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Octomom Wins Battle to Control Octofinances

1/9/2010 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomA judge in Santa Ana, Calif. took the side of Octomom Nadya Suleman yesterday and smacked aside a petition filed by some guy trying to get the court to appoint an independent guardian to monitor her children's money.

A random guy named Paul Petersen had filed, and been granted, a petition to have someone watch over their moolah since Octomom was striking all sorts of deals. But yesterday a California appeals court ruled in her favor, vacated the previous order, and called the whole thing an "unprecedented, meritless effort by a stranger."

Octomom can go about profiting off her children without further interference.


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Are you people mental? If you do not want to see this woman then common sense should tell you to STOP WATCHING and reading stories that disturb you. Do you consider yourselves normal with praying for hit men to kill her because you are to weak minded to simply STOP reading or watching stories about these people?

I do not like how SOOO many people spend their money. I do not like how so many people rear their children but I would be laughed out of court and rightfully so for taking them to court to try to control what they do just because I do not like it. Many parents buy their children gifts that they do not need or deserve but it is not my place to be confronting them in a court of law about it. Don't give me this she is living off tax payers BS either because she is not costing the tax payers anymore than so many others. Quit acting like you know her and she is stealing from you personally. So many of you sound like you need locking up from from the way these post reads.

1696 days ago


Tiv, you most definitely take first prize in the Amoeba Classification. Greg you are second in line. Suleman isn't supporting her children. They are supporting her.The children do the work , she takes the money. In my opinion that is pimping. She is bleeding their 'present' and 'future' ..dry.... She has and is leeching off the taxpayer......and she will continue to do it in larger the very near future. Her credit cards and debit cards are already being reported by TMZ....Her business is public domain. She is paid for by the taxpayer.

1746 days ago



1750 days ago


This will come in handy...I hear Hoover is designing a new vacuum shaped like her lips...called the Octo-Sucker. She'll make a million, even more when the marital aid version hits the market.

1750 days ago

Your SM Girlfriend    

Good for Nadya! The cost of plastic surgery is skyrocketing. She'll put the money to good use.

1750 days ago


Paul Peterson is a child actor advocate.

1750 days ago


Are you kidding? Paul Petersen is the 60's kid star from the Donna Reed show you ding dongs and has long been an advocate for kid stars so that they don't end up being ripped off by greedy parents and representatives stealing the money they earn. Paul, please keep on keeping these greedy-McGreeders honest.

1750 days ago


Paul Petersen. Isn't he the guy from the Donna Read Show that is a child advocate for working children in Hollywood? So they don't end up with no money. I am not sure how this ties up but more than a guess that it's him. She needs not to be associated with the kids money.

1750 days ago


Paul Peterson runs a company that is concerned with the welfare with child celebrities. He IS the guy from the Donna Reed Show and he is a pretty standup guy.

TMZ shame on you DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

1750 days ago


Paul Peterson is not a random guy. He was on "The Donna Reed Show", and now heads up A Minor Consideration... which fights for the rights of kids in the entertainment industry. He's been a vocal opponent of the lack of rights attributed to kids in reality TV as well--especially the poor Gosselin 8.. who have no where near the protection that the Suleyman kids have living in CA.

You need to do a bit more research, TMZ.

1750 days ago


Paul Peterson ain't no random guy. He's a former child actor who noticed most child actors are exploited - to the point of being broke as adults, who sometimes teams up with Gloria. Yes, that Gloria.

1750 days ago

PB & J    

Paul Petersen is a former child actor and founder of A Minor Consideration. He has dedicated himself to protecting the rights of minors in the entertainment industry against primarily their parents to ensure the child actor’s money goes to them and no one else.

Speaking on behalf of his foundation, he wanted to make sure that her children received a Court-appointed fiduciary guardian and their employment followed California child labor laws.

1750 days ago


Not only should TMZ do their homework about who Paul Petersen is, but to also get the facts straight. On Paul's website, it states that the court ruled that a person who is not a relative of minors and who has never met them may still file a petition seeking to protect minors' earnings.

1750 days ago


I am joining the others............Come on
TMZ Paul has been the voice for children for many years. You should know this. Many children have been protected because of his efforts. You Rock Paul!!!!!!

1750 days ago


More exclusive pix on Suleman's infamous Xmas party...

1750 days ago
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