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Paul McCartney Goes Topless

1/11/2010 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sportin' his Susan Boyle weave, music legend Paul McCartney showed off his Beatle physique in a skimpy one-piece swimsuit in Barbados this weekend.


The 67-year-old soaked his bones in the sun with his girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

Hopefully, for Paul's sake, they used protection.


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dr cyclops    

he looks ridiculas and please do something with the boobies and that hair..good lord..

1744 days ago

excretive producer    

Well I just had to laugh when I saw the photograph - the walrus is not dead!!!

1744 days ago

South Beach    

I see kids 20 years old who don't look anywhere near as good as Pauls GF, you kidding me? Britney Spears wishes her ass looked that good, and Spears looks ok. Paul is going on 70, give me a break, he looks good. Get real.

1744 days ago


There are some people who should never be hacked on. Sir Paul is one of them. I mean come on..he's nearly 70 for pete's sake. He gave us all that wonderful music and you DARE rip on him...have you no shame people!...just kidding but please take it is on the old guy, he seems harmless enough!

1744 days ago


a lot of the comments about this picture are very mean. For their ages both he and his girlfriend look terrific. it's great that he is so active and doing well. give it a rest.

1744 days ago


Paul looks great for his age! And his girlfriend looks good for her age too, whatever that is. At least she is not a gold digger, she is a millionaire in her own right. I think they are well matched. It's a private vacation anyway, we shouldn't even be seeing these pictures!

1744 days ago


Wow, some of you people are beyond cruel. I'm failing to see what the issue is here. Just Paul McCartney hanging out on the beach with his girlfriend.

1744 days ago


what is that discoloration around his neck area.

1744 days ago


I can't believe how critical people are on here. Hope you all LIVE to BE his age. You'll never have the fame and money he has or the impact on the world of music either. But....he is NOT wearing a "skimpy" swimsuit.

1744 days ago


7. First of all Paul McCartney is just hideous! I don't care how talented he USED to be. And the dye job has to go. You're an old man Paul give it up. And if you're going to try to look young try working out before you gross us all out in a bathing suit. And the gold digger girlgriend has saddle bags and needs to buy a one piece. Just because you have money, doesn't make the rest of us blind. Gross, Gross, Gross!!!!!

Posted at 12:33PM on Jan 11th 2010 by cocopuff56

First of all, he's 67 years old.

He's STILL talented. He STILL performs you idiot.

Everyone over 40 dyes their hair. It's not like he had facial surgery, so what are you talking about when you tell Paul to "give it up" You make no sense.

What do you mean trying to look young. He has standard loose-fitting bathing trunks on, not a G-String or something. Again, you're making no sense.

You say "looks gross". He doesn't look gross at all! He looks very healthy for a 67-year-old.

You say "just because you have money doesn't make rest of us blind"
News Alert, he is at an UNCROWDED location. The cameras are CHASING HIM.

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

1744 days ago


I LOVE Paul. Looks like he just woke up...I'd love to see what he looks like in person when he just wakes up. LOve you Paul!!

1744 days ago

ho hater    

You all are idiots. There's nothing wrong with the way either of them look. I doubt you haters look anywhere near as good as he does when you reach 67(I bet he looks better than most of you do right now, at least he's not hiding behind his computer). I think it's funny and kind of pathetic at the comments on here, just shows there's lots of jealous losers in the world. Carry on.......

1744 days ago

Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds    

Paul looks dashing! He's roughly 68yrs old! I'm 32 & let me give you something to think about for a second. At one point in your mothers lives or even yours....wanted to jump Paul McCartney's bones. I know I still do. It's called....'Having Taste'. He's a freakin musical GENIUS!!! He may not have rock hard abs, but he has more talent in 1 pinky toe nail, than most of the people that comment on this site. AND THAT'S A FACT!!!


1744 days ago


Are all the HATERS upsetty-wetty at Paul McCartney because someone on the TMZ website made a nasty comment about one of your idols, and now you're trying to do payback?

Cowardly and PETTY, PETTY, PETTY. Tsk, tsk.

1744 days ago


Paul looks great for a 67 year old man. Are you kidding me. All of you idiots that say he doesn't post your picture and send a link and we will start critiquing you. Did you know that the Beatles had the best selling album of the 2000's. Did you know that Paul is the most successful songwriter ever? Did you know that Paul has the right to go on vacation and go swimming?

1744 days ago
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