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Paul McCartney Goes Topless

1/11/2010 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sportin' his Susan Boyle weave, music legend Paul McCartney showed off his Beatle physique in a skimpy one-piece swimsuit in Barbados this weekend.


The 67-year-old soaked his bones in the sun with his girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

Hopefully, for Paul's sake, they used protection.


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lost in lalaland    

Hey, we should all look that reasonable when we're 67,

1711 days ago

who dat    

Knock off the "Sir" nonsense. He was Knighted because he is a performer. It's a gumball machine title. It's not like he did a real service to the country.

1711 days ago


Hey Whatever, I think it's great that you like him. That's what makes the world go 'round. Some people were really into the Archies. But his talent is NOT what it used to be, period. And yes I have seen him perform and I'm not crazy about his music and yes I do think he lives off of his reputation as a Beatle. But that is simply my opinion you don't have to agree nor do you have to get psycho about it. Why such emotion? Take it easy Whatever, it'll be ok. Maybe you could take a xanax and just shut up.

1711 days ago


She wouldn't look at him twice if he weren't who he is. He's looking more and more like an old woman every day.

1711 days ago


keishalee 98 Absolutely spot on!! Don't you think it's soooo funny how insane people are about celebrities? You'd think he'd cured cancer. I have had a great time getting under peoples skin today. People are so easily rattled and I wonder if any of these people would defend their loved ones as much as they have an over the hill has been that they aren't even related to. Unbelevable.

1711 days ago

lost in lalaland    

COCOPUFF: I think you may want to take a cue from your 'name' and take a puff or two. Dude, why are you screaming at people you don't know discussing someone else you don't know?
Chill man.

1711 days ago


Chill Man: I am simply stating my opinion and I don't know why that isn't ok. So you can state yours but I can't state mine? That doesn't seem too fair. Remember people these are merely opinions not facts so stop reacting so emotionally. Maybe you should burn a fatty and take it easy Chill man. I have nothing against you.

1711 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Good Lord...Margaret Thatcher is topless!

1711 days ago


"43. snowboardchick: What does my being able to afford going to Barbados have to do with ugly people cavorting around a beach? That has nothing whatsoever to do with the argument. Listen, you shouldn't be on a blog
if your ego is sooooo fragile that it can't take someone who disagrees with you. BTW snowboardchick????? What kind of knuckle dragging, can't ski for sh** type of loser are you? "Dude I bet you shred everyday at Big Bear and smoke a fatty on the lifts while you contemplate the epic run you're gonna have?" Get Lost!!!

Posted at 1:44PM on Jan 11th 2010 by cocopuff56"

HAHAHAHA DOUCHEBAG.....guess I hit a nerve. Maybe you should go get a job instead of sitting around commenting on TMZ all day. I still have a few days off, just got back from MY vacation in me you can't afford it.

1711 days ago


Snowboardchick: That explains everything!!!Now I know why you were so vehemently defending those two. That's YOUR fat ass saddlebags I'm looking at cavorting on the beach in Barbados with Paul McCartney. Now I know why you became so psycho! LMFAO!!! Gotcha back you royal DOUCHE BAG!!! You can go ahead and respond to this but I will never see it because I'm signing off for a few days to go on my vacation. Touche you LOSER!!! And yes today I had off so I have been wasting my time on TMZ just like you!!!

1711 days ago


Oh my god this site must be all 16 yr olds on here I would love to see you all when you are 70 look this good wow i think he looks great and i dont know who Nancy is but she looks pretty nice too i think yall wished you looked that good in a bikini probly all fat and sitting at your puters with donuts lol

1711 days ago


He looks okay, but he needs some animal protein and fat so his hair will be healthy from natural oils and not stand up from being so dry. He looks like a dandelion that's brown and a wind from the sea could blow it away. Also he needs to work out and get some muscle tone.

1711 days ago


He looks like an old guy at the beach enjoying himself. He earned it, not like the taxpayers are footing the bill. His girlfriend obviously looks great to him. Better than that gold digging media whore snaggled tooth one-legged ex-wife of his who tried to steal all of his money.

1711 days ago


gravity sucks

1711 days ago



1711 days ago
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