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Rush Limbaugh -- Bad Wishes

1/1/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughOur poll on whether Rush Limbaugh should get better soon surprised even us.

After he was admitted to the a Honolulu hospital two days ago for chest pains, we wanted to take your temperature.

Unfortunately for Rush, turns out it was a rectal thermometer.


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297. What you stupid Conservafools don't realize is that the youth of America is liberal.

Hey Stupid Hatefulfool, It's been said a million times,

If you are not a liberal at age 20 you have no heart.

If you are not a conservative at age 50 (or even younger) you have no brain.

1720 days ago


On the moral highground, there is no spot with my name on it...but here's my opinion anyway-
It's a sign of loserdome to wish Rush dead. Honestly, I hate Olberman and Chris Matthews and Rick Maddow, but I would not wish them dead-I can just change the channel and poof! they're gone.
You are way too involved and a bit of a loose cannon to go as far as to wish someone dead-But then, libs are the same people that tie rags around their face like crips/palestinians and throw rocks into bank windows....hell, ACORN went to an AIG employee's front yard and threatened the guy with ice picks, what am I thinking? And who can forget the big government yankees that shot on innocent human beings at Fort Sumter because they thought one President should use violence to make people obey Big Brother?
BTW, when TMZ opened this poll, it was 59/41 for Rush to get better....wonder if TMZ accidentally sprinkled a couple points on the other side of the poll?

1720 days ago


He ought to stop smoking! It is so unattractive.

1720 days ago

Rush Fan    

Somebody should start following the on-air TMZ staff around like the the show stalks celebs. Maybe if they were able to see what it is like, they would back off.

1720 days ago


How about he just be rendered mute for about 1 year? I don't wish death on anyone.By the way,before you get all upset,I'm a republican too.He doesn't speak for all of us as we screwed up the last eight years.

1720 days ago

Kenneth E. Tucker    

jim #271

thanks for making my point (eg not responding to facts OR the direct answer to your 'challenge' 'show me where rightwingers are displaying hate').

EVEN when someone takes you reichwing, paste-eating, pants-pissing hands and rubs your nose in the 'soil' of this reichwing/racists vitriol citing urls, days, dates, and times you STILL don't 'get it'.

Even the stupidest/slowest of puppies is quicker to housebreaking than you 'challenged' reichwingers, and, assuming you aren't sub-85 IQs, it then becomes obvious to even the most forgiving, you animals are just plain mean.

That's why you're seeing the push back now, and, it will never stop. You had your run of 8 years and ruling by fear, now, you are going to be met at every turn, every opportunity by a left, fully aware that they only way you kind will be controlled, marginalized is by cutting you off at the knees at every opportunity, and, that includes you mouthpiece, Rush OXY LimpBalls too.

1720 days ago


I guess the people who voted for Obama are just like him, not real christians. No real Christian would wish ill on anyone, and if you do you should be ashamed.

Obama and his family did not even attend church on christmas or in 2009. Christmas is about christ, not presents. He did say we are not a christian Nation, I guess that is his family and all if you who wish Rush ill. You are very sad people. I don't like Obama, but I would never wish illness on him or his family. God help you people.

1720 days ago


You are quick to point out immorality in people but stoop to a new low yourselves with this poll.

1720 days ago


TMZ = Taliban Media Zone

1720 days ago

Thomas Nonnemaker    

Liberal = Hypocrisy. That's it. Pure and simple. They pretend to care about everyone, and then wish that someone they disagree with die. I thank the Lord for my values every day. I can't stand Michael Moore, but I don't wish the guy dead, or harm to him. I hope he's a happy guy, even though I disagree with all the misinformation in his movies.

1720 days ago


I can't say I'm surprised. Liberals have always been absorbed with their own continuous self-loathing anger. I would hate to live my life like that, seriously!

Team Rush all the way.

1720 days ago

Kenneth E. Tucker    

#371 > brenda

TIME: 12/24 (Obamas xmas eve/day): "...ending with a visit by the First Lady, Malia and Sasha, and the family's dog Bo, to deliver cookies to the Children's National Medical Center."

hmmm, let's see: less emphasis on samll 'c' 'christianity' and/or religion and more of an emphasis on caring, giving, volunteering and empathy?

WORKS for me, I, for one, have had enough of the BS reichwing religious posturing on the one hand while killing innocents, and stealing the country blind.

The last guys just used the evangelical fool to line their own pockets, while back-handing them like read-headed stepchildren at every opportunity. Rove (now conveniently disposing of his 'bride' so he can get on with his real passion (Joe Gannon, remember him? He of the faked press credentials and hidden WH visitor logs to keep from being connected to overnites w/Rove @ THE WH mind you).

I'll HAPPILY 'settle' for a little of that ol timey secular humanism, thank you very much.

1720 days ago


It is so sad that people can feel so open hostile to someone. Get Well soon Rush.

1720 days ago

Snarky One    

Get well soon Rush. F U to the haters.

1720 days ago


TMZ and most of the people that follow Harvey Levin should be ashamed of yourselves. Where was the poll when Kennedy died asking if you were "Happy" or "Sad" that he was gone????? You people are just like the rest of the Lame Stream Media....Conservative haters.

1720 days ago
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