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Casey's Ex to CNN: Tila Tequila, A Big Fat Liar

1/11/2010 5:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson's ex has put "Larry King Live" and CNN on notice ... Tila Tequila is not to be believed.

Jasmine Lennard's attorneys just fired off a letter to "LKL" and CNN -- warning them not to let Tila use the show "as a platform to make further false and defamatory allegations" about Lennard.

The lawyer says, among other things, Tila better not allege Jasmine has a criminal record or outstanding warrant, that Jasmine broke into Tila's home, that Jasmine is a prostitute, and that Jasmine is pregnant or has ever been pregnant.

As for "Larry King Live," Tila has told people "LKL" pulled the plug on the interview this morning. CNN had no comment.

Looks like the letter may have had a little firepower.


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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

How are the Hilton girls any different than Tila? Paris had a sex tape and is just a media ho, Nicky is a nobody who uses her family as a crutch. Nicky is the rejected ugly step child and Paris is a hired face because she made herself a media ho and neither one have talent. No difference from Tila to Hilton Hooker's, Kardashians,Nichole Ritchie, all rich kids using parents name except Tila came from nothing and made a name for herself. They are all media hookers. Nicky is just the mutt of them all and ugly so she got lucky.

1744 days ago


remember way back when LiLo crashed her car and coke was found in the car? Why can Perez Hilton say that coke belonged to LiLo's girlfriend (at the time)Sam? Sam sued Perez for slander and he won under freedom of speech.

I'm not a Tila fan but why can't she say anything she wants just as Perez does and gets away with it?

Just really curious about this.

1744 days ago


Tila a Liar? Duh! I wonder how much dirt will be brought up about Casey. If your not only hanging out with, but engaged to a scank like Tila, you have a lot a dirt to hide. Tila has to be a REALLY BIG SCANK for the Hilton sisters to not like her. I cant even remember how many dudes Paris has been out with let alone how many of them have been inside her. They ALL are disgusting women.

1744 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Don't give a damn about Jasmine's "good name" being smeared, but I am concerned that LKL would even consider having Tila Tequila on their show. What is he now, the new Jerry Springer?

1744 days ago


Don't report on Tila T. and maybe she will fade away. Vampire!!

1744 days ago


Here's some information on Jasmine Lennard, and a picture of Jasmine out on the town with Tila.
The same picture was on X17's website last year.

1744 days ago


#14, I'm gay and the johnson's do not come across as homophobic at all. What kind of bond do you think Casey and Tila had? They didn't even live together. Also, do you remember Tila in the black bra in full makeup days after Casey's death. LOL, she could care less about Casey. Trust me, there was no bond. I hate when people throw in the "anti gay card".

Think about this for a minute. How many times did you hear from Casey while she was alive or any of the Johnson Family. Tila's mouth and whorish ways are completely opposite of what the "johnson" family is all about. Yes, I'm sure the "johnsons" have skeletons, as we all do, but they dont run their mouths and hop from bed to bed (at least not on camera).

1744 days ago


I do not know who Casey but it was sad to hear how she passed on so young and that she was alone. I know this girl had to be at an all time low in her life, she looked intoxicated in the video Tila keeps showing. Tila's comment about how Casey could buy everyones asses was really classless of Tila.

Tila's insane, she should not be given any outlet from the media to vent. I have read her tweets over the last few days and that woman has serious mental issues. She is attention seeking and a liar. She contradicts herself on her tweets all the time. I'm shocked her followers are so oblivious. What is this bizarre Tila Army? How many celebs out there have their own armies and what the heck are they battling over? Arguing and cursing at their "haters", they can not even recognize how hypocritical and immature they sound. Sad and disturbing that this is today's culture.

1744 days ago


I can not fathom that Larry King would even entertained the idea of interviewing this thing of a person, referred to as
Tila Tequila.

This is a man that has interviewed Presidents and global Heads of State.

And now he is down to interviewing the equivalent of raw sewage.

This is more of a perverse statement on America as a whole, however Larry you have lost all credibility as an individual.

And the Titanic that is America, inches ever so much closer to the iceberg......Artofwar

1744 days ago


Jasmine caused Casey and unreal amount of stress and heartache in the last two months. Instead of asking her why she took the items, she called the police and attempted to make Casey a felon and locked up. Jasmine now claims she loved Casey...ummm I think that's BS considering what she did to her. Actions speak louder than words after Casey's death! Tila knows all of this. That's why they want her silenced.

1744 days ago


The plot thickens and this story is going to be big when all gets revealed and all the dirty truth gets out about all involved.

This just shows that money can be used as power and very powerfully to keep people quiet so that no one really knows those skeletons in your closets. The many closets they all seem to have. The Johnson's are very well known for this if you have ever read anything about them and their family. Casey's aunt doesnt allow anyone to ever speak of her or about her so imagine that page six article that came out about how she stoled Casey boyfriend in 2006 went over. I noticed yesterday that CNN started running Johnson & Johnson advertisements, not a few, but several of them and they continue as well today. My TV in my family room stays on CNN 24/7 because we like to know up to the minute breaking news. I've never seen a Johnson & Johnson advertisement on CNN. I wonder how much CNN was paid to shut up and not allow this interview to happen. If any of you have been following this you might have been on Tila's site reading all the comments posted like me, thankfully when TMZ reported that this person Jasmine Lennard's Attorney sent doc to Tila to remove the stuff on her website, I saved every file including comments because I knew it was only a matter of time before it was gone. In reading the comments you could tell that they were being made by all involved because they were saying that old money would shut Tila up and black list her in Hollywood and other things that were pretty disturbing to read. There were so many comments that the general public would not know that I cant repeat because they are pretty chilling and that you could tell were being posted by these people's camps, if not them, and with some of the comments I could tell that they were being made by their other inherited socialite friends. Money is pretty powerful, however now we have all been peeked into a story that until we all know everything, it is not going to die down or go away.

There is no difference in any of these people (Johnson's, Hilton's, Richie's, Phillips, Tila and any of the others not mentioned) involved except that Tila was not born to a name that had old money and a name already set for themselves in the media and entertainment industry. One of the biggest issues I have with Hollywood is that they keep recycling their trash. Just because old Hollywood were good entertainer's does not mean that their off-springs and continued off-springs are going to be as well. Look at Paris for example, she can't sing, she can't act, she is not a designer, but the media continues to humble her and Im sure her old money buys her more then even you would imagine. However if the media outlets shove it in the general publics face often enough and we all know they do, usually because they are paid big bucks by their off-springs camps to do so, they think the general public is dumb enough to take the bait.

If Hollywood would produce some real talent and stop with bowing at the feet of these off-springs we would all be very happy. We as in the general public. We could actually have some talent to look forward to in the movies and on stage. All of them together amount to a glass 1/4 full. They are spoiled by their parents, grandparents, media and the public because they are shoved in our face, but truth be told we are not interested in their uselessness. Give us some real talent like the Elizabeth Taylor's of Hollywood and the Dolly Parton's etc., that does not have a name with old money attached to it.

Im not on anyones side here, but my interest is peeked now to this tragic tragic story of a poor woman that had no one to guide her and show her what love of a parent, family, friend really is even though she came from a family that has billions and friends that have millions. While the Johnson's and The Hilton's of our entertainment society may have their old money they lack something (many things) all of us in the general public have, a heart and knowing how to show and give true love to people, family and friends. This does not cost anything. You can't hire a nannie for it and then wonder what happened. Caring for those when they are in need and not abandoning them and then paying to have the family's dirty laundry covered up so that nothing gets out and tarnishes their names that they dont deserve or the money that goes with it. I bet the grandfathers/mothers that started their money inheritances are turning over in their graves at the actions these greedy controlling humans they have become.

This is seriously one of the saddest story's Ive ever seen the media report with a pretty tragic ending of Casey passing. It has opened my eyes to many things and the falseness that these people live behind and portray. Much like how Tiger Woods had the media painting him as this great family man and now we know him to be the complete opposite. It is

1744 days ago

Stinky in Denmark    

I do NOT believe that Casey Johnson wrote her twitter page leading up to her death - and that in itself raises a whole lot more questions:

1744 days ago


Bwah, hah, hah! This is the funniest thing ever. Poor Larry is digging in the barrel to interview anybody. Hey Larry, I'll be in L.A. next week if you got a spot. I know that nobody knows who the hell I am, but that doesn't seem to stop you. Maybe, just maybe, the "truth" will die along with her notoriety.

1744 days ago


Why is Larry King afraid of this DUBIOUS Jasmine? Who sued Casey for stealing underwear, while Casey gave her a Revillion fur coat and other expensive items. Where was this Jasmine, when her friend, Semel SET CASEY'S HAIR ON FIRE? These questions, and a lot more WILL be answered. I hope Tila, and others that know, write a tell all about these RICH white trash.

1744 days ago
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