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Casey Johnson Death Certificate

1/12/2010 7:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Casey Johnson's death certificate.

Casey Johnson Death Certificate

The certificate lists Casey's death as "deferred."

She's listed as an "artist" and a "HS Graduate" -- Her date of death is"1/4/2010 FND." As we first reported, Casey's body was found on January 4 ... it's unknown when she actually passed away, but we're told her body was undiscovered for several days.

Casey's cause of death is still unknown, but our sources say her frail medical condition -- including diabetes -- may have caused her death.


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No matter what mistakes Casey may have made in her short life, she died too young and tragically and deserves the respect anyone would get who passed away so young. I cannot believe the nasty remarks some people make on here. If you don't care about her, don't read about her or bother leaving comments!

1708 days ago

chris simmons    

rally a picture of death certif sometimes u guy r such clowns.and can someone get the biggest clown on ur show 2 cut that blond hair off making fun of britany s hair and his looks like a horse main on a wild horse

1708 days ago


Two weeks ago you posted Brittany Murphy's death certificate now Casey Johnson's. You guys have no respect for peoples feelings or generally the Dead!

1708 days ago


Was she really an artist? That would be really kreepy to lie on a death cert.

1708 days ago


#16 thanks for making me chuckle, I agree with you. I think any dude with hair long enough to put in rollers should keep quiet.

Long hair is for girls and short hair is for boys.

1708 days ago


I hate when a post changes numbers, why does it do that?

1708 days ago


It was post 18 not 16 that made me chuckle

1708 days ago


This is exactly why same-sex marriage is a sham. Some people are delusional about coupling in matrimony. I have had several friends and co-workers who have been with their partners for no less than 15 years and one male couple has been partners for 37 years. They have earned their partnership but they do not talk sh*t about "being married" nor about involving children in their life-style. I respect them for that.

It's these young idiots who behave bizarre, lascivious, and get hooked on illegal drugs who are delusional about their importance.

1708 days ago


Why is her real name Sale Trotter Case? Isn't she Robt Johnson's biological daughter?

1708 days ago


I never knew Diabetes makes people live in squander, what a horrible side effect! Diabetes must be related to homeless people with the way this one lived. Terrible Disease!

1708 days ago


What is the deal with her name??

1708 days ago

fire nina    

forget how she died or when she died or any of that!!

her first name is SALE TROTTER CASE?!!!!!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!? WTF IS THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!

1708 days ago

To hell with her    

Give it a day or so, and attention sl*t tila "I'm a vietcong hooker & porn wh*re" tequila will hold a press conference to say she's got a case of the sads about missing her "wifey". Then she'll whip out her boobs for the cameras...

1707 days ago


/29. For nearly two years I knew Casey Johnson, managing a house she occupied off Sunset Blvd. Many say that she was arrogant, indifferent to those outside the spectrum of her upper class, her realm of high society; that her interest focused only on the rich and famous. Others claim that she saw little value in anyone outside the bastion of America’s elite beyond that of a servant. They allege that she was spoiled, had a nasty temper and was devoid of tolerance when it concerned her ways and wants; however unjust or unreasonable in her conduct or demands. But, tradition and propriety oblige us not to speak unwell of those who died. Thirty years she lived and through this time was blessed with privilege and opportunity inaccessible to most. Rewarded by the dice of fate, for reasons few can fathom, she employed her tools of fortune to become… a socialite. Her greatest fear, I do recall was to be bored, and bored she seemed to be, except for the exceptions. Freedom from the need for money did not compensate for lack of purpose, and in her quest to find what she didn’t know she wanted she sought diversion, perhaps diverting herself, eventually, to an abbreviated live.

Posted at 12:07AM on Jan 13th 2010 by Michael E. White

Michael, I am catching your drift. Yours is probably the best post describing this dead woman.

1707 days ago


they might never find out what happen to her because if it was an insulin OD there would be no way to test for it since it is a natural substance in the body and by the time they got to the autopsy it will have been absorbed into the body by then with no traces left.

1707 days ago
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