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Suge Knight's Babymama -- Poor, Poor Us

1/9/2010 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge KnightThe mother of Suge Knight's four-and-a-half year-old child is gunning for cash -- but she won't be getting much, and Suge's paltry "presumed income" is to blame.

According to papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Tammie Renell Hawkins is seeking child support for Taz Maree Knight, who was born in May 2005.

Here's the catch: By California law, support is based on the presumed income of the person coughing up the dough -- and according to the docs, Suge's net income is only $1,207 a month!

Because of his haul, the most Tammie can request monthly is $302.

Suge recently tried unloading a $1,495,000 mansion -- looks like that money could really come in handy.


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#22 response first off you sound stupid this man has a responsibility to provide half support for all his kids. And from I hear its alot, this dude had the nerve to just have a baby by his ex girlfriend Toi Lin USC GRAD. Now how dumb was this girl to know this man don't provide for none of his kids but still has a child with the old dude. AND FOR WHAT A NAME its not about whether this women can afford to take care there child. Because apparently they have because THE DEADBEAT DON'T so before you think you know what your talking about check your fact. And Tammie and Michel'le kids are 3yrs apart.

1719 days ago


I agree with #23 Suge is Deadbeat and for anyone to still lay up with the old dude is crazy or just plain stupid. I hear he left his ex girlfriend Toi Lin with a baby and shack up with a Becky. Now I can't believe that after all the nonsense this girl really had a baby by this man. The woman beater with no job. Its not about whether the woman can take of there kids, but like you said they must can because they don't get any assistance from him. But a real man will provide regardless. But we all know that Mr. Suge Knight isnt a man. I hear his latest BABY MAMA is half his age. Now thats just NASTY

1719 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Sir Sug!

1748 days ago



1748 days ago


He is not a nice person. Karma got him. Too bad his child is the one that gets hurt too.

1748 days ago


The mother of his child better take what she can get. $302 dollars is a lot of money nowadays. Also if she doesn't have a job, get one. I wouldn't rely on the support of anyone that does not want to provide for their child. That person will always pay in the end.

1748 days ago


If this woman thought suge was anything but sociopathic thug
she deserves what she gets! Suge had two fights last year with guys
his size and got his fat ass kicked both times!

1748 days ago


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1747 days ago


The only thing that spells LOSER louder than FAILURE to support the children you are responsible for bringing into this world, is FAKING your income to avoid it.

How does this so called "man" hold his head up? what a piece of chit, hope he gets his fat ass kicked again soon. Bet the bitchdog he is likes it on all fours too.

1747 days ago


I Love it.. Women get too much from partners these days..

**What do the guy get when relationships break down?**
A man MUST & SHOULD support his child/children but All men should take note LOL LOL

1747 days ago

AM Hood    

I am glad that Dog A$$ piece of a human being is on the bottom of the totem pole. He deserves nothing better.

1747 days ago


He's a loser, Why even put his face on TMZ. Such a hard core guy. Ha Ha what's he doing now.

1747 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Can you please stop covering Kim Kardashian? A while back I remember you showing video of her before she was "famous" aka Pre-Porn, and was so excited thinking it would soon end there. But since then, I've seen numerous posts of her- at Koi, promoting her stupid cookies that I'm ashamed to even know about...Etc. With great power comes great responsibility and TMZ has the power to stop celebrating and ultimately empowering Reality TV Stars (with the exception of Jersey Shore, of course). It wasn't so long ago when we asked the question - Kim, who? Ray - J who? I mean, if indulging in pretty hard-core pornography is the way to get famous nowadays, it's a pretty sad place we all live in. What happened to actually having real talent??? With that I implore you to stop supporting Kim Kardashian's media campaign - I know you can be the first step in stopping this Insanity!

1747 days ago


Hes BROKE and got KNOCKED OUT. Game over.

1747 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Yet another WONDERFUL role model to look up to ...
Pistol-packin' basketball players, pistol-SHOOTIN' wide receivers, dogs abused and killed by sub-par NFL QBs and deadbeat hip-hop moguls hiding income from their ever present Baby Mamas. Wonder why things ain't gettin' better with these OUTSTANDING role models?

1747 days ago
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