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I Was Married to Michael Jackson

1/6/2010 2:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonA new creditor's claim in the Michael Jackson estate case ...this one filed by a woman who says she had a very special bond with MJ.

Shellie Doreen Smith filed cryptic legal papers laying claim to Michael's moolah. So we got on the horn and spoke with Smith herself, who says she was married to MJ in the 1970s, though she doesn't remember exactly when. Details, details.

Smith says the ceremony was lovely ... at a hotel in NYC. The only witnesses were hotel employees.

We're told she's asking for spousal support. Breath holding is not recommended.


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Bulls*it now you know the media would have moved heaven and earth 2 get a piece of michael to find out if this story was true next thing u know someone will say they humped every piece of jackson male ass in the family LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

1755 days ago


No way lady,Michael was gay

1755 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

lol, how many more ridiculous claimers are there going to be? Put her in a padded cell next to Billie Jean Jackson and the rest of the nutters who think they were MJ's gf/ex-wives or had his babies.

1755 days ago


all that bitch wants is his money and if shes ugly then we all know that he wasnt married to her he likes pretty women not ugly women...and thats all she want and to be notice...

1664 days ago


by sunny
If you don't like MJ then don't comment about him! He was NOT gay! MJ loved women,Lisa Marie talked about how great in bed he was. He is the biological father of 4children(Omer,Prince,Paris,and Blanket)

1659 days ago


oh my god! leave Michael alone. These crazy people are after his money and it really isn't funny. The Jacksons are dealing with enough right now, people need to get a life. And how can you not remember when your own wedding was? If it was that special, and she had such a strong bond with MJ she should have remembered when she APPARENTLY got married to him.

R.I.P Michael....God rest your soul xx

1646 days ago


I'm so sorry for you sweetheart if you were secretly married to MJ but someone should have taught you that secrets come from serpants or snakes. I wished your mother, aunt, sister, brother, or even father would hve taught you some important morals, and that is when there is something that is to be kept secret that long it is a tick of the enemy. I promise you that and if I kept it a secret that long why would I come forth now. It's simple I want something now and that is MONEY, please continue to keep quiet for your owm simple mistake. If this is true because we weren't there to witness it then let the creator do what He is supposed to do while you relax your mind lol

1637 days ago


I'm sorry sweetheart if you were secretly married to MJ, but someone should have taught you that secrets come from serpants or snakes. I wish your mother,aunt, sister, brother, or even your father would have taught you these important morals, and that is, when there is somthing kept a secret for that long it stay a secret and not be broght up when that person dies or you see an opertunity to get plublisity or money from this secret. I see this as a scam and I'm sure I'm not the only one let Michael Jackson go and RIP please. The creator of all will see to it that justice is done if this is true. We weren't there to witness and it shouldn't be our place to say if you are or are not married if we don't know but morals teach us to be faithful to a pack which we make with others. So just relax your mind ( joke a line from Mj song ) get it lol. Much Love

1637 days ago
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