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Blackstreet Singer Recounts Fight with Kids

1/1/2010 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Teddy Riley gives us the final word on whether he's a good parent trying to discipline his children ... or a guy who physically assaulted them.

Teddy Riley

The Blackstreet singer was slapped with a restraining order by one of his daughters after an alleged altercation. Riley released a statement to TMZ explaining how he feels his kids have simply grown up to be spoiled adults.

Yesterday Riley gave us his version of what went down.


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princess "E"    

i just wanna say that i agree with children being disciplined and i also believe that they should always respect their is mr.riley's business who he wants to date, but violence is not the answer when other's don't agree.i found the chick that he's engaged to.according to his oldest daughter's, she is the reason for this mess.i don't understand why her identity remains a mystery because she wasn't hard to locate.her name is bita (not bita beauty..on a 1-10, she's a 6)and the first photo that you see on her twitter is her on teddy's lap.she looks pretty average(nothing special and definitely nothing worth fighting your kid's over).she has wayyy too many pics of her all in his face and even one with gifts from him.(all ed hardy, with the phrase "oh i didn't buy it, my man did.")seriously, who takes pictures of gifts unless you want everyone to know how much it cost?(answer:gold diggers)she also has pictures of teddy in the studio and with other celebrities.apparently,she thinks her behavior is cute and has not been effected by what took long as the ed hardy doesn't stop coming,right?dumb b****.hope all is well with teddy and his girls.wheather they move forward as a family or not, that chick seems like trouble.

1735 days ago


i would cut those kids off. He's the reason they are spoiled, let them fend for themselves. screw em. they obviously don't care about him.

1755 days ago


Teddy?!?! Why are you even telling the WHITE man your side of the story? Blacks always talking too much to the white man. You're convicting yourself of assault. You don't have to explain to any of these white people why or how you discipline your children. White people seem to be more involved in black celebrity business with raising their children, simply because of the envy of your financial wealth. They would love to drag you through the mud. It's nothing what so ever to do with the well being of your black daughters, I hope you understand that. Tell them to kiss your natural black azz! Period

1755 days ago


Yeah, his daughters deserved that. Sometimes these bad kids needs to be constrained and taught a lesson. I TOTALLY SUPPORT Teddy. and I TOTALLY believe him.

1755 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Time to let them make there own way. Sounds like some real spoiled adult kids are about to learn to make way for themselves. For some reason I believe him, that his daughter went off and is spoiled. Cut ties with them, lets see them beg for forgiveness. LOL

1755 days ago


Grown azz kids who want to run up on their parents get what they deserve, beat up.

I wish one of mine would, you'd be reading about me on the news too.

1755 days ago


This guy is nuts, Parents-don't slam thier kids against walls, grab them around the neck, and step on them. Thats not how parents handle problems with their kids.

1755 days ago


Teddy, sounds like you got a couple of lazy Shanaynay's on your hands, so I understand. Probably not a smart thing though to give an oral deposition, complete with a demo of a Kung Fu move you used on one of your daughters, to TMZ on the street.

1755 days ago


omg, he obviously loves the swing. new jack swing creator at his best. i love teddy riley, he makes great music. that's what really counts, right?!

1755 days ago


I dont condone physical violence, but #8 how else would you restrain ADULTS from attacking you (male/female). It's unfortunate it had to come to this, but its also sad his daughters would be so disrespectful that they would raise a hand to the person that helped to bring them into this world. I can already tell from comments this will be split across the board, because different races have different rules of discipline.

1755 days ago


Teddy jammed on the kiddies.....and whipped them like he was their pimp daddy.......He has admitted to using violence you don't put somone up against a wall and they receive bruises unless a considerable amount of force was used. Now why is this man dating a 22 year old who is the same age as his daughters?

1755 days ago


18 & 21 year olds don't have to live at home, GET OUT!

If you can't afford to be out on your own then SHUT UP and follow the rules.

1755 days ago


I don't know who this guy is, but I believe his kids deserved it. I see the way punks these days talke to their parents. I DO agree it starts with the parents, and the parents are to blame for their kids behavior. Until these parents finally see what the heck they rasied and realize they created a**holes.

1755 days ago


#12... Because he can.

1755 days ago


I got your back Teddy, you did the RIGHT thing. Anytime a parent is physically confronted by their child, then it's time to treat them like you would any other adult. Commentor #8, he wasn't dealing with a child, he was dealing with an adult. Commentor #12 his daughter was swinging on him and he defended himself. When you step to an adult thinking you are an adult, you should get handled like an adult.

1755 days ago
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