. (classic alcoholic there)...
Runs to Yale "OJ is innocent" Galanter and "Lawyers Up"...
Brooke's own Mother made the comment that her daughter "landed herself a big fish" in reference to Charlie...
Brooke's former classmates are talking about her "not so innocent" antics in her younger years...
And Brooke, who had spoken to a Divorce Attorney prior to this incident, just "had to get the report filed"...

This whole thing stinks of a set-up because Charlie is an easy target, and Brooke is quite the mess herself...

1728 days ago


#12: TMZ: The Media Zone?

1728 days ago



1728 days ago



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1728 days ago


Since she's only after his money anyway why is anyone surprised that she asked for the restraining order to be lifted lol?! He needs to be earning for her to get the most out of a divorce settlement after all - perhaps you should declare bankruptcy now Charlie then see how long she's around!!
Whatever his past, her own 911 call states oh no there were others in the house, so she couldn't have been screaming HELP loudly enough could she now lol!!

1728 days ago


I hope she is smart enough to get away while she can. He has a history of abuse. Mr Sheen needs rehab and counseling, he needs to deal with his abusivness. The character he plays in his series is also abusive...uses woman and throws them away.

1728 days ago


I'm trying to decide if they're both just freaking clueless or in talks for starring roles to a remake of Dumb and Dumber.

1728 days ago


They should stay away from each other indefinitely!
Both need anger management counciling, a 12 step program for
alcohol and drugs, and both need to be supervised around those
babies. Neither one of them has shown an inkling of good judgement.

The last thing that needs to happen is to throw these two dynamite
sticks together with a match!

1728 days ago

my my my    

Please -- do they need the press that much???. SICKO'S maybe next time his aim will be better.

1728 days ago
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