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I Was Married to Michael Jackson

1/6/2010 2:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonA new creditor's claim in the Michael Jackson estate case ...this one filed by a woman who says she had a very special bond with MJ.

Shellie Doreen Smith filed cryptic legal papers laying claim to Michael's moolah. So we got on the horn and spoke with Smith herself, who says she was married to MJ in the 1970s, though she doesn't remember exactly when. Details, details.

Smith says the ceremony was lovely ... at a hotel in NYC. The only witnesses were hotel employees.

We're told she's asking for spousal support. Breath holding is not recommended.


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I'm going to file a creditors claim against Michael Jackson's estate. For the past 7 months having to see, read, and hear stories about this man has caused me emotional upset. I have had emotional distress and depression because I was exposed to these constant story and I hated every minute of it. And to make matters worse, I now have to hear his music on the radio in my car, creating a very hostile personality because I want to punch out the stereo. I'm going to need therapy and I want his estate to be liable for all the damage this mans death has caused me. I want millions, I know money can't replace sanity, but it will surely help me be a happier crazy person.

1698 days ago


just when i thought the dust had settled, another idiotic claim just popped up. lmao. don't these brainless heads have friends to advice them they look stupid filing such bogus claims?

1698 days ago


RIP King of pop

1698 days ago


funny how she has waited all these years to say anything . get a life ya bit.h

1698 days ago


hhhhhhhhhhhh this is the most rediculous thing TMZ had never put on the web site sorry but you shouldn't guys, this is stupid. you must put news that people would be interested to especially when it comes to the king

1698 days ago

Force Factor    

Their every step Michael Jchkson was my most favorite dancer like me I'm sorry for the death of Michael Jchkson

1698 days ago


TMZ can run with this sh$t but couldn't mention Evan Liar Chandler blowing his brains out or cover This Is It movie , or mention the honors Michael has received or give us a headline that FBI had vindicated Michael?
Truly Harvey, I'd say your days at TMZ are numbered. Your bosses must be keeping a close eye on this after all the complaints they've had.

1698 days ago


i was married to him aswell ... not sure when... not even sure about the decade... can I have some money please?

1698 days ago


how much pay tabloids to certain people for make such statements?
maybe I should change my profession :(
incredible what people do for money!

oh please leave him peacefull, let him rest in peace.

ILYM ;`(

1698 days ago


Holy Innocents' Day is today? ;)
in Spain is on 28 December, this is crazy! many people don´t have scruples

ILYM :`(

1698 days ago


I'm going to file a claim too. I think I was married to Michael Jackson sometime in the 80's and my two dogs and cat were my witnesses. When are these idiots going to disappear. I didn't realize how many nuts there were out there until MJ passed away.
No wonder the poor guy took drugs. I'd be on drugs too if I had to deal with these kind of idiots.

1698 days ago



Thanks for keeping it light hahahahaha! I'm surprised there aren't more of these "I was MJ's secret wife" claims. Or even more "MJ is the father of my child" claims hahahaha!

With all the crazies trying to get at him, no wonder he always had to have security. Jeeeez!

P.S. Who chooses which photo of MJ to post? Don't you have a better archive to choose from??? For many years, MJ was a real beauty - black or white!!!

1698 days ago


Shelly must be smoking CRACK!

1698 days ago


Posted at 5:58AM on Jan 6th 2010 by David
I just heard the most amazing news. Michael Jackson is alive. He faked his own death to avoid persecution by a conspiracy!
Mike and I are kicking back in my crib with some popcorn, reading TMZ, and still wondering "where is the justice?" that MJ Accuser's Dad suicide didn't get a peep on TMZ but yet this krap does.


1698 days ago


I'm surprised it took this long for a "wife" to come out of no where!

1698 days ago
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