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Casey's Ex to CNN: Tila Tequila, A Big Fat Liar

1/11/2010 5:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson's ex has put "Larry King Live" and CNN on notice ... Tila Tequila is not to be believed.

Jasmine Lennard's attorneys just fired off a letter to "LKL" and CNN -- warning them not to let Tila use the show "as a platform to make further false and defamatory allegations" about Lennard.

The lawyer says, among other things, Tila better not allege Jasmine has a criminal record or outstanding warrant, that Jasmine broke into Tila's home, that Jasmine is a prostitute, and that Jasmine is pregnant or has ever been pregnant.

As for "Larry King Live," Tila has told people "LKL" pulled the plug on the interview this morning. CNN had no comment.

Looks like the letter may have had a little firepower.


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I'm sorry but, who is this person and who really gives a $hit??? She must have something to hide if she is writing letter to LKL asking them not to let Twila Tequila use their show as a platform. I mean who really cares about these lesbian bimbos.. I don't, I just wondered who this Casy Johnson and Twila Tequila people were. I feel sorry for Casy Johnson's family.

1741 days ago


Tila had better NOT allege that Jasmine is NOT a prostitute, and NOT allege that she has NOT been pregnant? hm

1743 days ago


Sane people know not to trust media wh*res and/or those associating with them, doesn't matter which side they are on.

1743 days ago


Are we even sure Larry King ever agreed to have that skank on to begin with? This all started from Tila and as we all know, she is not to be trusted given her long history of lying. And Casey Johnson wasn't that big of a star to justify an hour long "tribute" on CNN, most people didn't know who she was until after she died.

1743 days ago


Quit giving that idiot attention!!! Way to go Larry!

1743 days ago

dr cyclops    

isnt this the same girl who was getting ready to eat those 2 dogs until they got rescued..she was banging that rich girl who did massive amounts of crack and caine

1743 days ago


Everybody on planet Earth know how much Tila lies.

Now watch her go on her twitter claiming "those people are trying to shut me up but the truth will prevail". She'll keep this up for a day or two until she can think of some other lie to tweet about.

I'm willing to bet she was never booked to be on LKL.

1743 days ago


Jasmine Lennard is the one that said Casey's parents left her penniless and that her house was run down with no electricity, a green pool and it was a dump.

Casey was actually living in a guest house of a very long time family friend. The owner of that house would never allow the pool to be green or for Casey to be living in the dark. Jasmine Lennard should be sued for smearing the Johnsons and putting the image out there that her family abandoned her causing her death..

1743 days ago


Hard to believe Johnson family would not be taking action against Lennard's law firm: "as to the burglary that Casey Johnson committed at our clients house" - Casey never had the opportunity to prove her innocence in court. Lennard and her law firm are as sleazy as Telia Tequila.

1743 days ago


Both that Lennard and Tequila are retarded.

The claim of Lennard is ridiculous.

I can see that the drugs did a lot of damage on these 2 whores. Lennard even had the pretension to call herself a "classy" lady. Just take a look at her Twitter pic. What a classy lady she is.

1743 days ago

wheat thin    

the post-op tranny "tila" needs to go away.

go away lady-boy, go away

1743 days ago


To JL-s, Casey was living in the place on Mulholland that is described. However, she was evicted for nonpayment a very short time before she died. She moved in to the house with the family friend, but had not finished moving her things from the house on Mulholland. She still had everything in boxes and was back and forth between the two homes.

If Tila loved her, why didn't she let Casey move in with her? If Tila loved Casey, why did she go on and on about Casey being a billionaire and heiress to the Johnson and Johnson fortune, when it is known that Casey hated that and wanted to be known as Casey and not an heiress?

If Tila loved her, why did she work with Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild to put a very vulnerable, troubled, and not-in-her-right-mind Casey into a video to announce an engagement for Tila's Mantra Films run website?

The truth is coming out about how fake the relationship was and how it did a lot of damage to a mentally and physically weak Casey Johnson.

Look up Tila's Amazon Wishlist to find the $14.99 cubic zirconia engagement rings she had on her list. Any of those look familiar?

1743 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    


Read this at TMZ...

Now Tila is trying to scurry to save face once again on her blog to cover up that fact that Larry King did not want her vile, filth, and lies on his show! HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa


Larry King just OWNED Tila! LMAO LMAO





Larry King Canceled Tila's interview this morning, hahah Tila did not share that with ya all! She is embarrassed.


ROTFLMMFAO! Suck it Tila! Suck your little fame whore pacifier you skank!

1743 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

The johnson family should of allowed tila to say goodbye regardless. it makes them look anti-gay relationship because in the end their daughter loved her. its so easy to blame other when they knew there daughter had issues already. Tila and cassey had a common bond and its being self destructive so be it, cassey would of been hurt if she knew living her parents would ban tila if she had died. its unfair. the hilton girls had no right to take items so fast and the dogs thats inquestion. hilton girls going to end up being hated, isnt niki the reject and ugly hilton anyways?

1743 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

LOL that is true Nicky Hilton is the reject Hilton sista who would do anything to be on tv or video including going to Tila's house. must suck to be the mutt of the family, ugly and rejected next to your hot sister paris well hotter than Nicky. LOL

1743 days ago
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