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Matt Kemp

Runs the Squeeze Play

on Rihanna

1/5/2010 10:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They've only been together for a few days, but Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp was already rounding first with Rihanna in Mexico this weekend.


Fun Fact: Matt won a Gold Glove award in 2009 for his good hands....

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We should reward talent and not scandal and why is she given a free pass because she had a fight with her boyfriend. So i guess if something happens to me it gives me a free pass to do anything without consequence or judgement. She is a slut just like any other woman that bed hops this much and not worthy of attention

1716 days ago


She's been with him a half an hour! OF COURSE she's letting him hold her @ss in his hands. ~ Matt, just make sure ANY other women don't call you when you're with RiRi or she'll start hittin' on you to!

1716 days ago


HOW TRASHY!!! How can you wonder why you get beaters when you let a man feel you up after only know the guy a few days!

1716 days ago


K have you ever thought she gets "beaters" as you say because she is a beater herself?Why does everyone forget the reports TMZ posted stating she has hit him in the past and started the argument that night? I guess selective memory of her violent tendancies because she is a woman but I use that word loosely because she is not presenting herself like a lady just a big old slut!

1716 days ago


said it before and i'll say it again..she is nothing but a hoe..trash.

1716 days ago


Alicia is doing fine without the controversy her sales are blowing poor RiRi's out the water!. She has already sold more than RiRi in two weeks out so apparently people realize real talent we need to stop making her relevant she is plastered everywhere but still can't sell albums worth a damn! She has never sold more than 200,00 her first week and if you compare this to other celebrities you'd see how big of a failure she really is so once again why is she relevant?

1716 days ago


What a complete and utter loser. I hope Kemp gets checked after he is done using her, you don't know what this slut has.... disgusting.

1716 days ago


how does this make her a slut?

1716 days ago


"39. gia, only person sounding sanctimonious on here is you right now. Who died and made you TMZ Moderating Mom.

Go yell at your kids. People can comment how they want to, it is a gossip site blog, don't like it, I have an idea....LEAVE!

Not everyone is in love with your idol RiRi.

By the way, get on the treadmill before you point fingers assuming all who don't idolize RiRi are fatties, go count your own dimps on your @ss and squeeze and see how many inches of flab you have.

Posted at 11:39AM on Jan 5th 2010 by STFU Gia"

All I have to say to that is AMEN! Sing it sista! Anyone on here can comment anyway they want to. I liked how you put Gia in her place about being so defensive about someone she doesn't even know when she sees them doing sexual things in public. Rihanna can date whom ever she wants and to be quite frank with you, I hope she never leaves this guy. Yes, it will be a very entertaining year, I must say.

One more thing, Gia, or anyone else who likes to defend Rihanna on here, everyone has their own moral standards. Therefore, they will not all think like you or except the sins that you willingly except in our society. You might let your boyfriend do this to you in public and trust me I have seen many young girls do this which is [frightening], but it doesn't mean it is okay.

Lastly, the paps were not invading their "privacy" because they were outside at a resort not inside their hotel room. Anyone could have seen that and either way I don't think they would care.

1716 days ago


Nicely said GGEEZZZ...nothing but a jealous bunch of biotches...Matt is gorgeous and looks perfect with Rihanna...she is a grown ass woman and can do whatever the Eff she wants.

1716 days ago


I am glad that she is starting the new year fresh with a new beau. I, for some reason, thought she would have waited a year until finally dating a guy she cared about but obviously she just can't. Mr. Man Candy Kemp is giving her what she needs and by jolly I 'aint mad at that. I AM NOT A fan of Rihanna , not even remotely close to a lover of her music, but she can do as she pleases.


1716 days ago


"88. Nicely said GGEEZZZ...nothing but a jealous bunch of biotches...Matt is gorgeous and looks perfect with Rihanna...she is a grown ass woman and can do whatever the Eff she wants.

Posted at 10:43PM on Jan 5th 2010 by patty"

Ms. Patty, that is what YOU think. Go read a book please!

1716 days ago


she is so disgusting!

1716 days ago


We all are entitled to our opinion and apparently the consensous is that she is a major slut. I don't see many people making it a race issue. I don't care what color you are if you are a cheap slut you are a cheap slut no matter what color.Do you see the pictures of her ratty squirrel looking hair and jiggly cheese thighs? Why in the world would anyone be jealous of that PLEASE!!!

1716 days ago


Since she is emotional stable (I guess) enough to be with another men and happy in love I hope this means soon we can get off of Chris' ass and not blame everything she does wrong in her life on him. She has moved on and is fine so let him continue with his life as well and stop the harassment!

1716 days ago
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