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'Harry Potter' Star and the Hot Girlfriend

12/30/2009 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In this "Harry Potter" story, Draco Malfoy gets the girl ... the really hot girl.


Malfoy aka Owen Wilson Tom Felton soaked his pale bones in the Miami sun with his bathing beauty Jade Olivia on Tuesday.

It's good being bad.


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me so horny    

'Harry Potter' Star and the Hot Girlfriend. TMZ Staff you guys are really blind, this chick is not hot. she looks like death is hanging over her,yet you Idiots thinks she hot. SHE'S F***ING DYING!

1724 days ago


You all people who come here making a weakiest comments about them in the pic. If you look at the pic, the photographer is not professional because he or she was standing on the uneven ground! Which is the pic looks like "morph" or "shrink" to make it look a person looks thin. So, Tom and his girlfriend are not pale and skinny! I have seen her at the Mtv Movie Awards a year ago and she looks HOT! better than Vanessa Hudgen! You can look for her pic in google and you will what I mean :) Harry Potter rules!!!!!

1724 days ago


If you google Jade Olivia, you will see that she really is a pretty girl with a nice figure. Yes, she is a tiny woman, but this is just a bad picture of her. She's cute.

1724 days ago

Candie Cane    

If thats what you consider HOT!!! Ha, ha, ha,. Eating disorder support group is probably where they met!!!! ahahahahahaha

1724 days ago


Good for Tom! So far, all the HP stars seem to have grown up nicely, no scandals, no insane behavior. British parents do a better job of raising show biz kids, ie, the Lohans, etc. I wish Tom/Draco all the best, its going to be tough for all of them, leaving the HP years behind, they have all grown up on those sets, going to be a big shock to be back to the real world, and I hope they all stay fine and happy.

1724 days ago


camel toe skiny pale chick Hot. Lets put her up againest well anyone and they are hotter

1724 days ago

Monica Lewinsky's Ex-Boyfriend's Wife for President    

*AnthonysDreamGirl - If you really think this girl's body is "cute" and truly support someone so clearly unhealthy and in need of help, then you must have your own finger down your throat as we speak. What's wrong, Anthony won't think your his "dream girl" unless you look like a "dream boy?" Stop choosing gay men! It only leads to heartbreak.....

1724 days ago


Hot?!?! She looks like an anorexic 12 year old boy! Something is seriously wrong with anyone who finds that "hot".

1724 days ago


She looks like a young Emily Blunt with her sunglasses on

1724 days ago


Seriously! Hot! She looks like a walking skeleton! Gross.

1724 days ago


This might be a stupid question ... who's Jade Olivia? Is she a model?

1724 days ago

OHHHHHHHH the misery    

She looks hungry and where are the strings? She looks like a puppet, and the sand is hard for it to walk on.

1724 days ago


How is she hot??? She has the body of a 10 year-old boy! I'm sorry, but TMZ needs to get their vision checked.

1724 days ago


LMAO HOT!!! LOL.....skinny yes, but hot....NOT SO MUCH!!!

1724 days ago


Hot?!?!? I'm sorry, but she's the furthest thing from that. I work at a clinic that specializes in eating disorders and see people who look like her on a daily basis. Small frame? Hardly. What you're looking at is a young woman with an eating disorder, not a small frames. There are several things that give this away, the big one being her body proportions. Look at the size of her lower arms & wrists, compared to the size of her hands - that right there makes it clear that she is very underweight. That poor girl.

1724 days ago
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