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Is That You, Elin Nordegren?

1/2/2010 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So here's the thing -- one of Tiger Woods' neighbors tells us he saw Elin Nordegren walking a dog near the couple's home in Florida on Thursday. But here's a photo of Elin (or her twin sister, perhaps?) taken in Switzerland today, where people say she's been for the past week.


Question is ...


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Who ever it is she's yummy.

1753 days ago


I think Elin is in Sweden with her family, but I think the picture is of her sister because Elin always wears sun glasses. Where ever she is I hope she is doing good. Her whole life has been turned upside down so we should all wish hr well & not say nasty things about her. She did nothing wrong, except marry a jerk.

1753 days ago


I wonder if the pictures earlier last months of her out without her ring on were actually her sister.

1753 days ago


Elin's got a twin sister. It looks like her but it may not be her!

1753 days ago


I am telling you...
Elin is NOT walking a dog on her birthday, period.

1753 days ago


Who cares???

1753 days ago


That is her sister! The noses are different and her sister doesn't have as much of an overbite as Elin. As for the overbite comment on her here I think it's attractive and i wouldn't change it. She's a beautiful woman and so is her sister.

Good luck Elin!! I do not think she knew about these mistresses at all. That's why they had the blow up!!

1753 days ago

London Girl    

All this ditto head Elin fans. She was a nobody before she met Tiger. Would most of you twits be fans if she was a Black woman?

1753 days ago


What... no micheal jackson news??

1753 days ago


33. Swedish girls are smokin hot. Tiger shoulda stuck with Elin.

Posted at 2:18PM on Jan 2nd 2010 by shoreke

PLEASE show me one that is hot???

1753 days ago


It must be her because Elin ALWAYS wears the same pair of large diamond studs in her ears

1753 days ago


"Tiger's Wife Hits the Slopes?" TMZ, that is really offensive to Asian guys, they hate being called that and I thought Elin had already hit that crew pretty hard... She seems to have a severe case of the Scandinavian Spreading A$$, not a good sign at a fresh 30. If you are connected with everyone STD wise with everyone you ever slept with, and who they ever slept with, she has pretty much a track record like Wilt at this point. Quite an achievement! Except for the fact that she must not be very good at it based on Tiger's 14 to 1 preferences... She needs to work on her strokes! Forget the slopes!

1753 days ago


31. TMZ needs to add a "who cares" option on these stupid polls

Posted at 2:07PM on Jan 2nd 2010 by cochino

I agree!!

1753 days ago


I had a few questions cross my mind. If this is NOT Elin, does her sister Josefin have a right to privacy and her image could only be published if she signed a release? Seems to me, TMZ needed to KNOW who is in this photo before they published. Remember Tiger's team went to London and got photos where were supposed of him unable to be published in Great Britain. And London is Josefin's home isn't it? The irony here regarding what innocent victims have to endure and those who are guilty of bad behavior (and possibly violating pornography laws!) astounds me. First Elin has all of the wakes her husband caused; next, the media has made navigating these rough waters very difficult for her and her family; now it has reached a point in time where there are photos floating around the internet (and who knows where else) of what could in all reality be her SISTER! I wonder if it is a good thing Josefin is an attorney?

1753 days ago


I'm waiting for the 2010 golf season
Phil Michaelson
Phil Michaelson
Phil Michaelson
Phil Michaelson

1753 days ago
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