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Casey Johnson -- Diabetic Coma History

1/5/2010 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson -- Diabetic Coma HistoryCasey Johnson fell into a diabetic coma twice and had to be hospitalized, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told Johnson had a history of diabetes and insulin syringes were found in her home after she died.

Johnson was taken at least once to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. We do not know specific dates of hospitalization, but we're told at least one incident occurred in the last year.

As we first reported, Johnson was found dead in her home yesterday.

Law enforcement tells us they believe she had been dead for several days.

No cause of death has been determined.


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Wow... cant understand why so many have to use this as an excuse to hate on Tila or anyone??? someone died and that is always sad to family and friends, regardless of their problems. speaking bad of the dead or bashing those who where in her life just shows how horriblely small of a person you are!!! Casey's family and friends will move on, and slowly come to terms with her death. but you haters have to live with yourselfs every day. must suck living life like that? rip Casey...

1760 days ago


Tila Tequila killed Casey Johnsonfor press. Kidding. (sorta)

So Casey was found in her own home? The one from which she is currently being evicted from in LA that has had no services, electricity or phone, in weeks? God that is sad.

1760 days ago


To the girl R.I.P. and we all know that if the drugs don't kill you the pushers will if you don't pay their bills. Little blondie review your priorities in life,once more that's a sad lesson to everyone.

1760 days ago


I'm giving TMZ high marks for this story - as least they're talking about diabetes and not sensationalizing it and just saying "drugs" like Fox News is. Good for TMZ Shame on Fox

1760 days ago


Look on the bright side. It looks like it was either going to be death or Tila Tequila for this woman. Viewed in that light, death is a cozy, inviting prospect. I see no reason be sad in this case.

1760 days ago


These young girls have been raised with NO FAITH. The wages of sin are DEATH.

1760 days ago


Bless - I have diabetes, and it's a terrible disease. You absolutely walk on egg shells. IF she was doing drugs, that's the worst thing you can do to your body. I pray for her soul.

1760 days ago


So if she's been dead for "several days"...does that mean she was also a victim of the celebrity death curse of 2009???

1760 days ago


The people who think diabetics are overweight, poor, without proper healthcare, who never take their medicine, and if they did they would never get into trouble, look at this woman. She was 30, and looked like a model.

1760 days ago


I am so disgusted with the comments on here about gays. If you find love in your life then you are blessed. God is love and love is all that matters. The bible is an interpretation. The hypocrites of organized religion pick out and manipulate the words to benefit themselves. There is no Hell, you are already there. Those who live a life of kindness and love will come back to live again, those who don’t will not. Do you
really think a person who beats their spouse everyday, a priest who molests children, a minister who cheats on his wife or a convicted murderer just has to say sorry and they
will be forgiven but a person who has never hurt a soul but is gay will be punished? Wake up and stop being so ignorant.

1760 days ago


We have a new TMZ poll for you:

Will Tila already being a muff-diver hurt or help her popularity in prison when she is convicted of murder?

[ ] They'll lap her up like a kitten goes after milk.

[ ] They'll leave her high and dry like a spinsters WooHoo.

1760 days ago


Hmm, never thought it would turn out that way. I hadn't heard much about her over the last 5 years and didn't pay attention to all of that drama in the press. It is sad to die alone, and not be found for days... inside a rundown mansion. It's somehow ironic too, because she had so much money and opportunities. Her family cutting off her money did not help! They should have been more like family, instead of like a business who hands out money or takes it away. If she had a problems she should have cleaned up and been responsible. Perhaps dating Tila was the worst thing she could have done as well.

1760 days ago

su.san smith    

what is sad about this story is that - if we tweeted a lot and her last one was 12/29 - NONE of her friends wondered, Like where's Casey? This is sad, that she was dead by herself for over an week.

1760 days ago

J C    

That Teala Tequila person strikes me as a seedy manipulative person.
Casey's association with Her couldn't have possibly been personally edifying and probably contributed to her confusion.

1760 days ago


9. Just wondering where her adoring fiance and heart-broken family were for the "several days" she lay at home deceased.
My thoughts exactly. Especially the adoring fiance.

1760 days ago
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