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Charlie Sheen's Wife Wants to Reconcile

12/30/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has lawyered up in case prosecutors decide to charge her with making a false police report, TMZ has learned. And Brooke and Charlie Sheen both want the court to modify the protective order so they can have contact with each other and try and save their marriage.

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen

We've learned Brooke has hired famed criminal defense lawyer Yale Galanter, who represented OJ Simpson for years. Galanter tells TMZ Brooke did not recant the story she told cops on Christmas Day -- that Charlie allegedly held a knife to her throat and threatened to have her killed. But, Galanter says, Brooke did "minimize her story, like many wives in a similar situation do, when they realize their husband could go to jail."

Galanter tells TMZ he will file papers with the Aspen court this morning, asking the judge to allow Brooke and Charlie to resume contact with each other "so they can work on resolving the conflicts in their marriage." Galanter says Brooke and Charlie love each other very much, calling what happened on Xmas, "one bad night."

Galanter, who is currently in Aspen, says he was specifically hired to make sure prosecutors don't "overreact" and charge Brooke with lying to cops. He says, like many women who find themselves in similar circumstances, Brooke didn't realize that Charlie would be arrested after she called 911. So, Galanter says, Brooke soft-pedaled her story to a female cop hours after the 911 call but insists she did not recant.

Charlie Sheen & Wife


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A fool and a tool. Boycott him. His show sucks anyway.

1722 days ago


OMG people!!!
It doesn't take a genius to see "why" Brooke is scrambling...She has quite the CRIMINAL history herself...Her previous convictions for DUI and FELONY cocaine possession will not allow this incident to play out in her favor, as it speaks volumes about HER character...

Face it folks, Brooke just "had to file that report" because she was pathetically attempting to cause problems for Charlie, and gain leverage in this "divorce" she wanted badly enough to create a drunken scene over...Her actions speak volumes about her motives...

The incident was bad enough, but for Brooke to run out and hire Yale "OJ is innocent" Galanter, she KNOWS she's in serious hot water...

1722 days ago

D Chevy    

Yeah Brooke ... don't want to lose that cash cowboy ... goes around comes around Brooke... feel bad for the babies

1722 days ago

Fred Farkel    



I was stuck with a wife like that for 25 years. Same thing... she'd get all screwed up and blame me.

Dude? Women like this:

C an't
U nderstand
N ormal
T hinking

You can have any woman in the universe, so f&ck them all and then kick them to the curb.


1722 days ago


I wish the law could make them choose: 1) divorce; or: 2) reconcile but give the babies to Denise Richards.

I wish they never reproduced and would just put each other out of everyone's misery.

1722 days ago


Fred Farkel, #91:

No, Charlie Sheen can NOT have any woman in the universe. He cannot have a WOMAN, period. He can only "have" a severely-disordered little GIRL. No healthy woman would find him even remotely attractive.

1722 days ago


She didn't realize that her husband could be arrested after telling cops that he held a knife to her throat?? What sort of brainless fool is she?? If he DID hold a knife to her throat, then how many more chances would she like to give him to do this again? Charlie definitely goes for the 'high-brow intelligent ones' doesn't he? I think this pair deserves each other. Put 'em back together & just let them battle it out. Sick of caring about these two people.

1722 days ago


Of course she wants to reconcile with him! After all, it's not he shot her like he shot Kelly Preston.

1722 days ago



1722 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a slimebag. 911 denying fool. His daddy is crazy too. The people taking up for him apparently never knew about his past craziness. BAD NEWS!! This girl married him for money or semi-fame. Now she is paying for it.

1722 days ago


Charlie....are you smart enough to stay away from her this time?

1722 days ago

JustInTime, sa-HERS! These two could be billionaires and still belong in a trailer park.

1722 days ago


Crazy effing bastard.

Silly, stupid b!tch.

Poor, poor kids.

Moving on...

1722 days ago


The 911 tape also has her saying there were others in the house - guess she couldn't have been screaming HELP enough then hm?! It's all very well to accuse him of DV, she had to know he'd be arrested, but if she over embellished it then no wonder she's got Galanter on board, to save her sorry ass from a lying to police charge!!!
Why is it men always go for the blonde bimbo - aah yes, they look good in bed lol!!

1722 days ago


It was probaly one of drunk nites that got out of control. Maybe they will seek help for thier problem . Maybe for alcohol or anger management. Hope they do stay together they have beautiful twins and they need each other. who knows maybe he is abusive at times. His last girlfriend got beat up. He needs help for this maybe this will open is eyes.

1722 days ago
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