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Jermaine Jackson Tears Into the FBI

12/31/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson is waging a one man campaign against acronyms -- because yesterday in Calabasas, he trash talked TMZ and the FBI!

Jermaine Jackson: Click to watch
Despite the fact that his name is on a court document which listed people who could potentially file a creditor's claim against the MJ estate, Jermaine called the story "s**t" and ripped us for not knowing the "facts." Fact is -- his name is on the list -- clear as day.

As for the FBI, Jermaine shredded them for waiting so long to release the MJ files saying, "Why didn't they release these files -- showing they had nothing on Michael -- while he was alive?"


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That's right Jermaine. I agree the files should have been released earlier. They prove that MJ was innocent of both his charges.

Loving it!

1745 days ago


"... But it's no Steven Seagal." AAAAh! Funny.

1765 days ago


the Jacksons tried to live off Michael during his life, what makes people think that will change after he is dead?

1765 days ago

Deliman in the 206    


1765 days ago


Jermaine's right on the money with blasting the FBI. The FBI were out for blood, and helped destroy the reputation of one of the most loving, caring, and brilliant men to ever have graced this earth. Love you MJ, and keep up the good fight Jermaine!!

1765 days ago


Jermaine needs to shut his off his dead drug addict brother.

1765 days ago


Boo F*cking Hoo

1765 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Yes, he's definitely got a point about the FBI. If they had released those files earlier, his brother might not be hated and dead.

1765 days ago


funny how they arent driving around in rented $400,000 Rolls' when they are not on camera LOL instead 2001 spent mercedes -- the truth comes out.

1765 days ago

Mike Tyson    

My God..he is one greasy no-talent creepy sucka !

1765 days ago


As much as I really don't like Jermaine, I have to agree with him here about the FBI. If they would have released the files earlier, people would have known there really was nothing against him from the begining, the FBI came up with Nothing...Maybe Michael would not have not felt so humiliated and alone. At least his kids will see the files when ignoprant people try to tell them crazy stories about the charges, and they can see for themselves. Out of all people, his children are the only ones who really knew what type of person he was, and from their end he seemed perfectly normal.

1765 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Oh who cares what Jermaine says. He is just another opportunistic creature who lives off of his dead brother. Everyone knows the FBI doesn't release anything while a subject is still alive. I wish Jermaine would craw back from under that rock he slithered out of. A wasted no account piece of work he is! why didnt he open his trap and say the words we already knew; that Michael was innocent-Nooo.....Instead he gloms on to show public support of his brother. Wonder what tactic he is going to come up with next in the never ending persuit of a huge tribute concert, just so it can be cancelled at the 11th hour yet again-no account no talent bum.

1765 days ago


jermaine, you must not read what the media reported about the FBI files, they distorted again. I highly recommended the haters to go read the fbi file before putting your stupid, ignorant comments.
The problem is that the biased media, like tabloids, are picking up the allegations, not mentioning that case was closed and making it appear as another accusation that was made against MJ.

So, the average guy in the street doesn't have the full story, because the allegations are rehashed and presented with an insinuation of guilt.

That's what upsetting some fans.

The three stories they picked on were
- Terry George
- The video tape
- The lady on the train

Whereas some outlets mention the other stuff, these outlets try to insinuate
- Terry George claims as true
- The video tape as true
- The lady on the train as credible

Meanwhile, they don't mention
- Terry George's story originated from a tabloid payout - the Sun
- The video tape had nothing to do with MJ and also showed nothing
- The lady on train's claims were speculation after Chandler's claims

Also, they leave out things that show MJ's innocence
- Jordy refusing to testify against MJ in the 2004 meeting with Santa Barbara and FBI, and threatening legal action if forced to
- 25 computers belonging to MJ that came up with nothing after being scanned by the FBI
- The Quindoys in the Phillipines who were trying to sell stories to tabloids and were denounced by their nephew. They are the ones that were interviewed by the FBI and LAPD.

So, that's the problem. It's not that the files serve to show everything was done and no case could be made, it's the media carrying on their biased reporting of the truth, especially tabloids, because they were all guilty of smearing and slandering MJ.

1765 days ago


all this coming from someone that named their child 'Jermajesty'

1765 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

WTG Jermaine!!About time the Jackson family started speaking out and defending their brother,they need to start suing back for a change too.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,LEAVE MJ ALONE!!!!

1765 days ago
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