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Octomom Wins Battle to Control Octofinances

1/9/2010 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomA judge in Santa Ana, Calif. took the side of Octomom Nadya Suleman yesterday and smacked aside a petition filed by some guy trying to get the court to appoint an independent guardian to monitor her children's money.

A random guy named Paul Petersen had filed, and been granted, a petition to have someone watch over their moolah since Octomom was striking all sorts of deals. But yesterday a California appeals court ruled in her favor, vacated the previous order, and called the whole thing an "unprecedented, meritless effort by a stranger."

Octomom can go about profiting off her children without further interference.


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I dont agree leave this women alone she is trying her best to support these kids its no ones business how she does it Paul isnt there to see what she does with her money for god sake and Gloria is mad cause Nadia told her no Gloria wanted to make money off her and she said no so Gloria is so upset she was told to get out of her home so going after her now made her look bad in the media so now Gloria has a bone to pick with her very sad i hate Gloria she is one dispiciable person go away gloria all you do is go after peoples money she wont take a case unless the person has millions for her to take !!

1716 days ago


I guess no one read the contract of the babies they didnt get much money out of all this for the show very little money If Nadia was going out shopping all day and taking tons of expensive vacations i could see concern but she isnt she is doing this to help support those kids and doing very well they arent going without she has nannys and stuff to help her so leave her alone for god sake

1716 days ago


Paul Peterson is a random guy to Nadia and her family he isnt the father of the kids or uncle or grandparent so that is what this means he has no right to butttttt in to this

1716 days ago


Paul Peterson is a person that played on the Donna Reed Show as a young child. His parents were in control of his money & by the time he was old enough to make decisions for himself, they had squandered away every dime of the money he earned. Not putting any aside for him, but spent ALL of his money.

They spent the money on themselves. Not better living arrangements for the family, but on clothing, cars, gambling, etc. Paul has since made it a carrier to make sure it doesn't happen to other children. TMZ should know this & not say he is some random guy!

1716 days ago


This is just disgusting how people can have children just so they can get fame .She is obviously mentally ill and a psychiatrist even said so, heck her own mother even said so.

I know she is doing some TV show but some other country is filming it and a judge did order that the children make money for appearing on the show and that there lunatic mother is not allowed to touch it.

I doubt her show will last long, nobody will watch it and with no viewers they will cancel it. Lets just hope that everyone is smart and people do not tune in just to see her make a fool of herself. You do not watch and the show has the plug pulled and there goes this piece of trashes fame and fortune and paying for nannies, she will have to take care of her kids by herself instead of hiring nannies and you know that is exactly what she is going to do. She is going to play this loving mom on tv who spends time with her kids but as soon as those cameras stop rolling the kids are off to the nannies.

1716 days ago


You guys are rarely polite or kind -- so here goes -- what a bunch of idiots you are. Try googling this "random guy" Paul Petersen who has had child labor laws changed in both Sacramento and D.C. and who is THE go-to guy for working children. There are no college funds or savings accts. set up for these kids, but the mom sure has had a lot of plastic surgery recently. SOMEONE has to go to bat for them when their own mother won't. The trouble with the inexperienced, uniformed and under-educated children hired by TMZ is that they can't figure out how to use the simplest research tools. Instead, they spread malicious bull. I love all these comments: Yes, do your homework, dumbos.
Everyone else check out

1716 days ago


dumbass TMZ, always with the itchy trigger finger on stories and never completing research.

1716 days ago


Paul Petersen needs to mind his own damn business. Guess the judge thought so too..... justice is served.

1716 days ago


You guys show your age and how uniformed you really are sometimes. Geebus, Paul Peterson has been an advocate for child actors for many years. Not some random guy. I think the fact that he is looking out for these kids is not only admirable but necessary. She's gonna blow through money they earn quicker than Gary Colemans parents.

She's shady and crooked. She's in this for money plain and simple. Your piece showing her at 24 hour fitness the other night was not a random piece. WHO TOLD YOUR VIDEOGRAPHER TO GO TO A 24 Hour fitness that late at night anyway. SHE's MEDIA WHORE just like Shana Sands.

1716 days ago


That random guy is a former child actor whse mission in life is to protect children....

1716 days ago


I don't know which makes my stomach turn more- Octomom's lips or the photo of the dog licking the baby's mouth. TMZ please delete both!

1716 days ago


A Kathy who posted at 10:11. EXACTLY! How can you guys not know who Paul Petersen is?!?!? He is the greatest friend every modern child actor has had. He has been fighting for kids for decades. You goofed up on this one, Harvey!

1716 days ago


Sad that judge is that stupid. Octonut is prob going to have to get a job now. I'm sure the rite 2 lifers she was milking don't understand a frig full of frozen embroys. Where is her compasion for the unborn she was trying to peddle as her reason for more kids?

1716 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Well.... I think everyone knows what Octo Loser is going to do with that money! She is definitely in need of more fugly lip injections, that ugly fish face cannot even keep those nasty lips closed. She has a permanent trout mouth! uggghhh, she is so gross and makes me want to vomit.

1716 days ago


Her face is repulsive. I wish women would stop screwing with their faces. To any woman out there considering plastic will look like a scary monster when finished. I also cant believe TMZ did a pole to see how many people would do's not only scary looking.....she's crazy! She reminds me of that wife who cut her husbands wang off.

1716 days ago
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