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Casey Johnson -- Diabetic Coma History

1/5/2010 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson -- Diabetic Coma HistoryCasey Johnson fell into a diabetic coma twice and had to be hospitalized, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told Johnson had a history of diabetes and insulin syringes were found in her home after she died.

Johnson was taken at least once to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. We do not know specific dates of hospitalization, but we're told at least one incident occurred in the last year.

As we first reported, Johnson was found dead in her home yesterday.

Law enforcement tells us they believe she had been dead for several days.

No cause of death has been determined.


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I feel sorry for the family. The guilt will be unbelieveable. There is something about death that shakes you to the core and burdens you for life, if you were a semi-jerk to the deceased.

1760 days ago


She was just a lesbian in recent years. Vanity Fair had an article in 2006 about her 56 year old aunt stealing her 38 year old boyfriend. SOME FAMILY VALUES...

1760 days ago


dead for days?!? where was her loving and supposedly "caring" girlfriend, the attention starved Tila Tequila? sorry....this just doesnt sound right....

1760 days ago

Apres Ski    

EXACTLY how many days was Casey J. dead? Apparently Tia wasn't close enough to check on her everyday since she was a ditzy blond with a diabetic problem!

1760 days ago


12. Does this mean that her daughter was alone in the house with her? If her body wasn't found for several days, obviously this means that she didn't have any nannies or housekeepers.

Posted at 10:27AM on Jan 5th 2010 by AJ

Read this AM that Casey's mom 'took the child from Casey' because she said that her daughter 'needed to go to rehab for a long time'(direct quote) & she was 'too crazy to properly care for her daughter Ava right now'. Also that the had 'both mental & physical medical issues that she needed to attend to'. So obviously her daughter Ava(beautiful name btw!) was with Casey's mom. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I read this as I too was concerned about the little girls wellbeing AJ!

The 'word' seems to be that Casey 'got bored spending money on cloths & handbags & decided to adopt a kid'. Wow(just shakin' my head). So sad that this woman had beauty, money, seemingly ALL THE ADVANTAGES but didn't seem to realize how fortunate she was. Sometimes I feel that God definitely moves in mysterious ways & who's to say(I know how cold this may sound but...) that little Ava might be better off. Don't know much about Casey's mom but she may be(between herself & Casey) the 'lesser of two evils' in regards to providing the best parental care & 'example' for Ava.

I understand that Casey had Type 1 DM so granted her death may very well r/e to diab. ketoacidosis or 'ketotic coma' or hypoglycemic coma but I'm betting that the tox screen will be providing the most likely cause of death as obviously many commenting about this story here on these boards seem to also believe. I always find it tremendously sad when I read stories like this.....those in society whom have every advantage & opportunity yet are mere 'empty shells' as human beings. She seemed to have a true 'life full of style but so little SUBSTANCE'. Just shaking my head over this one folks:(

1760 days ago


83. I don't agree the wealthy, NEGLIGENT parents aren't to blame. They cut her off, no phone, even though she had a serious medical condition, then didn't check on her. And yes, they didn't check on her, because they didn't ask anyone to check on her, if they couldn't reach her on the phone. You can count on the father knowing every detail about his team the Jets. It seems they were very negligent in how they handled her.

Posted at 3:07PM on Jan 5th 2010 by Sally

Look, she was a grown ass woman. How many parents call their adult children 10 times a day checking up on them? It's her fault the way she died. She chose to live the life of a party girl drug addict and guess what? Party girl drug addicts die!! Why is everyone so surprised she died alone? Most drug addicts die alone in the gutter. She died in a mansion, so why feel sorry for her?

1760 days ago

common sense says...    

who cares...........she waisted her life, now she is paying for it!

1760 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

“Law enforcement tells us they believe she had been dead for several days”

Butler 1: "Whats that smell?"
Butler 2: "It's either stank or dead body. "
Butler 1: "Lets checker it out."
Butler 2: "Wow. Its both."

1760 days ago


Pretty disturbing that someone who probably had a lot of people in their circle could lay dead in their house for days, through New Years and nobody knew.

1760 days ago

The Dude    

Wow, diabetic, partier, lez & jobless working off of the scraps the family threw you. What else is funny, if you're jobless and sit around screwing and attending parties and making believe your famous because you family manufactures ass cream....Most people would agree that is a looser. Except, if you are in with the entertainment industry, then you are termed "socialite".

What the entertainment industry needs to do before they become irrelevant, is stop dressing up sh*tty people and calling them ice cream! I never heard of this woman before today and I don't want to hear about her tomorrow! Her, Tila, Paris and most of the younger women (if you can call them that)in hollywood are trash!

It's funny alot of them know each other from childhood!

Please just ignore this "another dead celebrity" and move on! I'm sure more will die this year as they won't get a clue, not even from a dead friend!

And remember, most of the loosers in hollywood have a few things in common: They have rich relatives they suck off of, children of bad parents, have no talent yet seek the spotlight, are addicted to many drugs, and have no morals and wish to wipe thier @ss with the world.

1760 days ago

Black Power    

It amazes me that so many of you spill out the name Jesus and God as if that is the only religion on Earth. She may not even believe in your God. You all act so high and mighty yet refuse to believe that there is anything other than what you believe and pray to. I know a lot of you Bible thumpers will say that your God is the only one, but tell that to anyone who believes in one of the many other religions on this planet.


1760 days ago


To # 30. You are still a ghoul. Smacking your lips in disapproval over a death. None of us is perfect, you ghoul.

1760 days ago

A Person    


1760 days ago

Black Power    

To #102 stacey - Why is it that she deserved what she got because she didn't stand up for animal rights? Her family has peddled their items since before she was even born. There are probably a lot of people in this world who deserve to die, but to put that on her is idiotic. I suppose you don't eat meat or wear leather or go to the zoo either. That's up to you. But to try and place your views on others is arogant and and just silly.

1760 days ago

TMZ please shut her up!    

Tila dont care if Casey is dead, she just loves the attention, how could you not know your beloved "fiance" is dead for 3 days, and then TWITTER "hold on baby I am coming" when Casey was already dead!????

Tila will do anything to get famous even if it includes making people do drugs and die!

1760 days ago
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